Our worst nightmare continues

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Sailing Zingaro : Bro... I'm so sorry to hear about this. I can't believe how CALM you were. Great captain. I hope you were able to plug her up and pump her out. Nothing's unfixable as long as she's floating. Seriously let me know if I can do anything to help, I've got plans for the 38 if that helps at all... if I remember yours is a 40. I had to rebuild the daggers/rudders too... Much love buddy, anxiously awaiting the next news.

Reef Haven : To all the comments about epirbs. I've been on the boat and I know Plukky, he has two epirbs but doesn't believe in calling in the calvary when your life is not in danger. Obviously its serious but he has a dinghy, life raft, seas not too rough, not far from coast and boat will still float, he is right save the boat, you also don't use up epirb batteries at night the unit only runs for so long, its a pan pan not a mayday situation. Obviously he is ok now as he has reception. More information will come in good time, but just think about it, he has a lot to deal with right now. Salvage operation in the Kimberleys will be extremely hard and expensive. Also to all comments about timing, every you tube video out there is delayed unless you live stream, editing takes time, lots and lots of time, and especially on a sail boat you don't have reception a lot of time, the Kimberleys is one of the most remote and probably the worst place in Australia for reception. He has reception now but also a lot to deal with obviously. The best help right now from all of us viewers is to share and support.

Dvseire : I want to make it clear, I am not speaking for Peter, but from seeing what has happened here is the story as I understand it. The timeline of the normal videos is a few months behind the present, i.e. the ones with the three girls Sal, Vicky, & Lisa. The video he posted last time where the boat had just hit the rocks was almost real time, this video is a continuation of that, as will be the next few videos no doubt, He is not still stuck on rocks, he obviously has made it to shore as his first priority would have been saving the boat and crew as he said, " save the boat, save ourselves!" of course he is going to video the situation no matter how bad it is, they video almost everything everyday, sea, coral beaches, they are hardly going to say, "the boat is sinking, lets not bother to shoot any video of that dramatic event!" no matter how bad things are its obvious that it make sense to capture the events on video. Some of the comments on this video are absolutely ridiculous! "you must be safe or how could you post videos?" " This is scam!" "This is fake!" etc.. Are these people stupid? Do you honestly think he grounded the boat which is also his home on rocks and is now sitting there waiting, in the hope of getting some views on youtube or a few donations? That's right of course, he filled his boat chest high with water putting himself and the crew in danger and drowned his entire belongings, just so he could scam you out of $10 or &20!! If you want to help out do so by sending a donation to www.paypal.me/Plukky or if you don't want to, then don''t! but please stop moaning, about how you demand to know the current situation before you do anything, because that is total BS. if you had any intention of helping out you would have done so already, I personally have donated $20 to help out. Questions asking " if the situation is so bad why is he still uploading the other videos? " Well the fact that it is probably his only source of income would be the main factor, so he is hardly going to stop uploading the videos of the three girls Sal, Vicky, & Lisa on that basis alone, if your house had burned down would you quit your job?

Old friend : Plucky needs a new boat. Hope the captain and crew are safe and sound. We gotta crowd fund this legend.

Alan B : That's serious shit bro. A self inflating lifejacket wrapped in a towel, stuffed through the hole and deployed is a good way of stemming leaks

Stuart : Man, that is horrible. I am really sorry. I have to say that you conducted yourself very very well and you kept your humor. Very admirable. You can be proud of that. I look forward to you being made whole again. God bless.

Hesh RunIn2TheSky : 2:20 This killed me.. I just wanted to reach though the screen and tell her its ok as well...

badpirate : I always thought this channel would be better if Peter included a few more maintenance videos. Guess I'm going to get my wish now... Sorry Peter /.o( You kept your composure in a difficult situation and your sense of humour. "Jesus, I think I can stick my foot thru the boat, there must be a hole?... Well we know there is a hole in the boat" bahahaha That has to be your best line ever! You took the time to try and calm the gal with the big brown eyes(really big) lol. That's the mark of a good Captain. You seldom see "the shit hit the fan" on the other sailing channels, for good reason. But you had the presence of mind to get a little footage and that's the mark of a good videographer. There is no need to give to much away, I'm looking forward to watching the story unfold. to see the old crew off and meet the new. You have a great story to tell, I can't wait to see it!

daedster1 : I need to know where and how i can help ok.... dont have paypal. This has obviously happened week or so ago.

Chris Atkin : I'm so gutted for you dear chap

angel y : Obviously, they are safe, if not, we would not have the images, and read some unkind comments, and even insulting, certainly of people who have not seen all the videos of, SAILING into FREEDOM. The videos come to YouTube with delay, it depends on whether they have internet or not (easy to understand, when you are in the ocean) and it is of all logic, that some videos can be retained to "distribute" them for weeks, so that we can see them , from the comfort of our house. Plukky, you're doing a very good job, for the few resources you have. Good luck, and greetings from Spain.

californiakayaker N6GRG : I watch sailing videos hoping to get lessons, pro or con, to do or not to do, and several are here. One, mentioned by many, don't sail in uncharted waters at night. Two, perhaps watch out for charted and uncharted waters period. Three, hopefully can keep my cool as well as he has. four, Do not want to ever go through this. 5 have noticed folks with cats seem to get themselves into problems more often than mono-hulls. Maybe, the attitude is different thinking they have less draft ?

