India train stunt: Man risks life lying on railway tracks as train speeds over him

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A 24-year-old man captured the death-defying stunt which he lied on a railway track while a train speeds over him on his mobile phone near the Jamalpur district of Bihar in India. The man gets up unhurt, and his intention is not clear. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo:

Comments from Youtube

TOUR& VLOGS : Isme tera ghata humlog ka kch nai jata

Jay Sharma : This is not action this is Chutiyapa 😜😑

Cosmic : he's lucky there was nothing under the train. some trains only have a few inches of clearance under them.

akkash KHILADI : Bastard ..dnt even think about his Mom 😠😠😠

Shadow Oskay bro : if anyone wants to do this (which you really should NOT) I suggest not wearing a T-Shirt, it could get caught on something under the train which can drag you very fast and your whole entire front side (your face, etc) will be nothing but a trail of shredded pieces due to being scraped at high speeds on train tracks

Food4u : If that T shirt catched by any metal under train he will be rosted fried, served to dongs. On the same place. In secounds . He might be an idiot. Crazy looking for being killed. Don't play

Kuldeep Chauhan : Abe lode tere aage piche koy rone wala he ya nahi.

OurCricketTown News : Lucky he didn't have a pee or a shit on his back! 😊😊😊

Pulkit Nigam : next time try to lie down on tracks directly

Dhruv Mazumdar : This man must be awarded with the title of *The Bap of all Chutiyas* . Also be given an honour *Living human with no brain*.

jayu Hindustani : Is se bada bhosdika koi ni hoga sala bc

Soba Saba : Yeah.well india has too many people it doesnt matter if they lose one guy XD

MIKUN PANDEY : Abe tatti nahin giri

How to properly dissect a wooden tablet : You idiot, if that green T shirt caught on any thing under that train, your front side would've been shredded

Akshay Kumar Rajpoot : Someone file FIR against this channel. It's provoking this kind of fatal act.😡

Sa NJ AY : I am sure it happend in India.

renu4s Renuka : First arrest him immediately

Mario Cardona Jimenez : he doesn't love himself, he's really crazy

Hamid Ali : Abe saale chutiye tujhe marne ka jyada shok hai kya...kamine ....

srinu vasu : What did you gain and what use for US

Taiger zn : Beta ghatiya kam mat kar

Ashik Jonathan : Imagine a snake suddenly passes by him

ABISHEK VARUN : DON'T do this again bro please

Chef Rawat Kitchen : This is Very talanted person but why he want to dol like this

sulner : Idiot

jagan kumar padhy : Heart strong

Gacha _Cupcake : What the hell heck no way

Rajesh Shreatha : Is duniya me mahamurkho ki kohi kami nahi

Apti Oskanov : His balls must be bigger than a male lion

G. Confalonieri : India's got talent.

DJ MANOJ : ya to kuch nhe hai ham Jo live dekha HAI Usaka samne

Upasanarani Rani : Please brother esa kabhi bhi life mai dubara mat karna .life bahut Hi anmoal hai .life ki keemat unse pucho Jo jeena chahte hai lekin ghambeer bimariyi k karn jee nahi pate .please fir kabhi mat karna esa

T o m m o r o w M a n : "It is not yet known whether the man was booked for his death-defying act" well, i think the offense is worthy of a yellow card.

Jawed Akhtar : Pagalpan bolo ya, jonoon, lekin bande ki himmat maani pade gi

Zuhara Jowwa : I think his hear got damage😂😂

digamber bandodkar : Plz don't post such videos as it may endanger someone life

dewa khmer : one of indian youtuber hahhaha

dilip solanki : Tere aage piche koi nahi he rone wala nahi he

akash mahesh : sugoi. terminator

usefull video skill : Super action but please do not action if you like your life so know do not this action

Sunil Mallick : 1 nambar Mantel pag la

arlrmr : He survived but before thousands of stupid boys emulate him be warned that surely he has permanent damage to ears. At a minimum, there will be annoying/scary ringing in the ears. Use your brains - God will not be mocked!

bollam krishna : Pichi pulka

old Mohammed : Ise kahte no, 1,.chutiya

bhaskar nayak audio s & videos : Teket thiskunttav

Kra-pse : सड़क की मरम्मत के बाद बाढ़ 30 अक्तूबर 2018

Alok Singh : ASE krna mna hai Jan bhi jaskta hai

*_-ɗوคि -_* : india me hutiya logo ki kami nahi

Jeeshan Mohdllb : Aisay logo ko railway police jaldy hi arrest karegi