Supernatural Season 12 FULL GAG REEL

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Wayward Winchester : Hey Wayward boys and girls thanks for watching! For your viewing pleasure, this is ALL SPN S12 Gag Reels ever released! Including the official one and my special NON OFFICIAL edit which a lot of fans told me they prefer to the official one! ;) SUBSCRIBE: SUPPORT The Channel: GET Your Awesome SPN Show & Convention Products Here: Click the notification bell next to the subscribe button under the video to get notified of my new videos! :)

Killian's Swan : My 3 year old niece is more mature than these loveable idjits 🤣

Eden Blue : That scene where they were being held up by the guy with the gun and Sam just taking his sweet time and then Dean trying his best to turn the car around- that had me laughing so hard I was crying! The unedited version was way better because it showed just how long it went on. 😂

• Succulent Opossum • : 3:46 Jensen: "For working with those liopleurodons?" Jared: "They're magical liopleurodons! They're gonna show us the wayyyy" Lmao, I can't believe they referenced Charlie the Unicorn 😂😂😂

kassy E : "Jared isn't saying his lines right." lol misha tattletaling.

twofifthsofmaria : *~misha places hands on hips~* "... that is not nice."

Ty Stratton-Quirk : I may have heard a rumor that next season, they're changing the name from 'Supernatural' to the far more accurate 'Messing with Misha'.

kiwi.milly : i'll never be able to take the word "chupacabra" seriously anymore

dragoness615 : 3:54 "Hey.. I'm talking to you--I'm dying here...Hey!" *whispers*"Do you hear something?" (Hey!) "I hear something.." "Hey! Hey guys... this is a big moment for me."

Damaged Canvas : When Misha said "Jared's not saying his lines right" that was a straight up 'I'm telling mom' voice😂😂😂

Dani Dauz : Misha: A Nephil is coming to be Jared: A what? Misha: An offspring of an angel and a human. Jared: Who created this thing? Misha: *Breaks character*

Cassie Winchester : 3:15 *quietly* "Is that an orgasm" Jared😂😂😂

Karen Mauss : Misha going from deep voice Cas to quasi girly "that is NOT nice" in one second -- that just made my morning, lol . How they EVER get a full season's worth of episodes filmed is beyond me, but their set must be sooooooo much fun!

charu jain : "I don't know he was dating" "We have not enough time for shit humour dean " 😂😂😂

Clint Dowd : How did they even manage 12 seasons 40 min episode with all the sht they do is beyond me?


Marilena Papageorgiou : "Here come's Satan" ONLY ON SUPERNATURAL

Emily Bakies : I love when he tells on Jared "Jared's not saying his lines right " 😂

Rose Virginia Butler : Jared saying "magical leoplurodons" made me laugh for a good five minutes. xD

Phoenix Blaze : "You look like a pedophile." "That is not nice!" Also 2:29 😂😂😂

FandomTrash93 : 2:09 Cas: “It’s the offspring of an angle and a human.” Sam: “Who created his thing?” Cas: *looks at Dean, just smiles*

Ashlyn Lucia : Misha: Jared's not saying his lines right :) oml i laughed so hard at that part

Seralina Films : Does anyone else cry with happiness at seeing Richard on set???? I miss him so much

Weronika G : Hahahahaha, poor Ketch :-D scene with Chupacabra is the best! :-D

Marie Mro : It's like a BRA and then CHUPA so a chupachupa chupacabra chrrprrrbarbrabarbrebrechupabrebre XD best blooper

bob117ism : during the chupacabra scene Catch is constantly swinging between the wish to kill Jared and Jensen and the desire to kill himself

Kaiden Jackson : They're magical liopleurodons they're going to show us the wayyyyyy 😂😂🖤🖤

ArchangelofMusic 96 : That guy who plays as Ketch was so done with Jared and Jensen 😂😂😂

Chelle Copley 67 : Still very disappointed that Mark was in none of the gag reel this time. I really hate that he is gone, I think between the 4- him, Cas, Dean and Sam was a real chemistry.

Marigen Beltran : I love how Jensen keeps saying "chupa" wich means suck

Marshall Allen : "they're magical leoplorodons, they're here to show us the wayyyy"

davevito28 : I cant be the only one who things the scene where they make fun of ketch saying chupacabre should have been an actual scene in the show. He answer just as he did, trying to in form them that he is their new boss, etc etc. he gets to the part about chupa cabre, they laugh and tease, etc etc. the seriousness and the hatred on his face is priceless. Then he calmly hangs up the phone. he would then wait for the boys to stop laughing and call him back or even call back him self after a while. the conversation as the way it did on the show. Like it seriously could have added a lot more realism to some extent to why he ended up sealing them in the bunker to die hahaha. like the hate would be real enough for him to make them, suffer by suffocation/dehydration combo LOL I probably got carried away but still, I think it would have been cool :D

Andy Abdullah : Man seeing richard speight jr on sight directing make me want to see gabriel again in spn. Bring back gabriel.

Amy K : Imagine if all men or even just more men were this goofy and adorable.

It's Tulip! : 3:45 it's confirmed. Jared and Jensen have seen Charlie the Unicorn...

Madison Lewe : Jared is the ultimate troll XD

Shawna Mae : I wonder how they get work done .

Lizzie K : 10:24 I'm sorry but the way Jared says chupacabra kills me every time

sophia lino : 2:16 you can see Jensen winking at Misha to make him laugh 😂😂😂

Allie Mae : guess you could call it the GADreel i'm just gonna go

original piece : “Awesome” “I love it when we talk together” “me too” 😂😂❤️

Anis Abdaoui : I love Jensen, Jared and Misha they really have such sense of humor. I'm laughing loud, thanks for this vidéo, it helps for getting better mood:p

junglee bhootni : that was 17 minutes of my life well spent😃😃😃

Ashton Hanks : “Jared’s not saying his lines right!” oh Misha

TheFallen3 : Ketch is so offended XD XD

Lizzie Potter Winchester : Jared: they're gonna show us the wayyy haha so funny love these two Jensen laughing just makes me laugh so much what a great bunch of people

Who wants to live forever? : They're freakin dorks 😂😂

Jay. : 17 minutes? i'm ready.

Geek Master98 : so the guy who played trickster is directing supernatural now? wow never knew that

Robus WhiteWolf : I seriously wonder how they get ANYTHING done on this show. LOL Coming from a fangirl