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Shaco : I've been here since the channel was called REFORMED LEAGUE STREAMS I remember the cho gath game posted I am a true fkin alpha fkin male I am a true tyler1 fan

Rise Buddy : Legend

Cyanporo : Korea? R-R-R-Rank 1!!! Tyler1 going for the top

Sven hej : 0:00 A toxic player was born

Mauricio Hiure : what a amazing speech, my god

Ricardo Teixeira : Those 12yo kids saying cringe lmao

Shlomo Goldberg Assholestein : #REFORMED


Santii K : i got banned again for the 8 time :) THX TYLER U ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION

Torjus Dalen : 1 month later.... RIP

Michael Kawamura : Too bad you can't get rank 1 in Korea, not because he's banned, but because you need a Korean Social Security Number or at the very least move there with a Visa to play League xd.

MalleClash : He will be the greatest! Wanna see him destroy any LCS or LCK! Let's go TYLER1!!!

Gearking X : meh you all know they banned him because his definitely a top tier player that would set a bad example for new players <3

Ragnarsson : Rip LEGEND.

Captain Jonah : @loltyler1 whats that song bro

Yasun : whats this song ?


MadMikeDisease : Was this an April Fool's stream?

Theoneandonlykeder : Rank 1!

soaponthemoon : More like PPPPrank one

BraveCraftFTW : who else is binge watching tyler1s video's hoping he streams again one day FeelsBadman

Mathew : 0:00 A legend is born

masterblek : I dont know what i would do if tyler1 didnt exist

samzi : throwback

Christopher Banal : I watch this video every time i get banned

Toprak Koç : What's the name of the music? hehe xd

Kata gets resets : He is toxic af, but he entertains like a god.

Enos 9 : you are the best youtuber/streamer

Daisy Johnson : the speech is so good that seems scripted but its not

Udyr4lyf : He talkin bout a Video game or what?

Random guy with a baseball batte : I'm missing the rest of the video with T1 going super saiyan.

owndby Sora : Name of the beat ?!

Hat Dag Cat : Two years, still toxic. Well done, Tyler.

Miguel Castillo : Who came after watching Doms video? Lmao

Ic : This guy is a legend

CaptainKronkers : Can't help but bob my head along with this video.

Ewok : Your head is reformed

DoubleVision : Feb - April 2016 never forget

Fotig : reformed kys hehe xd good ol' old t1

Cliffordeto TheFeeder : song?

eonsamurai : What is the song????

Jean Kule : hehe xd

The 303 Show : hehe xd

Wu Mago : Reformed

The Kraken : So good :c rip tyler ban

Friendly Atheist : hehe xd

Manuel Monteagudo López : Name of the song? Ty :D

Heath :3 : What song is that anyways x3 super kuleys

perngz : tyler1 rank 1 in everyone's heart riot so jelly

Stefan Jeremic : GOD ♥