Would You Eat 127-Day-Old Steak Aged in Whiskey? — The Meat Show

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What goes better with aged beef than whiskey? This week on The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares is joined by Consumed’s Kat Odell at The Beatrice Inn, a chophouse in New York’s West Village. The pair sample some of chef Angie Mar’s 160 day-old steak that has been aged in Jack Daniel’s — for all of the flavor but none of the bite of the booze. Watch the video above for their taste-test reactions. Follow Nick Solares on Instagram: @nicksolares For more episodes of The Meat Show, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUeEVLHfB5-SXVvGyBE_sAXRuO5t2wape — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives across the country. With features, explainers, animations, recipes, and more — it’s the most indulgent food content around. So get hungry. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now! http://goo.gl/hGwtF0 Our Video Crew: https://www.eater.com/pages/masthead-video

Comments from Youtube

Nguyen Duong : When the inspector is at the front door and you gotta improvise real quick.

Mike Custer : *gags piece of meat down*.... "that tastes like magic"

Paris Z : mmm yes I also experience this gamey but deep flavor when I eat a 5 day old mcdonalds chicken nugget.The extra mold really ties in with the unique barbeque sauce mmm yeessss.Its such a sophisticated flavor that the poor will never experience.

B E R N A R D : Im gonna dry age steak in cannabis oil

Nelson Nyoro : I can't stand pretentious people... In the best possible way.

Rob Lucas : Him: 'You can smell that, pure mold' Her: 'In the best possible way' Me: 🤨 'GTFO'

8 and Sk8 : I bet that steak tastes like a moldy sack of squirrel nuts

josh j : everytime the blondie tries to compliment the food she looks like she's about to throw up mid sentence

Whack bag : If you think that's good i got a "dry aged" racoon out back I'll sell you... He's a little moldy but in the best possible way.

Versaucey : "So.. How does it taste like?" Meat.

Tyrant : Its gamey but much deeper in flavor. That description literally describes nothing.

skankhunt42 skankhunt42 : Hipster bs. Another failed attempt to feel like fancy douche bags.

GrungeRockGod : thats going to be a no from me dog

jdlang 831 : How can something stink of mould ‘in the best possible way’? I’m going to go make more accounts just so I can dislike these pretentious twats multiple times

Matxe9212 : "I mean you can smell that pure mold" Don't know how appetizing that sounds...

Lukman Rehman : Why Send These Nutcases When You Can Send Gordon Ramsay To Try The Steak? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ford Shaw : Reminds me of those Brontosaurus steaks Wilma from THE FLINTSTONES cooked.

North Eastern Roberts : How of you thought it's was 127 years?

Sameone : Why use such an inferior and poor quality whiskey for such a specialised product?? Go Scottish or go home.

MrCrazy0ne : i read quickly and saw 127 YEARS old..

António Roque : Calling Jack Daniels Whiskey, now that's pretentious..

Stamatis Pandis : "Professional Carnivore"

Kashoot Me : For some reason i thought is said 127 year old, I clicked on this to see some get stomach cancer

Fallen Seraph : You need to drink Jack Daniels with it to kill the E. coli 🤢

AR15 : The host is very likeable. I like to punch him without any good reason.

Iamzombiehunter : " Sweet , funky rotten aroma"... Mmmm like digging up a corpse and throwing it on the grill. "It is not a scent you get that often".... hahahaha

Rex allen : The three steps involved in judging food. 1. A lot of head nodding preferably up and down. 2. Name all the spices in your cabinet. 3. Compare it to liquor somehow.

Izzat Bustamam : Gordon Ramsey: The chicken is moldy you pollock. No, it's just dry age lel

WeLoveGoProHD : im left confused everytime the girl describes the meat, then the guy explains it and im like ahh okay..

1982LHERNANDEZ : 2:55 you can smell that, it’s pure mold 🤢🤮

Hai Cang : "it's very fibrous, but also it is very tender, and because of the dry aging process, it just gets it.. with those... funky...hmm. hmhmm -nick solares

Jason Bourne : I have actually tried aged steak like this aged with whiskey for about 100 days. It smells like a wet sock worn by a football player for 100 games straight without washing. It was extremely tough and tasted like water that's been in a moldy plastic water bottle.

AURORA Chan : "Steak that change my life " Damn

ALL AROUND AMAZING : Videos like this make me wonder how anyone could actually BE vegan!?

Robin Lundqvist : mm yes I love the scent of moldy farts this has very extravagant

St.Calms CBD oil : Rotten meat....

stephen nano : oh, man. this comment section is gonna be hilarious

ANIME OTAKU : _i don't hear delicious_

Labba : This is a technique that i picked up by a butcher in France. yada yada yada, sounds all fancy, i just googled it, but i like the cover-up story, makes it possible to charge more for the thing. #business

Steven Holladay : Every time I eat aged (half rotten) beef - strap me to a toilet for the next three days.

BugzBizarre : Nothing like eating some delicious ass mold on meat!!!

ThiRiel : Too much pretentiousness here

Jim Thedude : 3:03 thats what she said

Kharon : Bet my meat tastes better

Biblical Sponge bob : EAT WHISKEY DRINK FOOD

Carr Rexx : Looks like a bloody car wreck. Presentation Fail. 😨🚨

Adrian CHO : almost thought this was gonna be the one episode she doesnt say "umami"

Dan Josef : she can have my 28 year dry aged meat, ladies...

Jah Chev : The meat looks raw... Don't tell me about juicy or rear.