Super SuS in action

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lmao zedung : Didn't know i wanted to watch a drunk russian midget explore soviet era tunnels and facilities this much, but i do.

Tristan Halsen : Wow Metro Exodus looks awesome

TheLevygames : like if you cried wenn his vodka fell

Hey_its_that_ Guy : What anime is this?

corey mckinney : Mission Impossible: Chernobyl --- Fall 2018

Thesavagesouls : Stalker with down syndrome.

Max Shuvalov : hills have eyes sequel looks really nice

Austin Savage : Does anybody know how to speak russian and can translate this mans videos for me

Simon K. : i need more

Askara Julio : I'm from 9gag and PECHKEKS, if you read this, i wanna say thank you

Feinrir ISI : Сус так и не увидел мир

Worber Worb : genestealer cult

Scott Nails : пубертааааааат

Саня Дедечко : Курвисимо

Tegelikult ei loe enam mitte miski : Dwarf крепость

Jadovran : Ahahahahahaha

Jebany karakan : 1:00 what is this? where is he?!

Brotherhood of Steel BoS-Paladin_BA-0696-17 : 0:53 In that water could be anything....

Michael Petersen : So who actually is super sus? What does he do exactly, I want to know about this guy but I don't know russian and there is like no information about him in english

ryan wilson : What song is this??

Родион Железкин : Нормуль зашло

Toxtix : Кто со стрима ?))

Conor_13th : бля это вышка

Bobby Di Bernado : Egorka wannabe

Petya Komandir : Просто лайк от души.

Олеся Дем'янцив : Что за трек играет ?

Василий Белых : Когда наебали мусаров, и проникли в трубно-кабельную камуникацию

Another Teabag : Человек с душой. Когда трудно не знаешь что куда душа тянет. Видосы душевые.

на легкочке : типо качает музяка

Данил Логинов : пубертат над всем миром!

Max McWhirter : Anyone know what video 1:00 comes from????

Undamaged : Супер Сус

Esteban Krapp : Que clase de vamos ñiuwel es este?👀

THE WOLD MUSIC best songs called art OFFICIAL : Cool!!

jacemnk : You're welcome for those 10k views

Cory Aquila : Yo, yo, ugh, yes

I don't like most things : Charlie Kelly in RL?

Žiga Oberstar : can someone explain to me what he is and who he is? i watched the video where he screams when the bunker door opens, awesome dude xD

kalle kives : Mitä vittua

TheLevygames : kanker sick