Thieves of Instagram plan on robbing KSI! After he purchases £150K WATCH!

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Gerbill742 : Its unfortunate the cops don’t seem to take it seriously.

Mike Fox : good to use your platform like this bro

A fat Paki bastard : The U.K. police are a joke at this point I’ve had my beats solo 3 (£300) stolen from me and I knew who the guy was and everything but they still couldn’t track him down 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jer445 is sexy : Let's find there addresses and post it on the dark web

Switch out : 1. Ksi founds this 2. Calls them out 3. Wants to box them 4. Ends as a tie 5. Wants a rematch 6. That never came

Jeremy Lalonde : First time seeing your channel. But wow dude. You are doing right here. These guys are messing people life for enjoyment. It’s crazy and pisses me off. U earn my subscription that’s for sure

10,000 subscribers with no videos : Everyone should spam West Midlands police make them look bad for not doing a good enough job and put pressure on them to take action

Jelle Otter : I started feeling sick of anger at the part where they drove off holding the homeless man next to the car. You could see he was terrified. I was scared they'd let go of him at speed.

Huntter : I can't even believe people like this exist

TalkRedDevils : Don’t give it to the police. Just realise his info to the public. He’ll soon get sorted out

Ham sily : linking this to ksi was very smart

EatSleepCxRepeat : Handmuffwarrior. Inbox me. I'll give you everything you need. We have an operation called operation nameless. Inbox me.

HeyItsMike : I know lynch mobs are illegal, but uh, we should form a lynch mob.

Wyatt : Anyone weirdly want to carry a hand gun on them just in case u run in to these guys?

Darek Pawlak : Hey guys, if you see this please read it. Roughly 2-3 weeks ago my house was robbed by 3 boys, I have all the evidence needed to get them locked up, evidence such as face on camera, their names, everything, they looked directly at my cameras without wearing a mask or hoodie whilst stealing my shit that which all costed around about £3000 2 of the boys were twins (I know exactly where they live too) , their names I will not state publicly but if by any chance handmuffwarrior reads this I will directly email/send him all the evidence on these scummy thieves... anyways moving on with the story, after the robbery happened I was obviously like anyone else would be devastated and angry so I proceeded to call the police the day of the robbery and what they told me was a FUCKING joke.. they said they will be able to investigate it in 3 fucking days... bare in mind it takes minutes to sell something and these fucking feds told me they'd be able to investigate after 3 days? anyways the police came I gave them evidence and what not, i then got a phone call from the police telling me that they have been locked up (i got so happy) until.... i got a message from one of the thieves telling me that they were released within 12 hours.... he messaged me on messenger on top of that he even messaged me telling me that it was him and his scumbag friends who robbed me.. but guess what? the police gave no fucks and they were released within 12 hours, I lost £3000 worth of shit.... please like this so handmuff can see this, I want to get in touch with him so I can somehow email/send him everything i have on these scumbags.

mamgu21 : Won't be long till they're locked up as this vid is going viral. Good on u for making this

Just a dude : Keem must seriously see this and tag ksi in Twitter and tell him

Heblo The Turtle : Who else wants these scums to die and hope they're sent to hell?

Alan Duran : I would NOT get a crossbow and pick them off them from an inconspicuous location ;)

Crazy Horse : Time to start taking the law into our own hands. British police are incompetent.

Motorbike Craziness : CONGRATS ON 100K SUBS MAN!!

Liam McIntosh : When are police going to get guns?

cullen : Police in the uk are a joke, if this was the US they would’ve been stopped by now

The Disabled Gamer : Great use of your platform by the way, i commend you for doing this, good on ya !

GG X : Cut their hands off so they can't steal anymore 👌🏼 Like if you agree 🔪

jamiecivic : Current day police force is an a absolute joke and police officers currently in the force are contributing to the problem

G O D I S D E A D : @liammsmithy is his actual ig

A fat Paki bastard : Ha put them in east London Stabbed in broad daylight

Taylor Corfield : Give then a life sentence in jail

31:6 : I could buy a house for that kind of money. 150k wow. I don’t encourage theft at all in any measure, but if you have 150k to spend on a watch, leaves me speechless 😶

normal citizen : I sent them a follow just so I can dm them that I truly, honestly hope their lives come to an end

shyboi 0002 : Trip to UK...crossed off the list. I'm not going anymore smh England is no longer England. You'd look better without all of that fur on your face btw haha

Elle Angeles : Has KSI seen this?

Premises187 : Real ballsy journalism. Keep up the good work

Martin Naughton : Bro can you please invest in a pop filter😂

Kimberly Lipert : Moto Madness brought me here. I'm binging your videos. Keep exposing these scumbags! Nice work! New subscriber here!

Marcos Vázquez : Good work bro! People like you are amazing. Bests desires from Spain. We haven't this level crime yet. Hope never comes to Spain. Keep fighting and be care!

Tom Ffff : Ooooo imagine if the cars fuel tank got caught in the fire and they all just got burnt alive☺️

AMI : These scums must be hung, Don't care.

Joel Robinson : Funny if someone found out your information

Runean : 111k viewers and you still spit into your mic Buy a goddamn pop filter genius

LFC L4OST : muff m8 is it true you have had a bit of work done on ye handsome kite bro :)

McLean Rheeston : Bro me watching these generally make me angry. I have nothing but respect for you for doing this. You have everyones full support on this keep doing it. I know what its like to get jumped and liked and the people involved got away with it. Keep doing what you are doing.

Eivind Yt : Honestly everybody would be happy if they died

Jay Kabembo Maishal : I'll get them killed if u want like if u want me to get them killed in 2 weeks I'm not joking 🔫🔫🔪🔪

Frederik Søndergaard : We need some more people like you in our community. Keep up the good work.

Murtaz Malik : I'm subscribed to you land lately l watched some of your videos.

Said Lamborghini : I want t300 (bunch of muggers)to come across an actual gang like 12 world or 1011

Super Fantastic Poplang : And England’s youth aren’t immoral. Yeah ok