General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

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J* : And now Trump accuses Iran of supporting terrorism... here we go again...

737tech : The older I get , it seems like everything I grew up believing is a lie....

auxpowerunit : By coincidence, I just spoke to a former Army NBE expert yesterday (Nuclear, Biological, Environmental weapons). He resigned from the Army on Sept 9, 2001 (two days before 9/11), because his mother suspected that his unit was about to be sent to Iraq. Before he was allowed to leave, his superiors kept offering higher reenlistment bonuses. The bidding went up to $50,000 which was a very unusual offer to an enlisted man. He didn't take it, so he is alive today while half of his unit perished in Iraq.

Jake Hunter : Greater Israel Project.

noybiznatch : -  ICE bucket challenge, VIRAL. -  VIDEO exposing the game plan of TPTB and how all WARS are essentially pre-planned...500k views in 3 years.   Pathetic.

Robert Shackleferd : I feel for those vets giving it all, nothing but pawns in a large game the 1% play. Democracy and freedom are nothing but LIES.

Z. Fatima : Where are my dear anti-Muslims? How America sleeps in bed with the terrorist monarchy of Saudi Arabia and then "bombs" ISIS, is mind-boggling. Oh critics of Islam! Come out of your brainwashed holes and see this man speaking truth. The American Empire will soon be toppled. My best wishes to the American people!


John Galt : Its not the oil, it is the "Greater Israel"

Paul Meares : It's taking a lot more that 5 years, but The PNAC Master Plan is still in play.

Chimpeishia Jefferson : Oil has little to do with it. Israel wants the strongest countries in the region to be destroyed. It's really not that difficult to figure out why.

Mary Walters : "We're going to war with Iraq? Why?"  Exactly my thoughts when I heard we were invading Iraq.

OICU812 : All for the Greater Israel Project...

Chi Sexton : Why was he this honest?

Ebreeze84 : Cant really blame Iran for developing nukes as they are the end game before the goals is reached.

Abused Peanut : The real superpower of this world is not the US, it's Israel. The US are only doing their dirty work.

meatrealwishes : Iran and Lebanon should start building their own homeland security department to keep mossad/cia terrorists away.

Jeef : That list of countries sounds a lot like the list of countries in Trump's refugee ban.

Pasdar : nations need nuclear arms to defend from Global terrorist USA

Sal Prive : Wesley Clark is a real hero. He should go for president. I would vote for him.

DNME87 : What he says about Africa... is god damn true... Conflicts in Africa are FAR worse than whats going on in the middle east. Their conflicts are completely inhumane and no one wants to get involved with it. Africa is a case of ''let them kill eachother, there is nothing to gain there''. Its Africa that is in a serious need of regime changes. The only reason we're in the middle east is because there is more to gain and their conflict is basicly created by the west.

Mohammad Chaudhary : the government has always lied to us

Renzo Arrigoni : God bless Russia!!!

boris markovic : USA- world wide terorrists!!!

sh laith : I WILL TELL U WHY .......BECAUSE ISRAHELL WANTS TO TAKE PALESTINE JORDAN LEBANON AND PARTS OF IRAQ AND EGYPT (SENNA) that's why they funded ISIS cuz they wants an excuse for their wars that's all no need to be more clever to know that

neo nero : Iraq: done Somalia: ongoing Sudan:done Libya: done Syria: ongoing Lebannon: planned. Iran: planned. War in Afghanistan did slow down the process a bit. Now Russia is derailing the whole damn thing. No wonder Putin is hated so, in the criminal west.

Morgaith : Good luck against Iran, its not going to be as easy as the rest, Iran prevailed during the Iran vs Iraq War when the whole world was supporting Iraq and at that time Iran was at its weakest, look at it now.

hasonito deman : I usually tell my friends that USA Control every step that ISIS does but they always laugh, this man is telling it all, USA is the leader of terror in the whole World.

GRiMHOLD : I honestly don't think this is about just Oil. I think this is about Israel. I believe there is a christian religious cult in power responsible for this trying to bring about things that are supposed to happen in their fictitious religious texts so Jesus comes back.

Jay Finnigan : The moment you realize that every single thing you eat, wear, play with, drive, type on or live in is created from oil and oil by-products it will all become clear. Which is, the very thing you need to exist is going to kill you all in the end.

