India train stunt: Man risks life lying on railway tracks as train speeds over him

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Click Sun : Indian youths face a very dark future with no prospect of employment and many of them committed suicide. I think this Indian is trying to do te same while at the same time to show off

sulner : Idiot

Ryan McDowell : All that for 74 views..... 😓

arlrmr : He survived but before thousands of stupid boys emulate him be warned that surely he has permanent damage to ears. At a minimum, there will be annoying/scary ringing in the ears. Use your brains - God will not be mocked!

Trico Cosmic : he's lucky there was nothing under the train. some trains only have a few inches of clearance under them.

Randy Hartono : Don't worry, one dumber less don't hurt anybody.

invincible will : #amazing

Indian Honcho Child Rapist - : Thanks everyone for your concerned. We Indians are proud to achieve what you guys aren't capable of doing. This is our claim to fame since technology and infrastructure is something that we aren't capable of achieving. Remember the movie Slumdog India?

Uriah Siner : *Slow day for Chinese media ?. No other news except USA China trade war and Sweden kicking out Chinese tourists?. . Well this should be a distraction.*

Sibin Thomas : Can't say how many members did 1no or 2no in his body

JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees : Hearing loss very soon.

Panamerican Railroad : Do you realize how dangerous is that? At that speed a chain or cable hanging from the train would kill him.