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JORRHOSS : RIP Tim Conway. Had this on VHS as a kid.

DianeBoylan : Crying here! He was so funny! So sorry he's gone, but he will be remembered as one of the best comedians of ALL time! 🌷💕😢

Jerry Phillips : Love me some Tim Conway! RIP to a true legendary comedian!

Lazlo : RIP to both of these guys. Vincent Schiavelli passed 12-26-05

Captain Howdy : Thank you Mr. Conway for the laughs! RIP Sir.

Lou M : Dearest Neighbor, The end times spoke about in the Scriptures means that those who Are living now who see the world events, the ones mentioned at: Matthew 24: 3-13, Occuring All At Once. Your steady gaze into the sky will not undo a thing. What does help is to know the Being responsible for bringing about the end. He is called Jehovah. A mighty and fair ruler has timed the events so perfect that it will be recognized that He has done it all. John 3: 16 also tells us that there are two groups involved. " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." NOTICE THERE ARE THOSE WHO PERISH AND THOSE THAT ACQUIRE ETERNAL LIFE. TWO GROUPS ! Truly, YOUR Neighbor

SaberRawk : This video brings back a lot of laughs. He is definitely one of the great classic comedians! (raises glass...) TO TIM CONWAY!!!

Ruth Sapien : RIP to a one of a kind lovable amazing human!!! Thank goodness for these videos so the laughter will remain !!!! ♥

scott brown : God Bless you Tim Conway and thanks for all the years of laugher 👍

Jerry Muzak : Rest in peace, Dorf. 1933-2019

Fear57 : Echos from my childhood. "Was that a practice?" "SHAD UP!!"

atworkstation : RIP Tim Conway (1933-2019)

Jirk Hamfield : Sounds a lot like Father Guido Sarducci.

Christopher Krajcir : Used to watch this as a kid, my Mom would take me to the public library and I would watch this repeatedly

Demetri Harlan : Shot out, RIP Tim Conway, grew up watching you on Carrol Burnett schow in the 70's. That slow moving butler use to have me on the ground.😂😂😂😂

Ceylaan Blue : Oh my if someone tried to do this today, the world would freak out. Me, love IT.

Carmen NYC : Rest in Paradise😔 December 15, 1933 – May 14, 2019

Craig Ostopovich : Salute to him and thanks for many laughs in many roles in the tv show and movies....RIP

69 Fastback Kevrolet : R.I.P. The greatest comic actor of all time

Alexandra Shepiro : rip Dorf..... :(

gallyun1 : R.I.P. I grew up watching this, Football Follies, and NBA Bloopers.

Cynthia Seifen : RIP Tim Conway a Legend!!!

Adam Jabkowski : Probably my favorite comedy video ever! Thanks for the upload!

Nick Johnson : "Dorf, if I feel a little more upbeat today, I recently switched to Sanka so have a heart."

Ace Holm : RIP Tim Conway. Comedy Legend. You Will be missed.

Johnny Kasich : R.I.P Tim Conway!

Hatsune Miku : Rest in peace Tim Conway!

sportsygirl8 : Tim Conway for this sketch looks and sounds like Mr. Tudball. This was really funny as well, I'm definitely going to check out the other Dorf videos on here.

jiminyhopkins : 10:37 DORF: How far do you think we are from the hole here?" LEONARD: far.

AdamD : True classic I have them all on dvd

VariedVids : Tim will be greatly missed.

Antonio Ciamei : rip legend funny man

JoeyBKC : RIP Tim Conway these were some of my favorite skits you ever did

Tobi Simmons : Saw this numerous times with my dad hard to come up for air it’s that funny Rip Tim and my Dad

lollipop_opera PiLFAN : RIP, Tim. ❤️

R Hopzing : Great guy. McHale's navy, Carol Burnett show. Etc

Ladymech62 : Loved Tim :’(

Mr Timo : Lol

William Diemert : Tim Conway R.I.P

Thomas Ward : Rip tom conway

Jorge Anaya : RIP Conway

Jaell Paulemond : He little

Smug Smugly : You know that, I can't so much as drink a damn glass of water around a midget or a piece of antique furniture.

kilroy987 : I really liked Dorf as a jockey on Johnny Carson, it was hilarious. But I wish I found this video funny. It was very drawn out.

Robert Burkhart : Never anyone better

Brooks Gasser : here before all the RIP comments

ZENIGMATV : Rip Tim . Dorf reminds me of El Chapo

Shelley Stewart : ^^

Restless Spirit : The man that is standing next to Tim is  Vincent Schiavelli. He is an actor, He  played Mr. Vargas, a Science  teacher,  in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and he also played a patient in One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, with Jack Nicholson. He made other movies, but these two I remember, the most.