Super SuS in action

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S J : Didn't know i wanted to watch a drunk russian midget explore soviet era tunnels and facilities this much, but i do.

Koen 013 : +10 rads/sec

Thesavagesouls : Stalker with down syndrome.

senor hitlet : No one says anything about how a train passed them while laying down 1:00

DeadDreamsxl : Here before this turns into a meme

Ferocious Battle : Russian uranium worker searching for deposits Colourised, circa; 1954

Brotherhood of Steel BoS-Paladin_BA-0696-17 : 0:53 In that water could be anything....

Hey_its_that_ Guy : What anime is this?

Delano Santiago : When you put 0 points into INT and stand in a 10+ Rad zone

Max Shuvalov : hills have eyes sequel looks really nice

General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire : When you screw up the character creator in Fallout 4

Sporco Figlio di Puttana : God I love this malt liquor goblin.

Justin Y. : Russia march to Berlin 1945 colorized.

GR33N L1GHT : Jeeez looks like he belongs in those tunnels lol.

corey mckinney : Mission Impossible: Chernobyl --- Fall 2018

saturday_youth : Wtf just happend and why is this in my yt Feed?😅

The Black Knight : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is looking great

Nynch Liggers : Eastern Europe is a magical place

TheLevygames : like if you cried when his vodka fell

Rojo Softair : Hail to Super Sus. the next earth president

Littledickgirl666 : Where tf am i

Simon K. : i need more

Nick Terry : I'm not sure what absolutely perfect combination of videos I must have watched to get this gem to appear in my recommendations. Excellent

Another Teabag : Человек с душой. Когда трудно не знаешь что куда душа тянет. Видосы душевые.

Worber Worb : genestealer cult

Dan [The Security Man] Stuckey : Thank you YouTube recommendations

Z : Fallout 76: Todd's Revenge

Samuel Kerckhoff : This is my new favorite video on youtube

Evan Demarais : "Are we in prypiat yet" -midget stalker

Jean-Patrick De La Sainte-Bite : What S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod is that?

Ghost Vibes : Which video has the train part? He looked scared af lool

꧁Man dero꧂ : This guy is in the slums of Star Wars 🧐😂

Carson : Yep. Im on that side of YouTube again.

Animal Mother : Soviet uranium miner, Ukrainian SSR circa 1951

flyse : пубертааааааат

michal kožnar : *"Welcome to the Zone Stalker!"*

RedLine : When is the Super SuS Vodka Hero action figure coming out?

Pablo Escargot : This dude looks like a Stalker enemy.

RingQuest 1986 : I remember my first beer.

nathan hiatt : Someone come get sloth from the goonies

Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow : So this is the Ukranian army?

Gofer022 : Co ja tu kurwa robie?

Meme Preacher : Video of the mutants of the F.E.V. project

AusserKontrolle 82 : I really like this guy This Content ist awesome<3

PlusEqualMinusK : I don't remember this scene from metro 2033

Casul Ganker : Russian Soldiers in the Berlin Metro - 1945 (colourised)

Aruanamic : it looks like his mother drank while she was pregnant

Vítek Douba : 0:59 drop lvl. Mission Impossible

Augmented Vision : Wow the S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 trailer looks great so far...