Harry Potter VS Star Wars

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jacksfilms : So damn good.

TrueBlue170 : I lost it at "GANDAAAAALF!"

Matthew Mason : "Harry? Your father says you fight like a p*ssy Harry" that gets me everytime



SpaceHamster : LOL, lost it at Gandaaaalf!

Ryan Girard : A jedi doesn't throw a lightsaber.

sachin amarath : star wars always wins

Forsake : I will settle this quick. Jedi can block lazers, meaning they can move really, really fucking quickly. It doesn't show this in the movies because that would look really, really ridiculous. If a jedi fought a wizard from harry potter, the jedi could simply leap foward and slice him inhalf before the wizard could get a single word out. I imagine it going something like this, since everyone is saying "Avada Kadavra". A! Jedi leaps forward, slices wizard in half. Game over. Also if you wan't to say the wizard should use avada kadavra, which is a killing curse, we can also assume that the jedi can call on the power of the dark side to oh, idk, crush the wizard instantly with the force. Force chock him, snaping his neck. Say what you want, a jedi would shit on a wizard from harry potter.

Killer Croc : All the dislikes are butt hurt harry potter fans

beatdownboogie : Man, really clever choreography (especially with asymmetrical weapons) and great effects!


Yuugen Razo : harry potter became gandalf suddenly LMAO

Joe Carter : how the fuck does pewdiepie have more subscribers than these?

Daniyal Mansur : Video is not available for me 🤔🤔🤔

From Head To Toe : GANDALF!

Manny : I died at 1:09

Alpha Mitty : Yeah Star Wars always wins

Science Bitch : *STAR WARS*

Whispie : As a fan of both Harry Potter and Star Wars, let me break this down. Let's say that a wizard and a Jedi that have perfectly average abilities fought. I'm not going to say that the wizard would always lose. However, in the vast majority of instances like this, the Jedi would win. Here are some reasons why: The average wizard needs a wand to perform his magical abilities. A Jedi does not rely on any device for his Force abilities. A wand does not serve as a weapon without the magic it performs. A lightsaber can cut through a man like butter. The average wizard is NOT trained in physical combat. The average Jedi IS trained in physical combat. Wizards can easily be caught by surprise. Jedi have a sense about things and are mentally prepared for anything that might come their way. I'm sure there are many more reasons, but I think that those four things are enough to prove that Jedi are far superior to wizards when it comes to battle. Keep in mind that Jedi train their whole lives for battle against anything and everything that might come their way. Wizards spend only a portion of their time learning how to defend themselves against the dark arts, and not much else. The average wizard is a career minded being, not a warrior. Edit: People keep bringing up the following things. Let me explain why they are not strong arguments. Wandless Magic: This magic is too volatile. It can only be used effectively by the most powerful of wizards. And even then, I don't believe there is a single instance of a wizard performing anything lethal without a wand, especially not Avada Kedavra. Even Voldemort was highly dependent on his wand. The Killing Curse: Avada Kedavra can be dodged. And Jedi have the premonition to dodge blaster bolts moving at the speed of a bullet. It's not a sure kill. And who's to say that the wizard is even going to get the chance? A Jedi could redirect or even break the wizard's wand with the force. As powerful as wands are, they are not very durable.

Rovenz -Alfs28 : You were the Chosen One!!!! OBI WAN SCENE HAHA LOL ANAKIN OBI WAN THE EMPEROR

Wrench : I wish they were just like imagining things and some guy just walks past and sees them doing weird things

RegularShowEthan : I always knew Star Wars was going to win

Sniperkill3rftw : That's ain't luke that's Anakin you can tell cuz he has the hanging thing on his hair and that's a blue saber.

wrenthereaper : haha omg this was actually really good.

Raf 96 : a simple avada kadavra would change everything

Vinod Kumar : Who knew that harry potter never stood a chance against Star Wars

Luna Dangelis xD : Anakin Skywalker : Darth Vader

Pikachu : Voldemort: "Harry Potter... Is dead, for this day forth... You put your faith, in me!"

Whale Biologist : "What the fuck are you talking about?" Kills me every time.

Epic Steam : At the start when the twin that's not harry


Mesut Is the best : When you realise you're not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts

Guess Who : The Gandalf part killed me

MasterEnex : GANDALF FTW !!

Phyuck Yiu : This is more fighting action than I have seen in 8 Harry Potter movies.

Eggs benedict : I bet 352 thousand likes are people that are star wars fans, and the 9 thousand dislikes are harry Potter fans

Seaside Seanster : who else came back to this vid just to check if the teddy bear was really there?

Abby S. : You guys should do Voldemort vs Darth Vader

Hobbit Fan : Winner = LOTR

YazzaK : I burst into laughter at 'GANDALF!!!'

David Vonderhaar : Harry still lost samuel ;)

Thefilmlegend 27 : Luke used force lightening and Harry used water spell. you r good at physics harry

Tr G : copied by vittorio loffredo

Alexander Bahsas : Why is this video not available!? This is to good!!!

jake simpson : Its gone huh

MannequinStep : We all knew a Jedi would beat a Wizard.

Reece Nijensohn : Steel vs plasma. Who wins? Stupid harry, steel is for kids.

Satan : That got violent fast