SkillUp Gaming : Well, he was darn right about Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Afghanistan... ...*and now SYRIA*...

The Joker : notice all the people passing out these orders last names? Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, those names are rather kosher don't you think?

Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order : Various law enforcement units were closing in on trillions and trillions of missing and stolen money from the pentagon and the big banks/corporations. They were directly targeted to derail their investigations. The CIA then led the invasion of Afghanistan and let out all their drug runners from prison so they could restart the trillion dollar a year opium trade that filters through the same criminal big banks. Then they went to war in Iraq because Saddam switched over from U.S dollars to Euros and the U.S petro dollar is only kept alive by other countries using it for trade, especially in oil, so they couldn't have that. They Invaded Libya to stop them from dumping the U.S dollar and then tried to take over Syria to stop the Russian pipelines going through it. It all comes down to money and controlling the worlds economic system so they can keep funding their schemes.

K-SPORT : "Nobody is threatening to intervene in Africa" - Lol good one.  And oh, btw. Somalia, Libya and Sudan are african countries... you would think that a former 4 star general should be better informed. Good inside-info though.

Soundhealer : Concerning Africa: true that nobody is looking at bombing Africa with an interest in invading and occupying, but it has absolutely been infiltrated by trans national food conglomerates. Food grown in Africa is not even available to it's citizens, as these capitalists have stolen the land and the food, and export it for profit, while local African citizens starve.

Donald Trump : Were going to Somalia now...

mynym : They're wars for Israel. That memo probably came from the office of special plans. Duh. Standard Leftist narrative about Iraq and OIL ( Operation Iraqi Liberation. ) It was never about that. It's about Zionism and AIPAC and Sayanim rabbis working in the Pentagon and "losing" 2.3 trillion as Rumsfeld dutifully reported the day befote 911, etc. They didn't even need their pet scape goat. Understand 911 truth and not the kosher half truth version of it or you undestand nothing. Clark: "I guess it's because of a hammer and nail or somethin'." Seriously.

kenjams : PNAC Zionist Neocon plans for "Greater Israel" in the Middle East, 911 was part of the plan as well.

bd geek : holy shit! and i know about this now?

chickenthrower : It's all about petrodollar, this is the great currency war.  Clark is exactly right and if you do the work of tying together everything at least since Saddam said he wanted to dump US$ in 2000 up to today (including our involvement in Ukraine) it makes scary sense.  All 7 countries are tied in, the corrupt US gov just hasn't been able to carry it all out like they had planned.

Horumarka Dalka : Iraq? Done Somalia? Done Libya? Done Syria? Done Lebanon? Almost done(Saudis&Israelis attacking Lebanon soon) Sudan? Work in proces Iran? Work in proces

WickedMo13 : Interesting arent these all of the countries Trump put on his list.....I thought he wasnt part of the establishment??????????? lmao!

E Kam : He also forgot the oil layer in Nigeria Libya, , Sudan   the two latter are already cashed in today. In Libya the war criminals of NATO killed 65,000 People - at least 15,000 children !

ManyDoors777 : It's all about the New World Order. Take down the governments who stand in the way of total global governmental control. Remember what General Wesley Clark said... Don't be fooled people, don't buy into the lies and deception... Russia and Syria and Iran are not our enemy....

Jax : So now in 2017 Iraq - still ongoing though an un-winnable war, shown in the Clinton Emails. Libya - Failed state selling slaves in the markets. Thanks to Hilary Clinton and Obama Somalia - Troops now being sent there as of this week. Thanks to Trump Afganistan - Started with Bunker busters now using MOAB ongoing. Thanks to Bush Syria - Destabilised but saved by Russia for the moment. Once again Hillary and Obama Lebanon - Once syria is sorted, they will let Israel do that one. Will be Israels. Iran on the news today Trump admin calling them the biggest sponsors of terrorists. Just a matter of time. Will be Trump. America, keeping the world safe ... one bomb at a time!!

The Bastard : It's not because there's oil there, it's because Israel's there.

Omar Farique : They will never be able to take over Iran In Sha Allah

James DeRuvo : So let me get this straight ...we're going to take the word of a commander who was relieved of his command because he wanted to use nukes against the Russians in East Germany?  Yeah, I'm sure he's not imagining things again.

Rob Boersma : And today another president is rolling out the same agenda.

TheShadedShadow : Saudi Arabia and Iran getting into it right now.