Camels vs. Cactus!!! جمل

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chahalele : y tho

Somali pirate who's actually somali : When the food is disgusting but you're still hungry. Lol

Palmtop Tiger : The inside of a camel’s mouth is lined with raised, cone-shaped structures called papillae. Papillae in camels partially consist of keratin, the same hard material that your fingernails are made of. The camel’s rotating chew distributes pressure from the cactus and the papillae slide the needles vertically down the throat. Source: Nat Geo

Gaming Duniya : Camel eating cactus like chips

o Bloom : Ouch 🐫😭😖

Mark Thomas Charnick : When are they going to fix this camel glitch?! Getting sick of all the cheaters eating cactus to get their HP up when its not possible to eat it!!

Payam yazdi : the most efficient vehicle in history of mankind.

jamil al-rubaye : for all the ppl who say's poor camel. the camel live in the desert, so cactus is a normal food for him. If it were dangers he won't eat them.

Amv saga : I'm not even going to scroll down 🤦🏿‍♂️ I already know there's going to be that one person that says "I'm reporting this video this is animal cruelty"☹️🤦🏿‍♂️

Mike Harris : Guess what day it is! Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, what day is it?

Pablo E : I wish there was a British Narrator telling me why he’s able to eat these like he’s eating chips.

Quaglium Quagnarr : Another ASMR genre is born

ejones9924 : Reminds me of my ex wife 😑

Nexarium [DA] : i know that justin y is gonna comment on this


Tanbeast123 Hit me up on fortnite : Camel trying out ASMR.

Tiger H. Lore : Imagine your dump the next day.

nisr 77msr : لا اله الا الله سبحانك ياربى ما اعظمك

Glenn Rhee : That's a strange looking dog

hocine maz : سبحان الله العظيم بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم افلا ينظرون الى الابل كيف خلقت صدق الله العظيم

Do Bo : Good fiber. Clean you right out

Kaitlin Kal Lee : My mouth is in pain just watching this ....

Mecha Dora ra ra : Camels are metal af

I Samoe I : Loved the ASMR, fell right asleep

Selena Briggs : When you put hot food in your mouth and don't want to spit it out.

BUT TRU : Dat mans an ass eating machine

Lexiaa Forever : The Crunching Sounds Like He’s Eating A Bag Of Chips 😂 Those Must Have Been Kettle Cooked❗️

Fortnitedude : Just by looking at this makes my mouth hurt.

Angel Jaimes : This is somehow satisfing

Eric Ball : No no no no no no i just no i no no no i cant no i just can’t do it.

Aria Winston : This just reminded me of when my mom makes something so disgusting but then I remember I have unapproved plans 😂

Philadelphia Daddy : camel 🐪 wins

Spacecoockie miles : Eating a cactus looks so appealing now......

samantha Garcia : Who eles cringed watching this

Joseth Felix Torres : it's more like Camels vs. Cactus!!! الجمل مقابل الصبار but I'm not Arabic but I'm Puerto Rican Italian :)

Lala Manaka : Camel asmr should be a thing 😂

TheLowGamer666 666 : This is asmr lol

ainsley harriot : Asmr

honey bear : A satisfying video.

Loveable galaxy potato : Why you do this

Tight_As_Bark : Camels really just don’t give a shit. They spit on anything they don’t like and eat a plant evolved to be untouchable by everything.

Red_lion45 65 : Ahh I can just think about it😫

Joseph Gallagher : They just might have a chance against my mother-in-law’s meatloaf.

Will Nyx : Best ASMR

skygang dogs are cute : WHOULD u eat cati or dirt I go with dirt like and comment

Adam Owens : WITHOUT ANY MILK?!??!

Keshaire!!! : My mouth hurts just warching this

Reese Harrison : Ummm.....Does it hurt?

feint Cantu : Is this torture?

Mildred Tyler : 😛💋❤️💗😝😟🤩