Why People Believed Hippos Were Related to Whales

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Hippos were once believed to be related to whales. They're both mammals, they both sleep underwater, and they both rise to breathe in their sleep, without waking. From the Series: Aerial Africa: Zambia http://bit.ly/2HEE5K7

Comments from Youtube

Tattle Boad : hippos ARE related to whales

Jeremiah Chilcutt : “Their heads are designed...” Who holds the copyright on Hippos?

Investing Hustler : I also believe some people are related to hippos 🤔

stickloaf : if someone was observing me from a distance they too may assume i could get up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom with out waking

Birdwatching Azerbaijan : Different evidences suggest that they share a common ancestor such as genetic similarities, similarity of bones, specially ankle bone of a hippo and prehistoric walking whales, similar shape of digestive organs despite the fact that whales are carnivores, hippos are herbivores. Here is a cool fact too, hippos are the only mammal which have internal testicels except whales.

Odin Hove : strange choice of title

Darsh : Hippos are related to Rosie odonnel

chris mclaughlin : We all know how hippos lie.

S R : Leave it to the Smithsonian to state the painfully obvious.

STEVE P : An adult Hippo could easily kill a crocodile.

farvision : Of COURSE they are related to whales - all life on earth is related! This video fails to give the proper argument.

Maxmud Xareed : not all people only darwinists

A3Kr0n : I don't know about you, but I still believe they're related.

no privacy : They don't float. They sink to the bottom. They rise to breath without waking. One of these things is not like the other. Please explain the appearant contradiction. How can they rise to the surface when sleeping on the bottom? Did you mean to say that they sleep with their heads down in shallow water and raise their heads to the surface to breathe?

Edward Overkleeft : Evolution bullshit.