Ser Jaime Lannister
Great vid on Jamie Lannister

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*** "I need you to become the man you were always meant to be" Even though I have my differences with how his arc turned into, I still had to explore it more thoroughly and try and make sense of what happened. Maybe it makes sense, see and judge it for yourself. The last bit "Ser Jaime Lannister...." who do you want him to be? an oathkeeper or an oathbreaker - I'll give that to you. -------------------------------------------------------------- Jaime Lannister Tribute #GameofThrones #JaimeLannister ------------------------Music--------------------------------- (1) Eternal Eclipse - Dawn of Faith (2) Max Richter - The Young Mariner --------------------------------------------------------------------


Karim Ben Tarjem : One of the most complex characters on modern Television without a doubt... Hats off to Nikolaj Coster Waldau who played him geniously. Thank you Nicolaj!!

Gamer Lycan : 3:17 "Would you kept your oath then?" Cuts to Jon. That was damn good.

Mohit Tanwar : Kingslayer.. Kingslayer.. Kingslayer.. A man without honor.. Kingslayer Jamie.. my name is Jaime! Ahh man, you gotta love this tragic hero.

Akash Chaudhary : Please one video on THE HOUND he deserves it like who agree

kyguy105 : The greatest love story in all of Game of Thrones is the love between Jaime and Tyrion. Brothers.

matthew conroy : Jaime, Theon and the Hound were hands down some of the best characters on this show

CommanderTurtle : I wish HBO bought this from you and played it before Jamie's death. I feel more fulfillment here than I'm getting from season 8

Supreme Court : Jaime's character is better than Arya's, Jon's, Daenerys's put combined.

Plaeya01 : Just watched the finale and man did I cry hard when Brienne finished Jaimes story in the kingsguard book 😭😭😭

Chris Gill : Years of character development and amazing acting just to be stabbed by a randy pervert pirate who came out of no where.

Xavier Herrera : This video should be updated with Brianne's concluding words on Jaime's story. Best character of the series.

Leo The Lab : Jaime lannister a hero which GOT world need but does not deserve.

Valentin Mihalescu : I absolutely hated Jaime in the beginning but i almost cried when Tyrion said goodbye to him

Watchmetry : Nikolaj watched the video! He replied to a tweet about it!

Cheddar Mind : *Goosebumps* Tywin: "A Lion doesn't concern himself with the Opinion Of a sheep" Jaimie: "By what right does the Wolf judge the Lion?" (BGM: Kingslayer.. Oathbreaker.. Oathbreaker.. Kingslayer.. Oathbreaker A Man Without Honour.. Kingslayer.. Oathbreaker..) Jaimie: "Jaime.. My Name's Jaimie."

2 D : Jaime Lannister > Jon Snow Kingslayer , the hero we needed

MassiveGat : Jaime's redemption arc in book 4 specifically was one of the best things I've ever read

A. Frosty : Dany: I can’t sleep, could you tell me a bed time story? Viserys: sure so this is a story about how our dad got murdered

CYBER SHIN0BI : "There are no men like me,only me" Sir Jamie Lanister

Alex Lannister : Easily the tragic hero of Game of Thrones,and the one with the biggest character development.

Roy Alex Avellaneda : Awesome video....I would only wish it included the knighting of Brienne as another one his best moments...

MS Yadav : Roses are red Violets are blue I love Jaime What about you?

ThatHandsomeDevil08 : This tribute is way better than season 8 of the show.

old vetosh : Божественно. Ахуенно. Прекрасно. И ещё куча других эпитетов описывающих всю прелесть и красоту данного творения.

Alex M : Can you please re-make this with the scenes from the last episode?

IROAM Z : This made me feel like Jon is gonna be called the queen slayer

artjei : Самый любимый персонаж «игры престолов». Чьё развитие было с начала, и до конца. Актёр играет просто 100 из 💯😌

Corporal Hicks : Watching Jaime in seasons 1-4 helps wash the bad taste of season 8 out of my mouth.

郑书敏 : Great work! Yet how I wish you could include the scene where Brienne finishes the story of Ser Jaime Lannister.

iria bee : Great video. I just wish the show had given him a more satisfying ending.

Dio Brando : By what right does the wold judge the lion

Tanzim Amio : Ser Jaime lannister : kingsguard to his Queen and died protecting his Queen

Barry Liders : You should've wait. I'd love to see the scene when Brienne is writing the true story of Jaime

Themaskedman : Speechless. Jamie’s character was amazingly crafted.

W4tch0ut : I like how he is not just a one dimensional character who loves his sister at first and later follows his values but has always both sides inside him in never ending conflict. In the end this love proves to be his strongest "drive". He follows his heart and dies for it. "The things we do for love."

Mariano F. : I feel more emotionally connected to this than the entire 8 season.

Pramith Ganearachchi : This is a real tribute to Ser Jaime Lannister...!!! Job Well Done...!!!

Marwan Eskileeh : DAMN! That "Burn Them All!" line sent shivers down my spine!

Tommy : Please remake it and add the Brienne scenes in episode 6, it'd be so fitting with what yo did in the end of this amazing tribute.

AH. : This video is epic but it would be a real masterpiece if u added also the 8x06 scenes

Emad AB : Thank you Nikolaj Thank you George Thank you Jaime perfect actor for a perfect character

ainfajofaf : Nikolaj has watched this, he responded to it on twitter :)

Sophia Sanchez : Jamie shouldve end up with Brienne im so mad. :(((

Roxanne : This video more beautiful than season 8

Tae562 : Jaimie stand next to Zuko in last air bender on my list of favorite character arcs

Dina Smith : The Jaime/Mad King and Jon/Dany parallels you showed? Gave me CHILLS

sM0ky : Sir Jaime Lannister - Died protecting his queen Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Rest in peace

Jacob Clark : No one will ever play Ser Jaime Lannister like Nikolaj did.

Shakti Singh : Ser Jamie Lannister A man of honor Truly.