The Invention of Ladders | The Eric Andre Show | Adult Swim

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X-Phaze : Thomas Ladder, you da real MVP.

lyricsfromsweden : Is this ad-libbed? Because it happened right after Lauren Conrad walked off the set. So it felt like they had to pass some time before the next guest and started this conversation. And it's so different from the rest of the show.

RobM4209 : I wish the world had more deep thinkers like these two.

meavid : Thomas Ladder's wife's son was his step ladder.

Brian Kirby : Hannibal's laugh is so healthy

TilledLeaf : I don't trust like that

DJIPE G : this is like every afterparty conversation

Josh Schulz : I think this whole segment is unscripted.

Brotza : they need a podcast 

Kartikeya Dutta : Thomas Ladder was the reincarnation of young jeezy

Adam Naništa : if only there was an invention that would allow me to get up to that place safely

BuLLeT2431 : This was literally them just fucking around because they had nothing else and I think it may be my favorite segment ever done on this show hahaha. Anyone know if its still around?

S54 Touring : How'd they get it up there in the first place before it broke though?

Half Epic : This is one of those golden moments in television where nothing is scripted and it's just two friends genuinely having a good time and messing around. It warms my heart.

catbot : damn ladders get taken for granted too often man

IAmMinnian : I think the reason why I love this show so much is because these random conversations remind me of conversations my friends and I have.

Evan Black : Man I been waiting on them to post this. I was in tears when I first seen this Hahaha Thomas Ladder

TouchedNut : i love how genuine this is

Travis Scott : its about time Thomas Ladder got some respect, I mean the man invented Ladders

tall mccartney : I love how nervously Hannibal asks the question

Dappis : 0:51 that delivery comes so out of fucking nowhere it's great :"D

Austin Pierce : Are they just high af when they do this or what?

Prefection Gaming : "Thomas Ladder" I can't breathe

Random yay : This is perfectly portaying how best friends talk with each other

1stIParkMyCar : THese guys are very stupid THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS THOMAS LADDER the ladder was not invented by him THEse guys are constanlyt LYING STOP watching them all they do is make fin of cebrelitys!!!

Silicon Carne : Hannibal's laugh gives me life

Gentlemenhugs : Wait, you mean I don't need to stand on all these rocks?

ChiliConQueso : This show should never have switched to HDTV. The fact that it looked like an old PBS show from the '70s is one of the things that made it so great.

Concox : name a more iconic duo

gpoop23 : Is that end bit because he fell off a ladder? Curse you, Thomas Ladder, you killed Eric Andre!

AwkwardRenegade : They seem too sober here.

Ben NeJame : Lol the grin on Hannibal's face before he starts the conversation

ProducShuns : This is actually found footage of Plato & Aristotle in the School of Athens.

docatomics : ~ desk your the coolest = either your made of the wood from Jesus's cross or that polymimetic alloy the Terminator 1000 & TX series was made from ( only freezing in dangerous liquid hydrogen would revile your true nature perhaps )  + you should have your own place on the GoOgLePLEX+ Hall of infamy my sturdy piece of wood furniture friend !

StoopidAnimul : That 80's synth outro was tight

Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar : Almost forgot to watch this today

AZIARGROUS : sup thomas ladder

All memes Are dead : Lmao Hannibal broke character

Cam Thomson : Lol he threw the pencils at the sign

Gay Paladin : This is the most genuine moment on this damn show. Like, this is just two guys relaxing and shooting the breeze.

Bird Is The Word. : ..They should totally get lil' boosie on this show, That would be hilarious!

Adrian Rosas : This was possibly the most human thing I've seen in a show....

Matthew Cooper : I love their back-and-forths so much

Gallichron : This is the most normal skit I think they've ever done

Salty Salmon : How high were they?

alfredoking14 : the more i watch these clips the more i love them

captaintaco2345 : They were probably just having a conversation and the cameras managed to catch it.

Yareyous : this was probably the realest moment ever caught on tape

Jackz Gamez : This video really shows how funny Hannibal is

TheRealJacob98 : "What do you think people did before ladders? Were they just like, 'Well, I can't fix that sh!t.'" xD I don't know why but that joke is so funny! lol It's the truth! You were f*cked back then unless you found a creative way to get up to high areas.