Harry Potter VS Star Wars

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SpaceHamster : LOL, lost it at Gandaaaalf!

Darth Vader FTW : I agree Star Wars would win Harry Potter I love Harry Potter as much as Star Wars But if it was Darth Vader or emperor Harry would stand no chance

JJfast Games : When Harry Potter crashed into the door I about died of laughter


Daniyal Mansur : Video is not available for me 🤔🤔🤔

jacksfilms : So damn good.

goldnugget : 9K salty harry potter fans Harry potter fans be like: TRIGGERED or well this spell would blah blah blah Star wars fans : yessss

PERF3CTDUDE : I personally love both franchises. I have to say an average Jedi will more than likely defeat the average wizard. Jedi are naturally going to be the better fighter due to the fact that they are warriors.

Tinka Binka : The force is strong with this one

Joshua Chung-Luong : All the dislikes from the vid came from the Harry Potter fans

beatdownboogie : Man, really clever choreography (especially with asymmetrical weapons) and great effects!

Stephen Sangster : GO STAR WARS

Nic Cajero : Im a fan of both but star wars was gonna win with a doubt screwattack did a video of luke vs harry

SanHolo : Star Wars >>>> HP

Gisolu : The Jedi and the force are the best !

From Head To Toe : GANDALF!

Renikan 64 : Exparlliamuis and then avdra kadavra

Seaside Seanster : who else came back to this vid just to check if the teddy bear was really there?

HelpfulVader99 : I may be overthinking this, but he could have used different spells instead of whatever generic attack spell he used. There are literally endless amounts of things you can do to people with magic in Harry Potter. If he had used other spells, he could have made objects attack the other guy, turned him into something else, messed with his head, made fire and lightning roast the dude, made the dude fly into a wall, or just made him a corpse with the killing curse. There’s bound to be a spell that a lightsaber cant block. But still, it’s an awesome fight.

Nuper In Nocte : still better than the last jedi.

Jorn Haagsma : A light saber can't stop magic😂😂

Wolfy : Umm i think Harry would win cuz he can just use Expelliarmus and take lightsaber away, or just use Apparate and appear bahind the guy and kill him with Avada Kedavra

Carolina Torres : I only like Harry Potter

Apple Pie Gamer : I like how the other 2 guys just start singing duel of fates

SirWrender : haha omg this was actually really good.

Reginaldo Rocha : Yes star wars😎


Andrej Gburík : No wait STAR WARS IS BEST

Andrej Gburík : Star wars is better

WINGSPAN TT : I'm so glad Star Wars won. It would've HUGELY unrealistic if Harry someone squeaked out a victory.

chase rossen : confirmed footage of starwars 10

Alexander Bahsas : Why is this video not available!? This is to good!!!

Master King : Harry is win

MysterC_ : You're a wizard, Obi-Wan...

MasterEnex : GANDALF FTW !!

Melon rage foodie : I think harry should have won

Cami 5SOSPotterhead : My dad fandom vs my fandom

hoothootowel : Bear at 2:41

The CMooner : say avada kedavra

medicropper : Make a full length feature. Take it to a film festival in the states. You will become famous.

SAVAGE WABBIT : Why didnt he use avada kedavra

Unsensible Mischief : This hasn't aged a day

Cryomancer Ice : Gandalf, this was so funny😂😂😂😂😂

FUnnyVideos : Expeliarmous there get the light saber

Ann Le {Anneorshine} : The broom scene was the best part!

The meme Slayer : I prefer Harry Potter over Star Wars but I'm not saying that Star Wars is bad though I just prefer Harry Potter



Manpreet Rai : Harry potter can't killed splashily by muggle

Leonardo Gimenez : Harry potter