6'10" - 270lbs Challenges Rener AND T-city! (Explicit Language)

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GracieBreakdown : Super cool kid. If he learns jiu-jitsu, we're all in trouble. Let's hope he sticks to basketball. 😂

JaMarr John Johnson : His disbelief of how quick his life could have ended was spine tingling.

word of the day: : UFC 1 all over

Marteen Projects : What's really scary is when there's 6'10 270 pound black belts

Joel Reisig : 16??? Dude looks athletic too. He could probably pick a sport, train a few years, and go pro.

Austin Hager : last weekend a fight broke out and instead of pulling out my camera and yelling worldstar like I would have I broke up the fight because these videos. thanks

forrestang : That guy looked like he had 'some' experience too. Didn't seem all too unfamiliar w/what's going on. The understanding of basics even from those with little-to-no training has changed over the years hunh?

hard target : Ballator has signed him for LW title debut

Fester MP : 5' 3" and i had to roll, for the first time, against a (idk everyone looks 6 ft to me) much bigger guy today, it was exausting. I threw up all over the hallway.

juggalocpirate : "For the choke there are no tough guys everyone goes to sleep" - Helio Gracie

Ruben Quezada : im always said it. we're the same height on the ground

Thai Tran : How many years has he been 16 for? Wtf he looks 21 or even 24even He will probs look like that till his in his mid 20s

Ruben Quezada : i really need to get on this shallow darce game!

American Tabby : Long story short: learn BJJ to defend against 200 pound 16 year old basketball players.

320speed : He tried it with Brian?? Does he even know who Brian Ortega is?

nmr20067 : Very impressive. But Rener's a big guy himself. Isn't Rener between 6'1 and 6'4? Either way that was a big ass kid!

Themayseffect : Though i do have to say Rener cheated with the starting move lol :). We see what you did there.

Drew Drewski : I like he obviously had an attitude but still kept it playful and was open to the experience! Keep him in the keyway, I don't ever want to have to deal with that at some stage own the track... ;-)

Boshen Gao : no triangle on strong guys... they can pick you up and slam you. so eat more and become heavy and difficult to pick up😁

Ali damoulay : God I would love to train with you guys , but i live in morocco :/


Tom Swift : Doe all BJJ clubs teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu?

hornetluca : He is lucky for having that body

Alex Santana : Being that tall has its advantages and disadvantages there’s a reason why a lot of basketball players get bad injuries from just landing after a jump shot or running or blocking because if there’s to much force on one side then can snap quick but also their really dangerous if they condition their body’s right but lucky there’s not a whole a lot that do that but again who would take that chance against someone that size

ruin3r : any time they have a teen who is that big, you know some coach is feeding him steroids

TK101Warhammer : Rener, i thought you said every 10 lbs equals to a belt and every 5 years equals to a belt. he didnt look like he was a black belt lol

chadon legran : what if he start throwing blows?

Jesus Melendez : Thanks guys that was pretty awesome to watch

Axel Bruder : his reaction when rener taps him it's priceless

Chris Mik's World : I SO badly wish I could get the Gracie combative's DVD's I just can't afford them I watched the first Lessons on youtube and practiced with my sister it was Major I mean DANG we have never bonded more.

/2ipper gaming : I'm in the inland empire. can't wait for the day to come visit and somday train with you guys.

COREofUFC : rener do a sparring match with ryron it will be a good match to watch

Leaf : love seeing tall people with big Egos get taken down town for a reality check

CR7NEYMAR : 16??????????? WTF

A P S K : What if he is throwing strikes while in guard while posturing up? How do you defend against it?

t 1000 : We all know how that triangle would have ended on the street.... but still a cool video showing the power of jiu jitsu

catoomch : If he knew how to put on a guillotine you would be finished. Someone even slightly better than him would have got the tap.

ChessNetwork : Don't be mislead by the video's duration. It only took 23 seconds. :D

Miki Miyazaki : ive boxed on and since i was 12, im 36 and today i went to my 2nd 10th planet jiu jitsu class, today was free roll. I love it!!!!! im 192lbs and my opponent was 165 lbs and i did my first roll (only knowing half guard and lockdown). i was able to muscle out of arm bars, but was choked out like 5 times by the same damn triangle haha! i learned to posture up after the roll. dude kept getting me into guard and i could tell he was trying to do something involving tapping me, so i made the mistake of trying to bury my head in dudes ribs, neck or wherever to stay close and got pwned in the 2 5 min rounds. i love it though!

Michael Brumbach : Only 16? Hope he pursues both endeavours simultaneously! Basketball will eventually wear down the knees and back, yet BJJ can be pursued throughout life. Two different skillsets here and I wish him best of luck. After all, a BBall scholarship/pro career could help lay the financial foundation that might allow him the freedom to chase his ambitions and dreams. おっす! がんばって!!

BMWPower : I love watching these type of videos.With some training in striking,in a street situation,Carl would easily rain down punches with those long arms whilst being held in a closed guard.Carl would definately be awesome opponent with some BJJ training.

Jeison Nascimento : Over 8.000 😂 O Rener deu logo o pescoço pra uma gilhotina, pena que o cara não soube segurar rsrs

Gwarrior314 : Mr Gracie, You are truly awesome in your system. Love the videos....and appreciate your humility. oos

mandag34 : I need this to protect myself against 16 year olds 😂😂😂

Michael James : in a real fight rener can´t fight to save his life. connor would destroy him in seconds

Man Ransom : I was really worried I’d get jumped by a basketball player on the way home tonight. Now I feel safe.

jitsu222 : Huge respect to that kid but he knew he wasn't going to win. I don't care if he was 400lbs. 😂

jitsu222 : Huge respect to that kid but he knew he wasn't going to win. I don't care if he was 400lbs. 😂

Lake Cooper : Love me some T-CITY!!!!!!!! Rener's not too shabby either, lol!! ;)

Arl Luvn : First