Asian Nerd Trying Marijuana For The First Time (Edible)

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CatalyXt : LMAO. Was I the only one who noticed this guy was like drenched in sweat by the end of this video

Alena Badon : I got light headed and dizzy while watching this

potato man : I thought they were sour patch kids

Jimmy Wrangler : This entire video is just an Ad for Light Headed.

Bradley Herron : L I G HH T T H E D D D E D DD E D DE L IGHT HE DED

Ssh Yuh : #gains

Crispy Jay : why tf u chew so damn loud

Muh-Riz : First time I got high I was just staring at my TV and I thought I was playing 2k when really it was just on the loading screen 😂

Dieom : why did it take a year for this to blow up lol

Windex Original : Y’all just gonna ignore the fact that he farted at 7:45

tide pod : this may sound crazy but I think he might've been lightheaded

Lonticz _ : You knew he was high when you saw this 6:54

Bsharp_ 52 : Is this in anyone else’s recommend


Naashon Williamson : *Next video* Frank: "Today we have smokable coke"

HydraZpect : Marijuana? Na. This is what happens when you overdose on your daily vitamin gummies ladies and gentlemen

DeeCee 51 : Did you bring shame to your family?

Alena Badon : Lol this was fun to watch

Micoola : I'm so amused by this

xx_soul_eater457 : FBI open up

14JamesMic : When Asians are high their eyes practically shut

Alex Sparks : 39 seconds in and I'm living for this

nightwing : Next time eat all three of them

Immortals420 : *“I say we go with the orange just to match my shirt”* Has burgundy shirt on.

iTzLxca : 6:54 when you’re drunk at a party and you walk past a mirror😂😂

LakersLegend 2414 : Tht chewing sounded nasty as hell... mute tht bs nxt time foo ... 💯💯😴

SuperiorZeeko : It was really amusing to see him trying to analyze his own state

Pataganja : You know bro edited this video high with that ending 😂😂😭


Joshua Smith : watching this high af is insane

Matiss Platais : These edibles aint shit 5min later:

O’Faolins Official : I used to smoke maybe 7/8 grams of marijuana per day, after almost 2 years of smoking it I quit 4 weeks ago and only smoked it once last weekend, and had 2 tokes of my friends joint today I’m proud of myself for doing this because I can actually feel and see a difference in myself .. I’m glad I stopped but I’m gonna remember these memories for the rest of my life... it was fun while it lasted 🍁

14JamesMic : Orange to match his brown shirt?

Drew Kocak : “I got 3 edible marijuanas”

Steampunk_Cat : You’re not getting hallucinations with weed, sorry.

Clair M : He’s been lightheaded since this day

Kyphainz : Should've got lsd

Meister Singer : Lightheaded is my new safe word

LNxTCB : Light headed? Naw, my ninja. You high, my guy.

Daddy Harambe : 1 year later you see this guy homeless snorting cocaine off the pavement.

Johnny Bats : L I G H T H E A D E D

Scott Reed : When I got high for the first time I could not stop laughing and everything was easier to see when my eyes were closed.😂

10 /10 : Asian nerd... 10/10 clickbait

Goblin : i miss being able to get so baked i'm not sure if i'm able to jump or not

Anthony Jonas : Soon as you took a sip of your protein you screwed your high. Milk and protein drinks coat your stomach Anyway try without drinking that kind of stuff next time. Try water or iced tea.

iTzLxca : 7:48 when somebody calls you cute😂😂

stefanI : Don`t do drugs kids,stay in school ,be safe

Finesse Kidd : 40mg is nothing lol should’ve ate all 3 candies

Stew : He should’ve injected it so he has the full experience + DLC.