Live PD: He's Tweaking (Episode 13) | A&E

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kirk toufor : rumor is he's stilling explaining where he got all that junk from in his car

J Freeb : He should've just stopped talking 😂

Deez Nuts : they shouldn't be sending people to jail for drugs they should be helping people who do drugs like meth

ruben angulo : It's not nice to call them tweakers , they are people of America . They are Methican Americans

Alex Griffin : how was he given a dui when the vehicle wasnt on?

Behindtheblackstump : He needs help not jail....

tiffany loveall : just smoke weed

Fire Thief : They say meth is the best high ever. I've still never tried it cause I'm scared to get hooked. And I'm 26. I've done coke a little but never got hooked. I really like the coke.

Justin Case : These people should be sent to rehab not jail. Decriminalize drugs and use the money wasted on incarceration towards education and rehabilitation.

H Legion : Cop didn't even have a legit reason to search a car... Just cause he has junk in back of his car doesn't give him a reason to search the car.

Steve Holland : Maybe hes an addict . Just making fun of him and arresting him does not seem to help . If drugs is a sickness it should be treated as a sickness not a crime . Its time to stop the hypocrisy . There is an answer to every problem . Simply arresting them and giving them lengthy sentences is not working now nor did it ever . Maybe its time to try something different . Either you feel our present way of handling it is a secese or you agree . You can have it both ways .


Austin Van Schaick : the cop never saw him operating the vehicle. a DUI charge is thus not applicable. possession of a controlled substance would be more accurate.

Courtney Johnson : when he can barely walk in a straight line and he says "it's just because my legs tired" lmao boyyyyy

Gotthatgoin4me : Thank God for the police. They risk their lives, have to deal with scum, and are continually criticised for doing their job. To all police officers thanks for your service.

PJ Mo : Never heard of a DUI for meth lmao

Valerie! At The Disco : I read the title as " He's twerking"

diaamonds _k : Saddest video i seen my mom was like this dumpster diving and she use to come home like this then this year she died from a heroin overdose :( she was in her 30's

Jash Handy : Trooper casey is the only cop i'd wanna be pulled over by lol

Papawowmac : DUI for sitting in a parked car? What?

John Wyskochil : And I thought the Kardashian were garbage human beings....

Emma NeMa : Do people get paid to appear on these cop shows?

kalliou : A&e raw af for this

Bizzy jones : Let this have been a black man..the comments on this video would be the total opposite. White people are hypocrites, you can see that from your president.

Mimi LaPorte-Muir : you know how I feel, but you blocked me so I cannot communicate with u privately anymore.

Nick Nick : He would have been tweaking like crazy at his court sentencing the next day, wouldn't have made it

Graceful Words Of Smooth : Lol. On that blue

Bobby Kalman : What is tweaking

K. ToTi : This poor guy needs help not being charged ffs. Though "My leg is just tired" lmao

Marissa Barbie : This doesn't seem right either just randomly idk

Bobby Ruiz : Smoke weed everyday. Your life will be better

Shoddy Lucce9k : Gosh darn it. There's no racist people in this video cause they thought they seen a black dude in the thumbnail

Earl Drudge : This is sad. These people are addicts. There should be no "sentencing". Aside from the DUI, which IS wrong, the possession charge is unnecessary and highlights the fact that these laws arent in place to help anyone besides the ones who profit off its enforcement.

Lord Cam : cop: there is a good coating on the meth pipe here, we could probably still get like three hits out of it if we wanted....

Larry the Fitz . : Can't handle his stuff.

Tj`s tech : Lmao is that logic? Sounds like him 😂

710 CONCENTRATE : WTF is highway patrol doing outside of the HWY

Jacob smith : Drugs should all be legal, the country would be much better off

Jonathan Mejia : This is what happens when you get pushed to do drugs and you can't handle it

Crestside Cutthoat : The pipe is still warm

CENCAL805 SGV818 : How long does it take for a tweeker to change a lightbulb?? Tweeks 2wks.

Autism Cannabis : i know that area. phoenix has a major tweaker problem.

Jennifer Genevieve : "It's a long story." "Ok, I'm on until 6 in the morning." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Marlena Krueger : Def tweakin

Nate Boyd : for someone to turn to meth, they must be in a dark place. arresting them doesnt help,they will get meth in prison and when they get out they will continue to use.

Lenore M : Don't do drugs, especially not in a car when you gotta drive

DMR DMR : It's a long story, it might take a day or two to tell it...

Nick Tatu : I dont think people should be jailed for drug use or possesion. Get these people help.. youre just keeping them stuck in their hole. Theyre's serious underlying psychological issues for most drug abusers.. Help them dont punish them

Life of Jordy : DUI wtf his car wasn't even on Smh...

PolymathEnergy : He wasn't driving though? Or so it seemed that he wasn't? Can you get a dui for just sitting in your car?