Asian Nerd Trying Marijuana For The First Time (Edible)

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Drew Kocak : “I got 3 edible marijuanas”

pAWNproductionsDE : Here's a challenge: take a bite of an edible every time he says "light-headed". Note: by the end of it, you'll probably be a bit L I G H T H E A D E D

Parma John : "Let me see if i can still jump" *checks to see if he is jumping* "Yeah i'm actually jumping" ... "feels normal"

Smudge Codes : Anybody else *lightheaded* while watching? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Angie Carmichael : Asian nerd needs to try some magic mushrooms. Hallucinations he seeks.

LNxTCB : Light headed? Naw, my ninja. You high, my guy.

Kimberly S. : Wtf is on my suggestions and why is this guy doing his whole vitamin regime right after he takes the sour patch kid? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

JohnnyAppleseed : This dude is so not a nerd. I'd rather hang out with him than any of the "cool" kids.

Christian Johnson : I knew he was high when he said “let me see if I can still jump”😂😂😂

realkingrey : You have to try crack now! Its a great buzz!!!!

Goblin : i miss being able to get so baked i'm not sure if i'm able to jump or not

William Mitchell : Just for the record, Marijuana is not a hallucinagen. If you ever see things when smoking weed, it probably wasn't weed. Ijs

Byron Poliah : You got a sugar rush bro

LulzRoyce : Duuude edibles is a bad way to introduce yourself to pot.. 40mg is a LOT for a first timer and i havent even watched past 45 sec lol

Flowless : "As you have seen from the title, which is probably the reason why you clicked on the video" This man is a genius, he does clickbait openly and cleanly. My hero

NO CLOUT : So we gonna ignore the fact he took a orange gummie and said "just to match my shirt" 😂😂 Hit me with a sub

dragon balls : We all know he hot boxed his car before the vid his shirt is clearly red lmao

Daniel Wangler : you shoulda saved the shake for later boy, noob mistake

Daddy Stew : “Trust me I have tried a lot of different brands, and different flavors, and uh, different brands”

Miranda Forster : I love how he whispers like it’s illegal oh wait it isn’t here in Canada anymore 🇨🇦😂🤗😍👏🏻😏👍🤭😆👋🏻🤣

Riding Gravity : let me see if i can still jump....thats how u know ur high...u shoulda eaten all those gummies at the same time

Matt Gonzalez : Your face is heating up bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dave's Rc & Gadget Corner : No "illusions" yet thats the part he is hoping for. WTF does he think he is taking lsd? lmao

Patrick : hit the bong everytime he says lightheaded

Greg1928ory : Yes meth is a pre workout

Bradley Herron : L I G HH T T H E D D D E D DD E D DE L IGHT HE DED

Dredds Toons : “ I say we go with the orange to match my shirt. “ **and he’s wearing a red shirt LOL this guy is funny af

Theneedlelift : Conclusion: lightheaded

TheGarlicMan : Asian idubbbz eats weed candy. Then immediately makes him speak wooooo sally weee woooo beaaaanns!!!!

NickTheFoxWilde : he was high from the start


TCHF Trevor & Cheyenne Horticulture & Farming : If you want hallucinations, go for lsd, lsa, or shrooms. I've done all three and lsd was by far the best experience. I'm not advocating drug use, I do however advocate for spiritual awareness and psychedelics are a good natural way for doing so.

Shrunken Heads And Spiderwebs : I’m sorry but my man said he doesn’t have the luxury of eating whenever he wants and I get being a broke college kid BUT MY MAN HAS A NEW MASSIVE BOX OF LEGOS!!! FOOD > LEGOS MY GUY!

John Mcfeely : Lol 40mg first high

Dolores Paniagua : is this the guy who rolled a big ass paper and then dropped all of it?

Qufox : Waiting for the high ruins the high *Also do these with close friends, it would be a better experience*

Bruce Trujillo : 40mg is almost a whole blunt

Simon Carlhammar : Are you feeling light headed?

Mrevil : why is this in my reccomended

Brennen Steele : Pass em around... I want some!!! :)

Dood Average : You already high if u think your shirt orange

isaac sanchez : *softly whispers* I got sum of those....edible marijuana's

junior.villaa : 6:10 I DIED 😂😂 this man was faded already. That’s not sober language my boy

Pratama Putra Wijaya : You miss the chance to make the video having the duration of 420. Jurnalism mistake right there...

Wolf Cub : I just wanted to see an Asian get Asian eyed

Immortals420 : *“I say we go with the orange just to match my shirt”* Has burgundy shirt on.

Connor Robertson : " I will pick orange to match my shirt"

Lucky Jazzy : You should eat 'em all so you'll get flyheaded. Lol

Wholesome Lad : The #gains in the description makes it better

Fire Ball : Dude gets stoned on an edible, my dude you are stoned. The media convinced you like it was like smoking crack or something so you just say you are light headed lol