Mongolia by Motorbike

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Mrigank Yadav : From reddit

Tyler O. McCollum : Wonderful places of Mongolia and enjoy the ride very much! thanks for sharing.

Ezequiel ! ! : well musicalized! loved it! cheers from Argentina!

Masanari Iida : 単なるバイクのオンボードカメラ画像かと思ったら、映像と音楽がすごく良くて見入ってしまった。 良い旅をしたね。 When I thought that it was just a motorcycle onboard camera image, I thought that the image and music were very good. You did a good trip.

O'Sullivan : Why stab the horses with the long pikes? 3000 years later and still savages. Kill them all I say.

Rubsi : Amazing! Are you planning on riding through other countries too?

Joti Patel : Nice tour of nice places!

Lisa R. Washington : Enjoy the natural view very much! Really nice places!

Alex Carrington : Nice video bro. I wanna get a chance to see the wonderful nature by you! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Kinging : your adventure of this places really fantastic!

Justin Franklin : What a blue sky is it! I eager to visit such a wonderful place!

James Franklin : It is my dream to visit this kind of places! The nature is so beautiful. Really charming!

Rubsi : Sooner or later this video is going to blow up in views (4250 views)

THE 4 MINUTES PROCESS : The song suits the video😺

elwhyify : great vid

Kevin J. Pitts : Nice video. Love the video very much!

SemmyRace : Very nice places! Cograts on your adventure A question: did you shot this with a gopro on chesty mount? Looks too stable to be on the chest, but too low to be on the helmet (also from reddit)

John stitt : That doesn't look like a good place to run out of gas.