Never Forget The Dehumanizing Cruelty of Homelessness RIP Ron Davis

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R.I.P. Ron Davis, whose tearful and dignified cry for the homeless has moved 1.5 million people since his video was posted in 2013. Ron died on November 30 - but his son Tyron wasn't notified until December 20 because Ron had no I.D. Here's the original, touching 4-min video of Ron on the streets being interviewed - putting a face to people we see daily, randomly, on the street. Ron describes his life being homeless, and tears up as he describes the indignities. "I'm not a bum, I'm a human being," he says, choking up with tears. Let's look beyond the surface, to people's hearts. Please support #everyonematters: This video was shot in 2012 by a team of students at DePaul University, under the supervision of Media Ethics professor Kim Clark - and has recently been spread virally due to a post on Reddit, and the upcoming PBS series. Here's the original YouTube post: Join our community where EVERYONE Matters!


Carolyn Ann B : Definitely sad he had to die in the streets. Rip Ron...

Bond James Bond : Love u man ..In heaven you have a mansion now.You are finally home.

annamaria ayyad : This is so true. We forget that this could happen to anyone, given negative circumstances. It's heartbreaking that we judge these people and treat them with less humanity when often they cannot help themselves. We really need to find a solution.

Ludovic Girard : what kind of world is this, a world where some people die in the street...respect for this great man !

Skid Skid : I remember as a child seeing him stand by the CVS Pharmacy when my father would take me to work. Is there anywhere to send flowers?

Jeannice Kotokpo : So heart breaking😭😭😭 may you soul rest in the perfect peace of the Lord Jesus-Christ

Rudy Van Autreve : What a loss. He was such a beautyfull soul. Respect and tears

Tyno-soo25 ytb : Je suis français et vient de découvrir cette vidéo aujourd'hui 11mars 2019... je suis extrêmement triste d'apprendre que Ronald davis et mort.. J'était prêt à tout pour aidez cette homme brisé.. je suis encore plus triste d'apprendre que je ne pourrais pas lui apporter mon aide.. j'espère qu'il est dans un monde meilleurs est je penserait à lui chaque moment difficile de ma vie pour avoir son courage et sa bonté. Repose en paix ron ❤😭

Jaye Boss : r.i.p ron. If you have the ability to help someone , please do it.

Martell Tha Cool : He deserves to be happy and have a home. I wonder nobody seems to able to help out 😢😥😭

annie davis : I’m so sad to hear this news about this beautiful soul sip Ron Davis 😇you touch a lot of hearts especially mine.

Maueice Godfrey : Man this story moved me and made me cry and I'm glad God has him now

Progamer Pixel : Everyone should treat others how they want to be treated. This is soo sad I really feel bad for him I’m not rich either but I would give any money I have tooo him if I ever saw him.

Nobody's Business : R. I. P. BROTHER 🇺🇸👍

Lakisha Coulter : I've been homeless for most of my adult life. My soul is aching. RIP RD 💔🙏🏾

Denver : Love you man, hope you're at a happy place now❤️.

Ganjah MacK : I Hope Everyone Who Watched This And Everyone In The Comment Section Hold On To That Same Heartbreaking/"I Wish I Could Help" Energy Next Time You See A Brothah/Sistah Down On Their Luck, Laying In The Streets..Any One Of Them Could Be The Same Beautiful Soul As Ronald Davis And Every One Of Them Is A Human Being Like Ronald Davis..Be The Change We Want To See In The World And Don't Be Trying To Record Yourself Giving Things To Them..Do It From The Heart..Do It Cause It's What You Feel Is Right..Do It Cause You Would Want The Help If You Were In Their Position.. "I've Learned That People Will Forget What You Said, People Will Forget What You Did, But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel" -Maya Angelou

Leroy Shaggy Ervin III : Damn Dude, Eye Recall Watching His Video SMH

Suave. Exe : We watched this in class and i came to the bathroom to look up more only to find out he died😭❤️ rip

Daddy? : I watch this video at least once a month to remind myself what I have. This moves me to tears.

henleys_ frey : Ronald Davis deserved better. *RONALD DAVIS DESERVED BETTER.* Rest easy, sweet angel.

