Would You Eat 127-Day-Old Steak Aged in Whiskey? — The Meat Show

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Rick Dodson : I can't trust the judgement of a steak from a woman wearing a rainbow macaroni necklace.

8 and Sk8 : I bet that steak tastes like a moldy sack of squirrel nuts

Michelle Mu : Amino acids don't "form" when flesh is decaying. Amino acids compose proteins/polypeptides and thus the degradation of proteins involves the breakdown of a protein's quaternary and tertiary structure leaving the amino acids as a result. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people outside of science try to look smart on TV by explaining these kinds of metabolic processes when they're actually wrong, and, to make it even worse, spread the false information to the public. If you want to mention these sorts of topics, make sure to do your research or consult a friend in the relevant field first.

Strüdle : MmmmMmmm nothing like a steak that tastes like blue cheese and vanilla

josh j : everytime the blondie tries to compliment the food she looks like she's about to throw up mid sentence

Izzat Bustamam : Gordon Ramsey: The chicken is moldy you pollock. No, it's just dry age lel

Sameone : Why use such an inferior and poor quality whiskey for such a specialised product?? Go Scottish or go home.

ツSyd : You can tell they didn't like that zombie smelling piece of meat lol

John : This dish costs $900 according to Eater. The restaurant also got 1/5 stars

Jason Faulkner : ..wow the look on their faces when they try this hipster meat is priceless, they SAY..'oh.. umm..you can smell the mold..right in your face..pure funk' .. and you can tell they are THINKING "umm yeah it's expensive it has whisky umm.. I'm supposed to like this.right?..um ok..it's good it's good..aahhgg" LMFAO

ykt2 : The owner's face looked like it was dry aged in whiskey..

Mike Custer : *gags piece of meat down*.... "that tastes like magic"

drgibs347 : I'm sorry but eating moldy meat/rendering down mold covered fat is the most moronic that any human can do. Mold contains chemicals that can be harmful to us. I swear the human race is getting dumber at an alarming rate.

B E R N A R D D U N G C A : Im gonna dry age steak in cannabis oil

Malik Jamshed : There was time when people,s used to say that what ever you eat just eat fresh but this video is other way around and now people,s have very old food but mouldy food as well and they are enjoying it.

Mark Goodair : God this is pretentious.

settawut leenavong : next episode on medium rare mummies!

lopez l : How of you thought it's was 127 years?

GrungeRockGod : thats going to be a no from me dog

Tyrant : Its gamey but much deeper in flavor. That description literally describes nothing.

ThiRiel : Too much pretentiousness here

freddy fermin : Mold... no thanks

Human above all : JD is the Budweiser of beers. Expensive doesn't mean its good.

Patavinity : I'm dubious that the whiskey makes much difference, but regardless - why Jack Daniel's? JD is piss.

sk8rdad : Just gotta love a girl who eats meat off the bone with her bare hands. All you haters can go pound salt!

Tosh T : FYI, the butcher referenced by Angie Mar is Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec. Really knows his stuff. I'm pretty sure this is a great technique and that steak was delicious. Excellent video. Love Kat and Nick. 👍

MrCrazy0ne : i read quickly and saw 127 YEARS old..

Bruce Goins : Can I just eat the Asian lady

TheWet Noodle : Hell yeah I would eat this

YEETK1NG : This is beyond me 🙅🏽‍♂️

Mike Semore : This video would have been better if that blonde didn't talk. Unsubbed

Baba Buoy : This channel is so full of itself

Kostas1601 : What meat eater would say no to this question? That’s a stupid question.

DANTE BELGIAN MALINOIS : Game-ie flavor..... yea ill pass on that

southrichmondmallz : Damn that looks good

XdarkmutantX : No disrespect, but something's off with that woman's describing ability.

Boshua Borman : Can you imagine working there and somebody orders one well done...

Jdor D : Excellent informative vid..."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

Oath Garde : in third world countries, rotten meat is only eaten by the poor. In first world countries, it's renamed as aged meat and only eaten by the rich.

dannyb20 vtec : Blonde chick is so ridiculous!

LiNingAir : "Such a powerful aroma, in the best possible way" LOL, yeah. Stop showing Kat Odell, she's not the type of person you want to see to be reviewing food. Maybe she can review Starbucks frappuccino. Maybe.

WeLoveGoProHD : im left confused everytime the girl describes the meat, then the guy explains it and im like ahh okay..

D Linderman : Whiskey aged by someone who clearly knows nothing about whiskey. Such a waste

Adrianlog Kashito : Well guys what do you think is it GROSS or DELICIOUS


mrchanandlerbong : Glutamate isn't a component of an amino acid... it is an amino acid.

unwrapping by mimi koteng : The owner is much delicious than the steak itself.

Ricky Jared Rankin : Yes

efners : Rum ham is still better

AutoSherlock : Its Raaaaaaaaaaaw