Camels vs. Cactus!!! جمل

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Adam Owens : WITHOUT ANY MILK?!??!

Pedro R. : Plant: *Develops a complex system to stop being eaten* Camel: YEET

T E : How it feels to chew 5gum

Iggy the gaming iguana : cactus: we'll never be eaten again with these spikes camel: hold my beer

JanglesTheMonkey : Guard: Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya? Camel: I had a cactus for breakfast this morning. Guard: Yeah, so? Camel: Without any milk...

B Fuimaono : Their butt holes are going to suffer

TheTitanium Champs : How it feels 2 chew five gum

ComicSans : Imagine taking a dump after that

Edcel Jann M Corre : Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?

Compton 187 : security guard: welcome to the salty platoon how tough are ya Camel:

Payam yazdi : the most efficient vehicle in history of mankind.

Meme Machine : I am the English comment you're looking for.

Euel Hensley : "Welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya."

FandomTrash : I seriously cringe while watching this. I feel so bad for those cactuses.

Foib : Anyone else think this actually looks and sounds really delicious?

Tiger H. Lore : Imagine your dump the next day.

Fabricio Martos : This is some real ASMR

Yovani Gramajo : Welcome to the salty spitoon how tough are you?

Nikke DosE : Why dislikes ? Do research Camels have adapted to harsh desert conditions that require them to eat thorny plants. Inside a camel's mouth, small cone-shaped protrusions called papillae guide the animal's chew. The key is to avoiding being poked by the spines. Camels pivot their chew and slide the needles vertically down their throats.

ASPIRANTES PLANTELES MILITARES SEDENA : Soy el comentario en español que buscabas

Quaglium Quagnarr : Another ASMR genre is born

kenneth perez : thatsa spikey meataball

_TPO _ : *Cactus develops a complex system from being eaten* Camel: Mmmmm this is delicious! Cactus: Excuse me, but Seriously!?!?!?!?!

yousef ibrahim : قال الله تعالى"أفلا ينظرون إلى الإبل كيف خلقت".

the holy light 1 : Legend has it that canels are mightier than human

Tight_As_Bark : Camels really just don’t give a shit. They spit on anything they don’t like and eat a plant evolved to be untouchable by everything.

Deg. Khalil : ""أفلا ينظرون الى الإبل كيف خلقت""

April snow : How is he not hurting himself

Kaiju Fan 2000 : Someone tell me why this was in my reccommended in 2019

Defaulty Boy : Y is this in my recommended

Palmtop Tiger : The inside of a camel’s mouth is lined with raised, cone-shaped structures called papillae. Papillae in camels partially consist of keratin, the same hard material that your fingernails are made of. The camel’s rotating chew distributes pressure from the cactus and the papillae slide the needles vertically down the throat. Source: Nat Geo

Mr Logical : *This video was VERY DIFFICULT TO MASTERBATE TO.*

SirRowlet 2 : C R O N C H

agustin_the_tryhard_ 16 : I can feel the sting when the camel eats it

Javier Charlier : Finally found a video before Daily Dose of Internet did

MR. ATTAR : dialy dose any one ?

Retarded Mario : Now this... This is REAL asmr....

λεονιδα κ. : 7000+ people didn't get the fact that these needles are harmless for our desertboi Why the heck would somebody let him eat these otherwise?(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

binladasso action : As feministas dirão que ele é um camelo opressor ,machista,oportunista,dentista,espinhista,taxista!

jamie zubia : Eh, can’t be worst than eating my wife’s cooking

Somali pirate who's actually somali : When the food is disgusting but you're still hungry. Lol

Crackerz GD : I guess they don’t really need toothpicks.

J-Sant : Camel: How tuff am I? How tuff am I? I once ate a bowl of cacti for breakfast! Tough Guy: yeah so. Camel: Without even MILK! Tough Guy in Fear: Go right ahead, sorry to keep you waiting!


Ric Cong : No sean pendejos ! Los Camellos pueden comer cosas espinosas sin ningún daño a su salud , ustedes que creen que comen los camellos en los desiertos de Emiratos árabes, Qatar, Arabia saudita y Egipto, lechugas ? :V frutos exóticos? Jajaj

Justin Y. : When it's three a.m. and don't care what you're eating

I have a small Peepee, but : Why are there so many recent comments

Wolf Haley : This is just painful to watch

Lil Lily Lay : That camel was so excited to eat that cactus that he moved the hole fricking fence!

Gata 1 : They make it sound delicious