ICP interview on the O'Reilly Factor
2001 Bill OReily Interview with Insane Clown Posse

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from back in 2001, Bill O'Reilly interviews Insane Clown Posse


Cen : Violence in a movie. Nobody cares. Violence in music, video games everybody loses their minds.

John Blackshear : "black rappers" wow , why can't they just be rappers ?

Neil Grant : Bills wife can't smile cause he knocked her teeth out

Rhys Peregrine : They were talking to those kids as equals, and I'm sure it was a big boost to the young people's confidence. If American youth is fucked up it's down to deep structural problems that need examination. Of course O Rielly, being a conservative, is going to try and blame rappers. Anything to shift the debate away from the idea of serious change.

Kyle Schneid : "makes some of the black rappers look like shirley temple" i dont think bill knows how racist that actually seems

T0mat0S0up : ICP such an easy target.

David king : go smoke sumthin lol.

hejsantxu : America really takes the cake when it comes to blame problems on musicians

Hugo Stiglitz : I hate their music but these dudes crack me up

Luther Training : I love how he opens with "2 high school dropouts". Your point? I'm not an ICP fan but come on, being a high school dropout doesn't make you a bad person lol, I would be willing to bet the grandparents of at least 50% of the people commenting never finished high school.

MultiJebusChrist : Bill O'Reilly, the only man capable of making me sympathize with ICP...

Chicago KillinEm : "Then he's messed up in the head" Lmaoooo

Cesar Carrillo : "They're not gonna go out and power bomb their sister" let's be real....we all tried to powerbomb our siblings at one point in our lives

luvahadowsdolls : It's funny, if you watch this interview vs. the one Bill did with Marilyn Manson you will notice a severe difference in the intelligence between ICP and MM.

Erik Mickelson : Honestly, I enjoy this band. I thought it was ridiculous at first but the more i listened the more i liked it. It makes people who feel "left out" part of something. I totally think it is a positive movement. Its okay to be weird, a freak, different. When people feel like they are part of something, anything, they won't do stupid shit like kill a bunch of random people.

Jeff Taargus : So the kid is like... well there is some crack at home, I think I will smoke it.

Shawn M. : "makes some of the black rappers look like" lol

Stabsnipers : Personally I don't like ICP, but I know people who have listened to their music for years and now are productive, tax paying members of society.


Entropathocracy69 : I think ICP sucks ass musically but this is an amazing interview.

Eric Barnard : Bill is just a cranky old man

J F Z28 : About crapped myself at 7:15 (with headphones)

subie-ja : i hate ICP but man i hate Bill a billion times more..

Corey Taylor : Why does shaggy 2 dope look like a midget with achondroplasia lol

Michael Cole Bay Bay : Why was this Clown Sighting never talked about?

rustedromeo : O'Reilly really needs to step out of his house and realize how the world outside the gated community works. 14 yr olds aren't hanging out playing board games and watching leave it to beaver. Also is it the responsibility of EVERY musician to be a role model? can't music just be what it is without having to put in some wholesome words to live by? shit lets take nikki minaj and drake and lil jon and dmx and how many other countless rappers and put them under the same microscope and see how they hold up. KMFDM has a song saying kill everything but it isn't like those fans take that to heart and do that. Even as children we knew this was music pure and simple and not a lifestyle to live by. We kept family and friends as being important and doing the right thing from the music and able to leave out the bad. Shit even religious people do that. Do you realize how much poison is in the bible yet can still walk away with the good happens all the time? There is a stronger sense of community in the juggalo family than I have seen in any other band. You might not like their music, big whoop, there is millions of people that will hate what you listen to and hold dear to as well, it doesn't make your taste anymore invalid.  Here is a crazy experiment, they bust on icp about the magnet thing and how do they work, Yet ask someone in detail how magnets actually work and they are clueless. People are missing the point and putting them at a much higher standard then they hold most of the artist they look up to.

Deathvoid : He crosses his legs like a woman.

