(Long version) Openbook | The honest, open-source & awesome social network.

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Emanuel Victor : Don't try only to copy Facebook, try to innovate and attract young people.

Jozsef Sallai : As a Node/Vue and Python developer, I already love this project because of the tech it uses 👏

DylanMorgan : From a specialists of Cybersecurity to users.. and a open source. This is so great, congratulations!!

Laura Elena Fernández Davalos : How can I donate to you??? let us know to share!!

Cousin Bruce : wish I could donate but even my computer I got free and fixed.I will join though and tell friends about it.Just because I supported someone they really messed with me..And like others say reporting there is a joke.

Zeyna Nd : Am I too late for early access? The kickstarter fund was closed by the creator on august 15, so what does that mean?

Riyazudheen Mohamed : Wish you great success team Openbook!

musclesdude : 30% of revenue? don't you mean profit? lol..... thats gonna make an investors run away fast.

Edward Barker : Good luck, I really hope this takes off :)

Steffen Buchmann : Nice idea, my support is save. And btw: awesome suit, man 😎