Star Trips With Joe Rogan – Episode 2 – It's a Ship!
Star Trips With Joe Rogan Episode 2 Its a Ship

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The crew discovers a mysterious spaceship! But is it real? And what can be done about it's unsettling aggressions? A note from the creator: Star Trips is a work of parody using media elements from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and Star Trek: The Animated Series. I am a big fan of both, and no disrespect is intended to anyone whose voice or art I borrow in assembling these videos. All audio is out of context and heavily edited and should not be taken to reflect the reality of what anyone actually said or believes. Youtube has declined to monetize these videos with ads, so if you'd like to support my work, you can join the Patreon crew, or throw a buck into my paypal tip jar: Patreon: Tip Jar: Thanks for watching! This Episode of Star Trips With Joe Rogan stars the voices of: Joe Rogan as Captain Rogan Neil deGrasse Tyson as Science Officer Tyson Joey Diaz as Engineer Diaz Whitney Cummings as Communications Officer Cummings Graham Hancock as Helmsman Hancock Duncan Trussell as Navigator Trussell Thanks for watching!


Aging Aeroplanes : Oh my GOD keep making these

DeZed Wheazler : When Joey Diaz popped in I lost it.

Xenon : Please for the love of god keep making these. The only thing this is missing is some clips from when Alex Jones was on JRE.

The Great Bob : This is amazing 10/10

Bad MontageGuy : This is so good. Must have taken forever.

Guy Incog : This is beyond fan art. So well done you can forget its a podcast conversation at times. I want a patreon on a per episode basis stat. jre army assemble and let's make this the mans dayjob from now on!

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : This needs to be an Adult Swim show. 10/10 video OP

Dr. Larry Mitchell : Somehow I knew that Uncle Joey was gonna come last and bat clean-up LIKE A DOCTA!!

Cole Man : Holy cow that was great. Liking, subscribing and hitting the notification button. This channel deserves it.

Jason Rizos : greatest video on Youtube

steven sawyers : God damnit I want 10 Seasons with at least 52 Eps a season STAT!!!!

MOB BARLEY : Better than great.

GermOnline : Uncle joey saves the day again. Lul

ELEVATOR : please make this a series!

Aiden Snacklad : LMAO JOEY!

liana cooper : Even better than the first one! :)

Ludicrous crane : Their getting attacked "what are the things can be done to protect us" 😂😂 this is an awesome episode

Blazing Nipples : Oh dude that was GOOD. This was linked on the adult swim subreddit and I'm glad it was. Keep it up these are gold.

Tristan Clark : Tremendous cocksucka!

Emanuel Hernandez : Honestly this was funnier than that Joe Rogan vs Roe Jogan satire comp. Had a real Adult Swim vibe to it.

Alastair McGee : Beyond words. I cried laughing.

LiquidBeagle : Ready for Elon to join the crew.

eere3343 : When I first found these I thought "But why?..." But after watching two, my god I laughed a lot.

e g : 100% FAKE

busby2 : Man this was great. Good work.

Ryan Martin : One of those "big reflecter booms" hahaha

friedkangaroo : PLEASE make one of these with Alex jones

nenume 00 : please let there be a Jordan Peterson character too. or Alex Jones MAKE MOAR OF THESE ANYWAY

Drauc : Better than Adult Swim, delivery wise it feels like a mash up of Sealab and Space Ghost but with modern banter, with great editing and planning. Pure genius!

Tykjen : I see a great future for this series. And beyond! Utterly hilarious, perfectly put together.

QUAK ACE : I bloody love these, awesome job good sir.

Adrian V. : 3:30 sound clip from Alundra boss fight? Props and God bless you sir.

C S : This $#!@ should be funded by Peter Thiel or something!

knight solaire : Dude, these are funny af!! Keep em coming... much love from the Church!

The : Wow, just amazing. Keep up the amazing work!

Myk McGrane : OMG this is amazing. lol! PLEEEze make more! lol

Powdered Toastman : This is actually pretty well done and i was impressed throughout. nice job dooood

Warren Maxxon : Thanks for the well done comedic slice of chucklepie,go get yourself something nice!

Bobbles G : This is fuckin perfect! So much effort went into this. Casting, script, snd editing are all great

Steve Martino : I hope NDT sees these, hilarious

Flynn Swagmire : Masterclass in editing shenanigans.

Ryan Culvey : this makes me miss sealab

Bee Mail : Bro jogan would approve, Jamie, pull me off

Purefoldnz : Starship USS BAKED.

Ello Yep : I havent laughed this hard in a while! This reminds me of Sealab 2020. Awesome job.

El D : I just laughed until I cried. For that, I subscribed.

Sam Harrington : This is perfection! Great job.

Tom Mock : Thank you. Thank you for this. Thank you. Wow. God, I nearly cried.

Ezibaba : This is amazing. Great job!