Asian Nerd Trying Marijuana For The First Time (Edible)

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Drew Kocak : “I got 3 edible marijuanas”

pAWNproductionsDE : Here's a challenge: take a bite of an edible every time he says "light-headed". Note: by the end of it, you'll probably be a bit L I G H T H E A D E D

Parma John : "Let me see if i can still jump" *checks to see if he is jumping* "Yeah i'm actually jumping" ... "feels normal"

Smudge Codes : Anybody else *lightheaded* while watching? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kimberly S. : Wtf is on my suggestions and why is this guy doing his whole vitamin regime right after he takes the sour patch kid? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

LNxTCB : Light headed? Naw, my ninja. You high, my guy.

Angie Carmichael : Asian nerd needs to try some magic mushrooms. Hallucinations he seeks.

~ s8n ~ : 1) his lightheaded=high 2) hallucinations? No way you're serious. 3) lol he fell asleep on the floor. Classic

Byron Poliah : You got a sugar rush bro

JohnnyAppleseed : This dude is so not a nerd. I'd rather hang out with him than any of the "cool" kids.

Goblin : i miss being able to get so baked i'm not sure if i'm able to jump or not

William Mitchell : Just for the record, Marijuana is not a hallucinagen. If you ever see things when smoking weed, it probably wasn't weed. Ijs

realkingrey : You have to try crack now! Its a great buzz!!!!

Christian Johnson : I knew he was high when he said “let me see if I can still jump”😂😂😂

LulzRoyce : Duuude edibles is a bad way to introduce yourself to pot.. 40mg is a LOT for a first timer and i havent even watched past 45 sec lol

Riding Gravity : let me see if i can still jump....thats how u know ur high...u shoulda eaten all those gummies at the same time

Dave's Rc & Gadget Corner : No "illusions" yet thats the part he is hoping for. WTF does he think he is taking lsd? lmao

Daniel Wangler : you shoulda saved the shake for later boy, noob mistake

Mase GenZ : “ I say we go with the orange to match my shirt. “ **and he’s wearing a red shirt LOL this guy is funny af

Daddy Stew : “Trust me I have tried a lot of different brands, and different flavors, and uh, different brands”

NO CLOUT : So we gonna ignore the fact he took a orange gummie and said "just to match my shirt" 😂😂 Hit me with a sub

dragon balls : We all know he hot boxed his car before the vid his shirt is clearly red lmao

Mybackisinpain : Conclusion: lightheaded

Flowless : "As you have seen from the title, which is probably the reason why you clicked on the video" This man is a genius, he does clickbait openly and cleanly. My hero

NickTheFoxWilde : he was high from the start

Qufox : Waiting for the high ruins the high *Also do these with close friends, it would be a better experience*

Miranda Forster : I love how he whispers like it’s illegal oh wait it isn’t here in Canada anymore 🇨🇦😂🤗😍👏🏻😏👍🤭😆👋🏻🤣

TheGarlicMan : Asian idubbbz eats weed candy. Then immediately makes him speak wooooo sally weee woooo beaaaanns!!!!

Simon Carlhammar : Are you feeling light headed?

Mrevil : why is this in my reccomended

Bradley Herron : L I G HH T T H E D D D E D DD E D DE L IGHT HE DED

Matt Gonzalez : Your face is heating up bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shrunken Heads And Spiderwebs : I’m sorry but my man said he doesn’t have the luxury of eating whenever he wants and I get being a broke college kid BUT MY MAN HAS A NEW MASSIVE BOX OF LEGOS!!! FOOD > LEGOS MY GUY!

Bruce Trujillo : 40mg is almost a whole blunt

TCHF Trevor & Cheyenne Horticulture & Farming : If you want hallucinations, go for lsd, lsa, or shrooms. I've done all three and lsd was by far the best experience. I'm not advocating drug use, I do however advocate for spiritual awareness and psychedelics are a good natural way for doing so.

Micoola : I'm so amused by this

Patrick : hit the bong everytime he says lightheaded

John Walsh : I've not smoked a joint in about 3 years... damn I miss that shit

Fennecbutt : Protein/pre-workout and you're super confident. You're not really a traditional nerd, you're exactly the type of person people expect to have already tried thc.

Brennen Steele : Pass em around... I want some!!! :)


Andrew Whittick : 4:47 I swear I heard "heres the HIV"

Ry Mae : This guy is great.

Cobyy : Faze spacelion wtf is this😂

Dan Granada : Try smoking weed

Jimmy Wrangler : This entire video is just an Ad for Light Headed.

Larisa Pearson : This is funny

ChanceGordonTV : Took too much for first time brotha

John Mcfeely : Lol 40mg first high

Pam P. : I love how you looked around in the beginning to see if anyone heard you or was watching LoL. I haven't watched the whole video yet but I just wanted to say 40 mg is quite a bit of thc for your first time. And my own experience in using edibles or tinctures one time it took 2 hrs to hit me. Ok going back to watch the video LoL