IGN Contacts Plagiarized YouTuber to Discuss Compensation

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Comments from Youtube

Itch-HeSay : For as much as people hate IGN, they do seem to be handling this particular situation fairly well.

Trey Keele : GIVE HIM A JOB. His review of the game was concise, thorough, and well written.

TheUnholyOne : And now he has a new 40 thousand subs, including one from me. It's kinda funny that such an awful thing is helping him make a name for himself. He was worthy of stealing from, I can absolutely recommend him.

ShepardTheN7 : Glad to see IGN is actually being real professional about all of this. Was worried they’d just brush it off.

Tymerc : Yong would you ever be willing to make a video showing off that room? You seem to have a nice collection of items.

Moe Rahman : I’d honestly ask for a golden ticket to the chocolate factory

Apoxiosis : screw reimbursement, ign should give the dude a job. looks like they have a recently vacated position

Dave Dogge : One million dollah !

Carolina VC : Kudos to boomstick tho; after the ArenaNet controversy its refreshing to see politeness when dealing with this kind of problems

Charles Van Noland : Meanwhile, Dead Cells is getting all kinds of exposure.

Theoddballguy : I’m glad boomstick is getting a lot of subs now. He completely deserves it. His reviews are really good and his wording is great. He definitely deserves more recognition. I’ve been watching his videos for a little while now. And it sucks that this whole thing happened to him. Philip deserved it man.

Charles Massey : Glad to see how IGN are handling this

BT 7274 : So the guy tried to steal from a smaller YouTube channel for his personal gain only to lose his job and give the channel a larger following. Karma is quite the mistress.

Derek Silvestre : That game got hella publicity from all this lmaoooo

Shalashaska : Wonder what a known plagiarist is gonna do for work now..

Fukukaze : I'm calling it now. IGN will most likely employ and take the guy behind Boomstick Gaming under their wing, to replace the now fired Filip Miucin. That'd certainly make for a real happy ending to all this. Plus, that way the guy's dream will come true as well. He'll be able to earn a living from what he loves most, reviewing games. Everybody wins! Except Filip, yeah... he's pretty fucked.

doom7ish : The guy had it coming, never plagiarize a paper or a small YouTubers video.

ketchupkatsup : Haven't heard from Filip regarding all of this...guess he must be a.....Dead Cell

Cyael : Hope Filipin burgers soon

ir4kk : id be like: "yeah, whoever fired the guy who plagiarized me....I want his job."

AnimeFanFTW : I hate IGN. But sometimes *Sometimes* They do seem to care.

A Person With a Name : So that guy got fired, ey... wonder what Jessica would think of this.

Matt McCarthy : 1) Thank you for the "NEEEEOOOOOOOOOOZE Update" !! 2) You're welcome for tuning in! 3) I enjoy your content, but have no cash for patreon! 4) I'll stay tuned on YongYea and I-oooowwwSeee YOU next time!

Sucy Q : I want you to Yong my Schlong

Pico Enelojo : But the greater question remains... where in the world is Filip Miucin?

FreelanceXD : Dislike them, but respect to IGN for how they've handled the situation.

James Lawman : Wow, wasn’t expecting this.

Tomeus Kalle : #IGNapoligizeforthefirsttime.

ThatAussieBloke : Props to IGN for dealing with it correctly, unlike dEAth for example

The One : It's all about PR. By compensating him they won't lose much yet in eyes of massess they will appear as the good guys who care about people who are below them. While i'll l admit that they did a good and nice thing i absolutely refuse to believe that they did that out of the goodness of their heart.

Hocklie333 : Great job Yong. I love your content. Keep up the good work.

JS J : I felt bad for the person losing his job, But, he should have known better, plagiarism is no small matter.

thesuicidefox : Honestly can't believe people would even bother to plagiarize in 2018. Like, do you really think you can get away with it? Do you really think no one will notice? Boggles my mind.

꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂ : If I was the guy, I'd get a hand job from the IGN CEO as a compensation.

Michael floyd : One billion dollars *doctorevilvoice

Iido's Gaming Den : Wow, I'm impressed, IGN are handling this situation very well.

Milo WolfFace : Good on IGN. A pretty good endding overall and just brings a smile to my face.

Arthur Morgan : Punished Yong - A man robbed of his faith in gaming

Luciano Pereira : 7.8/10 Too much money

Frank Sobotka : Martin Luther King, Jr. plagiarized pretty much everything as well.

Scorpanoc2 : IGN should offer boomstick a job. They are looking for a new employee now lol

Matt B : If only EA, Ubisoft, etc could be this honest...

robertneville777 : I'm glad IGN is taking steps to make amends with boomstick, because that's the only way to make it fair to the offended party. People's logic is here is flawed though: boomstick should be recompensed the amount of money the plagiarized review brought in for IGN. Boomstick's subscriber count has no bearing on the compensation situation.

Henry Badger : *if you or a loved one has been plagiarized by IGN, your eligible to financial compensation*

Jamie Dough : Strike IGN and remove their account lol.

Indie Punk Rocker : I hope this sets a precedent for other companies, IGN is handling this really well. I really respect how this problem is working out.

HAIRCUT : Boomstick as in the guy from Death Battle?

Hamzah FRS : Lucky dead cells devs got free marketing

Aivre Escend : Ssshhhhh!!! I can hear a march of "don't praise things that was supposed to be done!" Comments coming!!