6'10" - 270lbs Challenges Rener AND T-city! (Explicit Language)

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forrestang : That guy looked like he had 'some' experience too. Didn't seem all too unfamiliar w/what's going on. The understanding of basics even from those with little-to-no training has changed over the years hunh?

Austin Hager : last weekend a fight broke out and instead of pulling out my camera and yelling worldstar like I would have I broke up the fight because these videos. thanks

Tdot Dumpling : UFC 1 all over

hard target : Ballator has signed him for LW title debut

GracieBreakdown : Super cool kid. If he learns jiu-jitsu, we're all in trouble. Let's hope he sticks to basketball. 😂

Ruben Quezada : i really need to get on this shallow darce game!

Joel Reisig : 16??? Dude looks athletic too. He could probably pick a sport, train a few years, and go pro.

Ali Ds : God I would love to train with you guys , but i live in morocco :/

chadon legran : what if he start throwing blows?

Jesus Melendez : Thanks guys that was pretty awesome to watch

nmr20067 : Very impressive. But Rener's a big guy himself. Isn't Rener between 6'1 and 6'4? Either way that was a big ass kid!

JaMarr John Johnson : His disbelief of how quick his life could have ended was spine tingling.

Thai Tran : How many years has he been 16 for? Wtf he looks 21 or even 24even He will probs look like that till his in his mid 20s


Ben Harris : I'm in the inland empire. can't wait for the day to come visit and somday train with you guys.

hornetluca : He is lucky for having that body

Boshen Gao : no triangle on strong guys... they can pick you up and slam you. so eat more and become heavy and difficult to pick up😁

Axel Bruder : his reaction when rener taps him it's priceless

Ruben Quezada : im always said it. we're the same height on the ground

Chris Mik's World : I SO badly wish I could get the Gracie combative's DVD's I just can't afford them I watched the first Lessons on youtube and practiced with my sister it was Major I mean DANG we have never bonded more.

t 1000 : We all know how that triangle would have ended on the street.... but still a cool video showing the power of jiu jitsu

Themayseffect : Though i do have to say Rener cheated with the starting move lol :). We see what you did there.

x Redtina x : What if he is throwing strikes while in guard while posturing up? How do you defend against it?

catoomch : If he knew how to put on a guillotine you would be finished. Someone even slightly better than him would have got the tap.

TK101Warhammer : Rener, i thought you said every 10 lbs equals to a belt and every 5 years equals to a belt. he didnt look like he was a black belt lol

Johansen1000 : love seeing tall people with big Egos get taken down town for a reality check

Mythoillogical : Nephilim giant

320speed : He tried it with Brian?? Does he even know who Brian Ortega is?

Fester MP : 5' 3" and i had to roll, for the first time, against a (idk everyone looks 6 ft to me) much bigger guy today, it was exausting. I threw up all over the hallway.

Marteen Projects : What's really scary is when there's 6'10 270 pound black belts

Drew Drewski : I like he obviously had an attitude but still kept it playful and was open to the experience! Keep him in the keyway, I don't ever want to have to deal with that at some stage own the track... ;-)

COREofUFC avv : rener do a sparring match with ryron it will be a good match to watch

CR7NEYMAR : 16??????????? WTF

tod phi : Rener is that nice and polite beast

Nick Niehaus : That was awesome!

Melendr3z : Would love to know if this kid pursued BJJ. Such amazing potential.

Jonathan Thomas : dang

Neil Cognito : Kid is enormous for 16, not only his height but the amount of muscle for a 16 year old is incredible. Kid has a massive frame.

I EAT PIZZA : favorite channel

IDIOM TALENT : omg, that is priceless. I love the 'WTF'...

Stephan Kilim : >never trained a day in his life >already sets up a guillotine Riiiiiiight

The Engineer : Can GJJ do something about a giant like this while standing up?

RobinMcBeth : How do you feed your kid to bring it to 6'10" and 270 pounds at SIXTEEN?! We all know what Chris Rock would say about that.

dallas texas : 6'10??? Then how tall is rener then??

Synchronizer07 : Hi, do you only break-down sparring sessions/past competitions which you win?

ruin3r : That kid is just a steroid lab experiment, literally bred to be an athlete.

isaac alzate : I hit puberty at 12 and I've been the same 6 foot tall person I am at 14 I'm 17 and only grown about half an inch since middle school that was the biggest ducking teenager I have ever seen

Scouserrrr08 : Credit to my man for getting on the mat. More people should do BJJ. It works, period.

Lucksury : 23 seconds and the giant was sleeping. Unreal

Caleb John : EHHHHHHHHHEEEEE It's okay, I know I'm weird. My favorite throw is the drop seo nage :)