Camels vs. Cactus!!! جمل
Camels eating cactuses which have 6 inch needles

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Tino Z : When your mom say no to McDonald’s because there’s cactus at the house

lol moq : Lol people in the comments saying "this is cruel to feed it that" these camels are adapted to eating that, they would eat cactus even if they were in the wild because they were adapted to it

_Hamad_ _almzial_ : Cactus: *am i a joke to you*

Sand Bag : Cactus: I have thorns so nobody can eat me Camel: Cactus: Wait. That's illegal.

Blazingwolf : *Welcome to the salty spatoons how tuff are ya?* This:

AugustDiplodocus : Cactus: *Puts spike so no one can eat it* Camels: *Eat* Cactus: Am i a joke to you

Ven Quellian : Cactus : puts spines to not be eaten. Camel : Eats. Cactus : AM I A JOKE TO YOU

Bob Joe : How it feels to eat Doritos.

Carson Tyson : Camel eating cactus ASMR

Faces Faces : Reg: Welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya? Camel:

CO2 INSANITY : 🐟welcome to the salty spitoon. how tough are ya? 🐫 how tough am I? how tough am I?! I had a bowl of cactuses for breakfast this morning.🐟 yea so .🐫without any milk... 🐟 right this way!

Doggo Luz : Cactus: “Imma evolve spikes so I dot get eaten!” Camel: *Hold my beer*

jimmy rustle : Welcome to the salty spitoon how tough are ya? *sees camel* Right this way!

Gordo trolo : i though i was watching some camels eating cactus.. not an ASMR video.

Adam Owens : WITHOUT ANY MILK?!??!

*Franbulous * : The next level of ASMR

KingJacobElijah hajilEbocaJgniK : *Gordon Ramsay: IT'S RAW!!!*

Boo Rhyne : Cacti: *Makes spines for protection* Camel: *Eats cacti anyway* Cacti: E X C U S E M E W H A T T H E F U C K

Angga Rizki : cactus : have spines so don't get eaten camel : eats cactus cactus : am i a joke to you?

Adrian : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Shark Blast : The title should be called “CAMEL ASMR”

sikekills : okay we get it ur a tough guy lol

ABO Khalid : *أفلا ينظرون إلى الإبل كيف خلقت*

Meme Machine : I am the English comment you're looking for.

Hyst : now this is real ASMR

Aaron Siegel : Why does this make me wanna eat cactus

euqsaD : Cactus: growes spikes to not be eaten Camel: eats cactus Cactus: *am I joke to you?*

Lol Coool : I felt the pain even tho the camel didnt feel any pain.

Wolf Haley : This is just painful to watch

Dave C : Congratulations, this is the most badass salad eating I've ever seen.

DIO : This is how i look when I'm eating pizza rolls that are too hot but I won't wait for them to cool down.

Washmi Wijeratne : It kinda looks tasty What in the hell is wrong with me

Majin Mist : Wish my gums were that strong...

Grammar Police : Them lips though...

gkarjala : Camels make Honeybadger look like a worry wart

Jassy G : The camel doing some asmr

Fabs Anim Tv : I don't know why this is so satisfacing

S : I know it’s normal for camel to eat cactus, but... ouch...

A-A Rahman : This should be titled to camel ASMR eating cactus

Huss Otters : There is something wrong with your horse.

Rikasi Ryujin : poor cacti try to hard to survive, evolved so much and they still getting munched on

القناص القاتل : أفلا ينضرون الي الإبل كيف خلقت

FireVortex720 : Needs a bit more zoom...

Caleb Hansberry : what the hell camel bro

day one sound : When a Dorito chip stabs the roof of your mouth.

Life with happiness#### And Fun : Look at it. It's enjoying

JustDontGiveAFuck : So Us eating hot chips is to camo's eating cactus. Except the burn is from the thorns. Got it

プッシーゴスキラー : Cactus: I have no predators except for stupid humans Camel : Hold my beer

Phoenix Mario : The way they eat it, makes me crave for cactuses But then I realise the output of putting a cactus in my mouth...