Live PD: He's Tweaking (Episode 13) | A&E

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Wendy : Tweaker: "It's a long story..." Cop: "I've got AALLL night!" This guy needs to see this video of himself after he's sat in jail a few days after a painful detox! He is so high, he was probably hitting the pipe when the cop pulled up. Inmates who have been in for a couple of weeks will be triggered just from his behavior. Meth just makes you a freak😲

kirk toufor : rumor is he's stilling explaining where he got all that junk from in his car

Behindtheblackstump : He needs help not jail....

tiffany loveall : just say no kids

ruben angulo : It's not nice to call them tweakers , they are people of America . They are Methican Americans

Javid Huseynov : My leg is tired lol

Matt Norman : Tweakers gonna tweak.

Deez Nuts : they shouldn't be sending people to jail for drugs they should be helping people who do drugs like meth

Long Nguyen : The real Superman will say no to drugs and stealing.

Zan : 4:03 he dun hiding something in his butt, look at him clenching and trying push it back up.....

J Freeb : He should've just stopped talking 😂

Sean Mckeever : when the cop said "Ive gotten a lot of Meth from this area" lol

Bonnie Bryan : This is so sad

Steve Holland : Maybe hes an addict . Just making fun of him and arresting him does not seem to help . If drugs is a sickness it should be treated as a sickness not a crime . Its time to stop the hypocrisy . There is an answer to every problem . Simply arresting them and giving them lengthy sentences is not working now nor did it ever . Maybe its time to try something different . Either you feel our present way of handling it is a secese or you agree . You can have it both ways .

CBJ Jackets on the power play : Hahaha the cops like "So you picked somebody's ketchup!?"

mrclumsy thebest : how he said "I've gotten alot of meth from there " got me laughing

diztrin : Eighth

PJ Mo : Never heard of a DUI for meth lmao

Austin Van Schaick : the cop never saw him operating the vehicle. a DUI charge is thus not applicable. possession of a controlled substance would be more accurate.

That Bull_ : Hahahaha my leg is tired lmao. Right.

Autism Cannabis : i know that area. phoenix has a major tweaker problem.

Alex Griffin : how was he given a dui when the vehicle wasnt on?

H Legion : Cop didn't even have a legit reason to search a car... Just cause he has junk in back of his car doesn't give him a reason to search the car.

ABsoluteORIGINAL : my ex girlfriend used to be a really nice girl, i talked to her via video call the other day and she was sorta like this.. its a sad sad world; i used to smoke crack for days on end. was never as bad as seeing meth tweakers. drugs are a sick escape to this boring reality.

Carl Marius : First

Kou Vang : does people even know what these drugs do too you before use?

tiffany loveall : just smoke weed

Col. Cotton Hill : Hope this young man is able to get some help.

David Hernandez : I need his plug now

Chris Shed : Tweakin lmao

Amber Brown : 2nd

SW(is)M : Chasin dragons

NG 707 : It's just cause my legs are tired lmao haaaaahaaaa

Rolf Hunt : he is a drug addict. thats not a crime. the people who sold him the drugs are the criminals.

Justin Case : These people should be sent to rehab not jail. Decriminalize drugs and use the money wasted on incarceration towards education and rehabilitation.

Courtney Johnson : when he can barely walk in a straight line and he says "it's just because my legs tired" lmao boyyyyy

Dick Lowtax : those damned blue collar tweakers are the backbone of this town

Gustavo Cano : 7th

ChadlyP : "its just cuz my legs tired" lmao

Lion : He should go to rehab first and then jail

XC IV : lmao my leg is tired

Liah Grist : 9th

Harley Fletcher : *insert foot in mouth* 😂😂😂

moustache321 : 11th

Bradleys s : Can anybody tell me if it's a hard detox from meth? I often see a few patients with signs of meth abuse but I can't always ask questions regarding their use of the drug unless it's relevant to their reason for admit

serious beaner : I'm a tweaker I know all about it

The Beast : 5th

Anonymous Person : What a waste money I mean yea he's a danger on meth but he needs help not jail.

Gregster82 : Arizona meth aint no joke!

Nick Tatu : I dont think people should be jailed for drug use or possesion. Get these people help.. youre just keeping them stuck in their hole. Theyre's serious underlying psychological issues for most drug abusers.. Help them dont punish them