Fat Pizza - McDoggle Fight

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Man with no name : "Right in the McNuggets, mate!" I love that XD

Bryan Wayne : "Its cool! Ive got full comprehensive McSurance"

vaporbot 86 : Your giving me a mcstich

Robert Nguyen : 'thats right in the mcnuggets mate' .. Hahahahaa dead

The Amazing God-Tier Waifu-Chan : Right in the macnuggets m8

ホZetsu : Favorite movie

falcon GT : McFUNNY

Carlo Pollice : You want Fries with that #lol

Archie Smith : "Give him the McFist combo!"

Jared Jones : That was right in the mc nuggets mate

Jason Barrett : lol "Ive got full comprehensive McSurance, Ball Kick XD"

Manmoog E : Awh man they smashed the Porsche awh maan

VoyageOne1 : Give him the 2-piece combo!!! 😂😂😂

Carlo Pollice : That right in the Mc nuggets m8

Only for gamers : and mcrekt

George White : Should say McSubwoofa.

divizionx : shazzzzzzaaaaaaaa

Azrielle77 : lol Dan

Nyan Cat : Wth!

Emily Bennington : Right in the McNuggets mate! lol

Josh Butterballs : Sick mate sick, sub-woofa

Antman36577 : My favourite show

olly babbie : dat was mcfunny

Mitchell Theobald : whaddya think im gonna call the business, McSpiro's?

Antman36577 : Would ya like fries with 'dat!

MarcSola7 : Like he said to most of the new pizza delivery guy's "Pizza Delivery is a dangerous business."

Andrea Stephens : Oh tell me macstooge! xDD

david david : Dickheads Aussies


Matt Fornieri : That's right in the mc nuggets mate lol hahahahaha

1979RayDay : They got McFucked up

frannybros : MALAKA HAH! THumbs up if got greek background!

Sarah Dimitrokallis : haha Malaka lol im born in Aus but Greek Background hahahaha xD

Emily Patterson : so in the mac nuggets


Tavish HD : dat censor.

Sarah Elmasri : Hahaha He just knocked the mcshit outtta ronald mcdoggald

snuffy5836 : GEORGE KAPINARNIS :)))))

Joshierocks100 : fark! you guys are Mc Shit

BenSteveo : Could almost swear the own

OMBIC : your giveing me a mcstitch!!!!!

Nicola Marangos : greek tsifdele (however u spell it)

Nicola Marangos : funny thing is i'm born in australia with a greek heritage

wajula69 : what are you supposed to be mate? what ronny mcdoggle?

Marshmillo : lmfao @ his eyebrows at the start ROFL....

braydan hicks : I've got a boner

josh kara : Ive watched this heaps and still lauged it gives a mcstitch lol im greek as well

Brandon Provenzano : That's right in the mcnuggets mate

bigbad bootydaddy : do you want fries with that?

S Bubbles : "ohh your thickshaking now arnt ya!" " jesus fries!"