Would You Eat 127-Day-Old Steak Aged in Whiskey? — The Meat Show

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Versaucey : "So.. How does it taste like?" Meat.

Paris Z : mmm yes I also experience this gamey but deep flavor when I eat a 5 day old mcdonalds chicken nugget.The extra mold really ties in with the unique barbeque sauce mmm yeessss.Its such a sophisticated flavor that the poor will never experience.

Nguyen Duong : When the inspector is at the front door and you gotta improvise real quick.

WuzNab : Ever eaten an Egyptian mummy?

Mike Custer : *gags piece of meat down*.... "that tastes like magic"

Nelson Nyoro : I can't stand pretentious people... In the best possible way.

8 and Sk8 : I bet that steak tastes like a moldy sack of squirrel nuts

B E R N A R D : Im gonna dry age steak in cannabis oil

Rob Lucas : Him: 'You can smell that, pure mold' Her: 'In the best possible way' Me: 🤨 'GTFO'

josh j : everytime the blondie tries to compliment the food she looks like she's about to throw up mid sentence

Jamie Lang : How can something stink of mould ‘in the best possible way’? I’m going to go make more accounts just so I can dislike these pretentious twats multiple times

Fresh Coconut : “Yeah there’s this funky, blue cheesey flavor with a feral vanilla-ey flavor going on..” This dude is really pretentious

khoa1708 : people shouldn't comment until they have actually eaten aged steak... try it first before making an opinion...

Tyrant : Its gamey but much deeper in flavor. That description literally describes nothing.

Kemit D'frog : Hipster bs. Another failed attempt to feel like fancy douche bags.

Sameone : Why use such an inferior and poor quality whiskey for such a specialised product?? Go Scottish or go home.

Whack bag : If you think that's good i got a "dry aged" racoon out back I'll sell you... He's a little moldy but in the best possible way.

Matxe9212 : "I mean you can smell that pure mold" Don't know how appetizing that sounds...

GrungeRockGod : thats going to be a no from me dog

Deepairdiver : Rotten meat....

Lukman Rehman : Why Send These Nutcases When You Can Send Gordon Ramsay To Try The Steak? 🤦🏽‍♂️

hippie hades : For some reason i thought is said 127 year old, I clicked on this to see some get stomach cancer

António Roque : Calling Jack Daniels Whiskey, now that's pretentious..

Dan Josef : she can have my 28 year dry aged meat, ladies...

Oath Garde : in third world countries, rotten meat is only eaten by the poor. In first world countries, it's renamed as aged meat and only eaten by the rich.

Stamatis Pandis : "Professional Carnivore"

MrCrazy0ne : i read quickly and saw 127 YEARS old..

drgibs347 : I'm sorry but eating moldy meat/rendering down mold covered fat is the most moronic that any human can do. Mold contains chemicals that can be harmful to us. I swear the human race is getting dumber at an alarming rate.

North Eastern Roberts : How of you thought it's was 127 years?

off grid Phyllis mathison : I bet she was a vegan and turned meat eater because of the money she makes

Ford Shaw : Reminds me of those Brontosaurus steaks Wilma from THE FLINTSTONES cooked.

javier sebastian : Awesome , i love meat , i would like to be sharing with you guys, the best.

Iamzombiehunter : " Sweet , funky rotten aroma"... Mmmm like digging up a corpse and throwing it on the grill. "It is not a scent you get that often".... hahahaha

Rick Dodson : I can't trust the judgement of a steak from a woman wearing a rainbow macaroni necklace.

rye galuz : _i don't hear delicious_

Patavinity : I'm dubious that the whiskey makes much difference, but regardless - why Jack Daniel's? JD is piss.

Bloofa : Props for her by mentioning where she got the original method from. Many others often says it’s their own original idea or whatever, not just in food industry, in many different industries/business too

Kharon : Bet my meat tastes better

ツSyd : You can tell they didn't like that zombie smelling piece of meat lol

Fallen Seraph : You need to drink Jack Daniels with it to kill the E. coli 🤢

Robin Lundqvist : mm yes I love the scent of moldy farts this has very extravagant

Erik Sanchez : lol guys......before we had refrigerators they had to preserve meat by aging it.

Jarid Gaming : How much does that cost?

WeLoveGoProHD : im left confused everytime the girl describes the meat, then the guy explains it and im like ahh okay..

PΔT : Looking very *crisp* and *fresh* .

Boshua Borman : Can you imagine working there and somebody orders one well done...

Malik Jamshed : There was time when people,s used to say that what ever you eat just eat fresh but this video is other way around and now people,s have very old food but mouldy food as well and they are enjoying it.

Tosh T : FYI, the butcher referenced by Angie Mar is Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec. Really knows his stuff. I'm pretty sure this is a great technique and that steak was delicious. Excellent video. Love Kat and Nick. 👍

dujfraz : The "valley girl" accent reached all the way across the country, I see.

ALL AROUND AMAZING : Videos like this make me wonder how anyone could actually BE vegan!?