Star Trips With Joe Rogan – Episode 2 – It's a Ship!

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LuneGoon : This feels like early adult swim. This is great!

Aging Aeroplanes : Oh my GOD keep making these

Xenon : Please for the love of god keep making these. The only thing this is missing is some clips from when Alex Jones was on JRE.

DeZed Wheazler : When Joey Diaz popped in I lost it.

The Great Bob : This is amazing 10/10

Guy Incog : This is beyond fan art. So well done you can forget its a podcast conversation at times. I want a patreon on a per episode basis stat. jre army assemble and let's make this the mans dayjob from now on!

Bad MontageGuy : This is so good. Must have taken forever.

ELEVATOR : please make this a series!

steven sawyers : God damnit I want 10 Seasons with at least 52 Eps a season STAT!!!!

e g : 100% FAKE

GermOnline : Uncle joey saves the day again. Lul

Dr. Larry Mitchell : Somehow I knew that Uncle Joey was gonna come last and bat clean-up LIKE A DOCTA!!

Jason Rizos : greatest video on Youtube

Cole Man : Holy cow that was great. Liking, subscribing and hitting the notification button. This channel deserves it.

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : This needs to be an Adult Swim show. 10/10 video OP

Aiden Snacklad : LMAO JOEY!

Gave Ed Dillmore : Better than great.

Tristan Clark : Tremendous cocksucka!

Emanuel Hernandez : Honestly this was funnier than that Joe Rogan vs Roe Jogan satire comp. Had a real Adult Swim vibe to it.

liana cooper : Even better than the first one! :)

Ludicrous crane : Their getting attacked "what are the things can be done to protect us" 😂😂 this is an awesome episode

Blazing Nipples : Oh dude that was GOOD. This was linked on the adult swim subreddit and I'm glad it was. Keep it up these are gold.

Ryan Martin : One of those "big reflecter booms" hahaha

Alastair McGee : Beyond words. I cried laughing.

LiquidBeagle : Ready for Elon to join the crew.

busby2 : Man this was great. Good work.

Josh Gellis : Captain Rogan notices from the Viewscreen a Klingon ship and complains, "If this was a movie, I'd want my money back." HILARIOUS. LMAO!

Ryan Culvey : this makes me miss sealab

Warren Maxxon : Thanks for the well done comedic slice of chucklepie,go get yourself something nice!

Keith Golden : Joeys comments are killin me lol

Cygnus Floyd : MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Martino : I hope NDT sees these, hilarious

sh4d0wm4ch1n3 : best thing on the internet

Jonathan Colnaghi : Even better than wings with blue cheese cocksucka!!!

Flynn Swagmire : Masterclass in editing shenanigans.

MrNotJoker : fucking hilarious

wheelmanstan : joey diaz as a cartoon is unbeatable I think, one day I'm sure this in some way or another will be a show on netflix, one of the good ones

C S : This $#!@ should be funded by Peter Thiel or something!

Troy Plant : I need more

Purefoldnz : Starship USS BAKED.

Clean Energy Disruption : bwahaha~!

Tykjen : I see a great future for this series. And beyond! Utterly hilarious, perfectly put together.

Ezibaba : This is amazing. Great job!

mistercohaagen : Please have them all on as the crew of a guest ship on space drugs in the next season of The Orville. It would be the best thing that ever happened.

Don of Desire : This is the best thing I've ever seen

yayaya : Reminds me of Sealab. Hilarious stuff.

Hit or Miss : Great stuff! Keep up the awesome work!

Drauc : Better than Adult Swim, delivery wise it feels like a mash up of Sealab and Space Ghost but with modern banter, with great editing and planning. Pure genius!


Dallas Doty : Holy shit... this is insane. So much talent. It's like written... genius! Please dont stop