Calvin H. : That sucks!! So sorry to see this happen, but i'm so glad ya'll got to safety and are okay.. Best wishes and hoping you make a quick recovery, so you can sail on.. Peace!!

Michael Brown : Ok Plucky wats the real deal here??? You never sale at night with crew. You know Australian waters are not fully charted and those that are are not accurate except the shipping channels and Australian Navy Charts. You had a sudden crew change or is this even your boat. So many questions So little answers. Regardless you where obviously in a very precarious situation and you handeld it very calmly, your poor crew mate was frightened half to death so well done taking control in a yachties worst nightmare. Cheers mate.🍻

Slow Boat Sailing : He did the first wreck video 2 week’s ago and then uploaded some unrelated videos in the meantime. Kind of hard to follow. Hey Plucky why not do a longer video?

terranborn56 : Shit happens people. He's showing these videos so that people will realize he is serious about needing funds to repair or replace his cat. Give, don't give, but don't attack either.

Roger K. Davis : Hate seeing that.  Tanda Malaika did something similar a few months or so ago (hated watching that one too).  Keep us updated Plukky.

master White : im sorry man but i had to laugh when you said i can put my foot through the boat thers a hole in the boat well we know there's a hole in the boat

Bow Cruise : Peter I am absurlutley devostrated for you 😔

simbabradley : Very cool head! Fair play

Sealight Adventures : Sorry to see so much damage to your nice vessel. Hope you are able to rescue the boat.

Bud Manthey : Stay Calm People. Remember never step down into the tender if it really comes to it... step up into the tender. I hope something goes right and lessens the problem.

Graeme Freemantle : Peter you are a legend. If I was taking water in the the middle of the night I would be as freaked out as your crew.....Hope you are safe. Hope Outremer come to the rescue and offer you a boat deal too!!!

David W : Unbelievable!

Sheryl Lowe : Hey Plucky and crew, you are in my thoughts and I really hope you are all ok. Please give us all a comprehensive update as soon as you are able.

boy girl and a dad : Wow. I'm scared for you guys. I like the alternative living idea but his is the exact reason I choose a off-grid, and remote, log cabin over a sailboat. Good luck and sending my positive thoughts your way. :\

Andrew F : Honest to God it is truly astonishing to see the lack of intelligence of so many people that is revealed by some of the comments posted here! It really makes you wonder what hope there is for the world when people are so dumb as to think this is a set up for funds. And here is a guy who is loosing his everything and maybe his life and crews life, at the time, and Slow Boat says why not a longer video!! Truly astonishing and so so disappointing, is it any wonder why the world is where its at today with people like this spewing their bitterness out over social media....so ducking dumb its disturbing. Good luck Plucky, I have donated, I am glad I am not you right now, but most times I wish I was.:) Keep the dream alive mate! Never give up!

Gogs : I Liked this video, not because of what has happened, but because of the spirit of those on board. Not many people can keep a sense of hummer under those circumstances.

Jayme Villela : Sad thing... Those fun videos made me happy... Lets hope the best to the crew and the boat!!!!!

joel stevens : Damn doc... that's fukt up worse than a soup sandwich. God be with you!

Valde // : Buy a little steel boat next time, it is stronger and more easy to navigate!!!

Thanos : give us a livestream soon with images of the boat! I know you guys are okay cuz you obviously have signal so best of luck to you with the boat!

Andy Carr : Dude that is devastating news, I honestly hope you are all safe.

Martin Foster : Bloody hell!! Well done for keeping calm and reassuring your crew though. What a nightmare :(

dextersxxxxlab : Sorry to see this happen. Hope you have good insurrance. Think you reacted right. Calm and just try to go step by step

The Narrator : i truly wish i could give you money peter. ive none to give. hope you can fix her!

Baker Romeo : Please everybody, we have to support Plukky, now he has a bad situation, the sea is more dangerous than we imagined, in these cases the most important thing is life, we hope you are well, keep us informed.

Sailing S/V Teak Key Randy Fryling : Anybody can see your not playing good on ya for keeping her afloat...

Paul Anderson : Jeez mate hope you all ok and safe

Ismail : Oh no....when was this??

Patrick Stich : This is a horrible situation to recover from...i know you'll bounce back Plukky! If anyone can fix that boat, its you, living out there like Robinson Crusoe

Ian Hewitt : Hang tight till the sun rises and good luck, if you have to ditch step down into the life raft

Bernie Massey : This is the calmest I've seen him. Man that's one tough situation. Hes going to need all the help he can get.

Anthony Graziano : oh NOOOO

Trail Bud : ☹️

umajunkcollector : if you can upload this, then you got help and gave your location. I would think that you all were rescued since you had some communication.

Josef : It’s great that you can find time to upload 4 minute videos while the boat is sinking. I wonder if you’re gonna live through this?

Hooked-n-Rolling Offshore 2009 : Plucky what is going on here you have at lease 40 ft plus cat and where are the lovely crew of ladies you have not making sense this is twin motors couple vids ago you had some problem with crack in hull of catamaran now this this fishy without the fish is this a ploy for funds Who is this new lady ? You don't sail or in my case motor at night Especially with other souls aboard JT HookednRolling Fishing team 2009

Charles Thomas : Where are the girls? This is a piece of tough luck for sure. Hang in there!

Allen Michaels : I suppose this is when catamaran shines over monohull. Sailboat would sink within minutes with that kind of damage. I'm glad that you and your wife made it safe. If I was in that situation I think I would have seeked immediate assistance.