Alone - Human Fountains

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Lisavideo Naglowsky : Who else looked them up after watching their performance on AGT tonight? Awesome job tonight. I won't ever think of My Heart Will Go On the same way again . Thank you for the laugh.

TempleAmarok : This is definitely the weird side of Youtube but honestly when I saw the AGT performance I've probably not laughed so hard in years. I was literally seeing stars from laughing so long through the entire bit and even afterwards. It may be weird but you guys definitely know comedic timing. From the way you announced your careers to how you set up our expectations for an operatic rendition of a beautiful song before smashing those expectations. Well done.

Quick : I love this song so much, and you made it even better. 😂 Such a great act for AGT by the way.

Juggling Isaac : Great performance!

Mc-Laine_AC : BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kylie Smith : Amazing performance on Agt guys

Tony Love : This is what the internet is for. The spitting into each others mouth was a bit much though.

onelegout : Well that's enough internets for tonight methinks.

JUstin JOseph Diego : Who else think this act is a bit sexy? They were hot

ded inside : lol most people are here cuz of AGT so am I

Aviva Sonenreich : BRILLIANT!!!!!

Jinu Rashid : Great agt performance

Justin Yates : You guys ROCK!!! HILARIOUS!

KIKI : I wanna see the podcast

IICheezeTheTurtleStudiosII : Now i look at il divo diffidently Very funny!!!

ishiie : I dont know how you guys manage to pull this off without laughing or giggling. Probably loads of practice! Good take.

Micheal James : stupid ..... just saying...