SunDiegoRockStar : I started listening to ICP in the 90's and grew up in Toledo so they used to promote and come down fairly often. I had all of their LPs and EPs back to Carnival of Carnage,  I also watched them play live with Myzery and Twiztid in 98' I think. I also happen to now live in San Diego,CA, own a home, debt free, am a modest animal rights, economic equality,  and environmental activist, never used any drugs other than alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and marijuana (only for a few years). I also volunteered for homeless youth every week for a year, something many of these "upstanding" adults can't say they have ever done in their lives. So what is my point with all this maybe perceived bragging? If you have good insight, you probably know the answer already. For the rest of you, my point is that ICP, Mortal Kombat, Terminator 2, 2Pac, neighborhood gangs, friends doing lines of coke in front of me; none of that made me an addict, "bad" person, or influenced me negatively in any way. Sure, not everyone has the will power and logic and critical thinking skills as I, but I can't blame the world's problems on these forms of entertainment or say that they corrupt kids. Bad parenting and a poor childhood education is more damaging than any grotesque or violent song, movie, or game. Some of these forms of entertainment can actually help kids and adults both by providing an outlet to release their stress or anger, something to relate to, or to have some fun with. 

Robert Lee : just watched the Marilyn manson interview and you can tell the difference in their intellectual level, icp get a GED.

dankdreamz : Bill has no idea how to raise kids, the courts took them away from him.

Morgan Webb : Why does everyone hate ICP so much

FilthyCasualKai : How long is the vibrator this was recorded on?

David Alkema : lol violent j would ask 12 year old boys about their testicles

Michael Livingston : That's pretty racist's, " they make the black rappers look like Shirley temple"

songsongandsong22 : I don't like ICP but they're honestly smarter than Bill O'Reilly haha

Spongebob Squarepants : o'reilly makes me want to defend ICP

Ness Pyrosa : This is the first time that O'Reilly has interviewed someone who's less intelligent than he is.

C B : the more i learn about these guys the more i like them.

Jaw matt : Like ICP, Twiztid, & Boondox, but wish the fans would turn it down a couple notches.

Superplexmusic : ICP is really insightful. good shit

Self Aware Semi Insane : This guy is wrong as it can get. I wont lie, when I was young, I had family that were juggalos. So at a young age I grew up listening to this music, I also grew up listening to heavy-metal and much other frowned upon music. I never did drugs while listening to these bands, I never showed any racism, predjudice, or anything against anyone. If anything these types of bands taught me to respect other people and be open to all walks of life. They showed me the evils and adult aspects of the world before I had to encounter them on my own, so I was prepared to handle these real life situations with guidance. Nowadays, I listen to tribal music, meditation mixes, orchestra... I enjoy nature... peace... etc... I listen to rap and metal every now and then, because I still find it entertaining. Stupid people do stupid shit because they were always destined to be dumbasses to begin with. The so called influence of music and games are just excuses for people to try to blame something else instead of their own lack of intellegence, self restraint, lack of respect, or parental failings.

Bobby Dillon : "The black rappers" lol Bill O'Reilly kills me

JohnnyZen : "Children at Risk segment" I wonder when he interviewed fast food and pharmaceutical companies?

I bless the gains down in africa : I respect ICP 200% more than I respect Bill goddamn motherfuckin O'reilly.

Thee Adjudicator : The much louder music at the end is lazy editing.

VeRnSquad5611 : O'reilly tryna act like a voice for the people again, when he's an elitists, part of the 1%, stop speaking for the 99

bri o : Kids are a lot smarter then we give them credit for

V8 4eva : Violent Cheeseburger..

TeaBoneXD : i spent my childhood listening to ICP and loved there style of music, even though the rap was a bit out there to say the least lol, but still loved it. and now that i'm older am i in jail or what ever? no i have never once been in jail, you don't get in trouble and break law's because of a song or music video that's just stupid, you cant blame poor life choices on Music or TV Ect.. there music is Explicit but it doesn't make you do bad thing's, i just laughed and it put me in a good mood cuz the Lyrics were Funny. Bill O' Reilly trys to make everything ether Black or White its ether good or its bad no in between and he gets up set and angry when people don't agree with his absurd opinions