Mongolia by Motorbike

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In August 2018, I rode a motorbike over 3900km through the least densley populated country on the planet, Mongolia. My route followed the trail of Genghis Khan, through the infinite Mongolian steppe, across the scorching Gobi Desert and along the waterfalls and rivers of the Orkhon Valley. The goal was to experience the sheer scale of things and the result, a sense of presence that was overwhelming. For licensing or use, please contact:


Ezequiel ! ! : well musicalized! loved it! cheers from Argentina!

Alex Carrington : Nice video bro. I wanna get a chance to see the wonderful nature by you! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Kinging : your adventure of this places really fantastic!

Mrigank Yadav : From reddit

Masanari Iida : 単なるバイクのオンボードカメラ画像かと思ったら、映像と音楽がすごく良くて見入ってしまった。 良い旅をしたね。 When I thought that it was just a motorcycle onboard camera image, I thought that the image and music were very good. You did a good trip.

Joti Patel : Nice tour of nice places!

James Franklin : It is my dream to visit this kind of places! The nature is so beautiful. Really charming!

Rubsi : Amazing! Are you planning on riding through other countries too?

tsetsensanaa Purevsuren : thx for showing the places that I live :P

John stitt : That doesn't look like a good place to run out of gas.

SemmyRace : Very nice places! Cograts on your adventure A question: did you shot this with a gopro on chesty mount? Looks too stable to be on the chest, but too low to be on the helmet (also from reddit)

Justin Franklin : What a blue sky is it! I eager to visit such a wonderful place!

Lisa R. Washington : Enjoy the natural view very much! Really nice places!

Kevin J. Pitts : Nice video. Love the video very much!

elwhyify : great vid

Bitcoin Kang : Why stab the horses with the long pikes? 3000 years later and still savages. Kill them all I say.

Rubsi : Sooner or later this video is going to blow up in views (4250 views)

Execute Parentheses : The song suits the video😺