Harry Potter VS Star Wars

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jacksfilms : So damn good.

TrueBlue170 : I lost it at "GANDAAAAALF!"

RegularShowEthan : I always knew Star Wars was going to win

Daniyal Mansur : Video is not available for me 🤔🤔🤔

Science Bitch : *STAR WARS*

SpaceHamster : LOL, lost it at Gandaaaalf!


Thefilmlegend 27 : Luke used force lightening and Harry used water spell. you r good at physics harry

Fans De Rachel Tisdale : Anakin Skywalker : Darth Vader

Pikachu : Voldemort: "Harry Potter... Is dead, for this day forth... You put your faith, in me!"

From Head To Toe : GANDALF!

ryan girard : A jedi doesn't throw a lightsaber.

Harry Potter : Muggel 😒

Sniperkill3rftw : That's ain't luke that's Anakin you can tell cuz he has the hanging thing on his hair and that's a blue saber.

Adwitya Ratna : star wars wins

wrenthereaper : haha omg this was actually really good.

MannequinStep : We all knew a Jedi would beat a Wizard.

goldnugget : 9K salty harry potter fans Harry potter fans be like: TRIGGERED or well this spell would blah blah blah Star wars fans : yessss

Seaside Seanster : who else came back to this vid just to check if the teddy bear was really there?

Reece Nijensohn : Steel vs plasma. Who wins? Stupid harry, steel is for kids.

MasterEnex : GANDALF FTW !!

Alexander Bahsas : Why is this video not available!? This is to good!!!

Matt the Backwards One : Jedi wins every time. Just force choke so they can't say their spell mumbo jumbo. Easy.

FUnnyVideos : Expeliarmous there get the light saber

Melon rage foodie : I think harry should have won

Hobbit Fan : Winner = LOTR

Renikan 64 : Exparlliamuis and then avdra kadavra

PERF3CTDUDE : I personally love both franchises. I have to say an average Jedi will more than likely defeat the average wizard. Jedi are naturally going to be the better fighter due to the fact that they are warriors.

The CMooner : say avada kedavra

Tr G : copied by vittorio loffredo

SAVAGE WABBIT : Why didnt he use avada kedavra

jake simpson : Its gone huh

puddels1o1 offical : Why did this get taken down

Vinod Kumar : Who knew that harry potter never stood a chance against Star Wars


FILTHY FaZe : Star Wars FTW

Adyanna May : Go Aussies! You guys are great!

Eggs benedict : I bet 352 thousand likes are people that are star wars fans, and the 9 thousand dislikes are harry Potter fans

Charlie91 : Like si es mejor Harry Potter

Matthew Mason : "Harry? Your father says you fight like a p*ssy Harry" that gets me everytime

Wolfy : Umm i think Harry would win cuz he can just use Expelliarmus and take lightsaber away, or just use Apparate and appear bahind the guy and kill him with Avada Kedavra


Laylah Younes TWD 2004 : Star WarsXD

Abby : You guys should do Voldemort vs Darth Vader

Matt Latessa : well i got into a debate about this with my friend. case closed. i win.

VADER 99 : I may be overthinking this, but he could have used different spells instead of whatever generic attack spell he used. There are literally endless amounts of things you can do to people with magic in Harry Potter. If he had used other spells, he could have made objects attack the other guy, turned him into something else, messed with his head, made fire and lightning roast the dude, made the dude fly into a wall, or just made him a corpse with the killing curse. There’s bound to be a spell that a lightsaber cant block. But still, it’s an awesome fight.

Angel Fernando Gonzalez Sanchez : Why is this video no longer available? :/

Mohammed Rahman : How come its unavailiable

Carol Atuatasi : Their was a little blue bear at 2:40 next to danny

charlie sanchez : WTF are you talking about xD