Rodney Pettis : Great video really really sad watching good man like that living on street family and these rest of world watch this video and learn from him!!!!! Help each other I know I been there!!!!!RIP MR. DAVIS you in better place trust me!!!!!

Rudy Van Autreve : It is Very difficult to come back once you hit the bottom. Without help it's. Impossible. He acknowledged this. Respect giving while you live on the street can uplift you 100 %

Robert O : Bottom line...WE ARE ALL HUMAN we all bleed the same color.Most take the smallest things for granted.Hot shower, clean sheets, cable tv, cell phone, Nice hot meal, Roof over your head.I lost everything when my wife passed in hour surgery.I been there.I have given my last 5 dollars to someone who needed it more.I always try to give anything.Food, Blankets, Water, Toiletries, Give or just listen to them.Sometimes I would just sit down with someone who just wanted to be heard over lunch at McDonald's.And the look on there face with a hot lunch in front of them and some company is priceless.I don't got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.But I always try to help.The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.Just remember.It could be any of us on the street one day.

Kazilikaya : Why didn't the interviewer try to help this guy out???

TernTek : We can feel bad or we can do something about this! Poverty is NOT a lack of character, it is a lack of money. Only candidate that wants to address this is Andrew Yang with his UBI policy. Are we going to just sit idle and let people decay in poverty or end it by voting for UBI.

Braxton Pettyjohn : Ron was murdered 😭

James Utley : OMG I didn’t know Ron passed away 😥

Nk Uk : it's very emotional and unfortunate that he died on the street . When i did a little research on the circumstances surrounding his death, i found that while sleeping in Bloomington Park, he was severely beaten by two men. He was taken to a local hospital and later died from his injuries. what a wicked world.

Johnmark Erwin : Life is more important than we know #GIVE

Anthony Davis : The 3 people that disliked this video , can go die

Kevin Jones : No more suffering my brother this hurts my soul to.the core my brother god brought you home no more pain.and suffering my eyes hurt from crying so hard you ok now

ماعت إبراهيم : حديقة الله أفضل من أي قصر ، والراحة في سلام مقدس

I am the one : Love love love love love love love you you are so precious.You are loved Ronald..Love you as a human in Jesus name you are loved love you

e : i remember seeing this and wondered what happened to him. rip my friend. i take comfort knowing you are in a better place. and in a home with the almighty. rip and rest easy my friend.

Harrison Cardona : How do we know he's gone? Is there documentation? Please, I need to know

Peter : Ron Davis R.I.P.

Samantha Samy : This video inspires me every time i see it😢 Many of us get side tracked with life, bills, debt, ect. We are all humans wether rich or poor. Its the little things that we dont see that are our blessings. I wish i would of known Ron personally rest in peace...

I am the one : Love you

ThaRiddler : Rest now.

50u1m0r741 : Samiches and stuff like this here

Gauthier Riga : The worst part is he died from his injuries after being beaten by two man just passing by

Ryando : Did he get any loot all these views holee

Edward Marcell : God brought him home and now he doesn't have to live homeless. God gave him a mansion and lots of land to travel in heaven. It's sad that no one cared while he was here in this life. God did. And this should be a lesson that we need to be more mindful and caring for those who are homeless and not everyone has it easy in life. Nothing comes easy and if someone says it does is lying.

Dale Lindsey : Does anybody know what happened to this man? He had fundraisers set up for him that gave him a measily $200 and a dead phone before spliting with his cash, nothing for years then found dead, apparently beaten to death by 2 guys but theres no info on him, his fundraisers, the years in between or even a conclusion to his case, like did the 2 dudes get arrested or anything?

Allan Powell : he should of got a job

Mark Martin : One piece of dung after another walk by him and don't even acknowledge that he exists. People suck.