Vietnam, Hanoi, Walking on The Railroad (ハノイ、線路沿いをぶらぶら歩く)

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Wind Lady : That did give me a bit of the willies, watching that. But it would be an interesting experience to have that much moving power so close.

Wehr Wolf : Looks like a good place to buy anything you want...and get shot and/or stabbed while doing so... Love it

Shuji Tanaka : こんな場所があるとは・・・・・! 家の出入り口が(玄関)が鉄道線路を向いており、かつ至近距離では、危ないですね。生活している人も列車が通る度にうるさくてかなわないでしょう。列車にDOI MOIって書いてあるのは、何故なんでしょうね。DOI MOIって刷新という意味であることは調べてわかったのですが、ベトナムでのスローガンでアチラコチラに書いてあるのかな・・・・

Chloe Miller : hi, this is so cool! I am a travel video producer with INSIDER and would love to do a story about this street. Would we be able to feature your clip in the story, with onscreen credit to you? Please let me know! You can reply here or email with any questions! Thanks! - Chloe

Dreckiger Dan : It seems a train is rare in this city

patdevine59 : I would love to go here when a train goes by. How do you find out the times the run.

Neetu Rai : which country???

DHammer : fukcing LOUD