Neil Young - Alabama (Lyrics)
A song about how backward Alabama is Seems as relevant today as the day it was recorded Neil Young Alabama

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Neil Young - Alabama with lyrics


Amy Fisher : apropos for the insane that run alabama today

Peter S : Roy Moore is learning to play guitar. He's starting with A Minor.

Mike Lazarus : In honor of Roy Moore, the chief justice of Alabama's state Supreme Court, who thinks the First Amendment only protects Christians

Karl Johnson : Makes me think about my dad! Love my dad!

Jimmy Page 1971 : Ohhhh ohhhh Alabama, the devil has fooled you once again. This song will definitely live on and stay relevant, for good and bad.

Katie Dunk : Alabama being Alabama brought me here today.

Miss Gender : Ohh Alabama, this song has some serious staying power, sadly aged well

Nath Luke : Oh, Alabama 😥

Roger Croteau : Forty-six years later and I guess we'll find out in a few days if Alabama has changed any.

SNK SHAFE : Swing low, Alabama.

Jim Macintosh : Thanks Neil ,for allowing your inspirational music to travel though this medium

Cole Sauer : I just thought it was a brilliantly done rocking  song .The fact that it references the ignorance of the people of a day hopefully long gone just make's it more genius. Rock on  Mr. Young !

Catatonicus : yay alamabama, your new abortion laws drags us back into the 1950's. WTG Alabama. Hear the banjos

Adam Luedtke : Our one consolation if tomorrow goes wrong: Neil Young is still right.

moleman1961 : Love that raw guitar tone!

Jim Brooks : At 1:41, is the correct word "ropes" or "robes". Robes would relate to the White Robes worn by KKK members. When the song was written in the very early seventies, the older generation was known for its staunch, unwavering and repressive racial beliefs and practices.

Susan Gomez : This song seems prophetic today 12/12/17.

linda pawlowski : hey, lets not forget who was really here first! the native american's!

blazak : Neil needs to write a new version. "WTF, Alabama?"

Nocturnal : Reminds me of growing up in Colorado Springs in the early 70's playing Neil Young cover songs like this one.

Peter F. : 43 people have their caddies with one wheel in the ditch and one wheel on the track!

Ilan Betzalel : One of his best!

Kelly Mitchell : I love Linda Ronstants' distinct back up vocal on this and other songs on the Harvest album. I can spot her voice in any song, and she always added a special dimension.

Lindsay Nicholas : No it wasn't a praise to Neil Young lmao!!!! They use to play here all the time and always said how much they love the state of Alabama.

Lindsay Nicholas : DAMN NEIL!!!!! My mother and I were both born and raised in Alabama and both taught not to see color and have respect.I can see where you could think we all lynch black people but your WRONG!!!! Still have respect for your music but don't see why your hating on a whole state for the fucked up mistakes someone else made.

burgeyburgful : White "robes". As in Klansmen.

Vinícius Bauer : Well, Sweet Home Alabama was meant as a praise to Neil Young, not as a critic. Both songs talk about the duality of the southern segregationism, the racism and the love for home, the hate and the pride, the good and the bad. That's the thing about Lynyrd: they're always waving that confederate flag around because they love the south and they think that flag represents a lot of good things, they're not waving it around to show southern superiority nor anything like that.

vzammit1 : I discovered this man listening to lynyrd skynyrd song. He is so good. Now i have realized that sweet home alabama has shitty lyrics...

Mark Squire : Wish I could write powerful songs like this!- ( maybe I ought to try ? ) Then people could post idiotic comments that they haven't thought through properly about mine too!!

Ronny DarKo : 66,000th subscriber

randall scott burress : Kind of terrific*

Todd Williams : EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris hutt : Wrong! Skynyrd were defending Alabama who thought this song gave them a bad wrap & came down too hard on them They had nothing against Neil but were speaking for those who were insulted by this song Point being yes the state has its "problems" but its still has good people & things there

Carole Sawyer : As Canadians keep their Native Indigenous people on Reservations wayyyy up North!!!!!

Ellen Carey : Song is as relevant as ever.

BW92116 : One of Neil's greatest lyrics.

Flighty Meedling : DOWN WITH RACISM 😡

Ken Bailey : Lot of the same today.But in the reverse!

Billy Trespassers : Watching the state elect Roy Moore to the Senate presently...

skopox : Thank you Squivig. This is a great help. I have to deal with this event in depth.

Anonymous : I heard this Mister sing about her. I heard the old guy put her down.

Josephine : Ol govner Doug Jones. Chill out, Change comes...

William Tomlinson : klantastic

skopox : Thank you jager bombs. That's help a lot.

Ellie BlueSea : posting this today for Alabama! Victory.

Northern Man : Don't forget, this song was written in 1972, 44 years ago !!! I hope the situation has changed since...

Shawn Duffy : Let's add Dueling Banjos to those who do not like this. That wasn't a pig that they were making squeel. Not that they hadn't before.

Alex Lawrence : Thank you Alabama for doing the right thing. Still... Tough call.. Paedophile or Democrat.. The only sane choice was made.. “As long as there are men who hate and destroy, we must resist.” President Lyndon Johnson

Aries Gemini Pisces : 1:11