Danica McKellar: Are You the Girl from "The Wonder Years"?

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MCDexX : What an amazing role model for girls and young women. Brain the size of a planet, and also a great speaker with excellent confidence and clarity. Some TV network needs to get this amazingly talented woman on TV right now, talking about maths and science and being an inspiration to young people.

Toño G. A. : I can´t make up my mind... is she hotter than smarter? or smarter than hotter?

ScytheNoire : These are the type of stories we need more of, what people have done that is great after their Hollywood fame.

Dave Morris : Great video, this should be mandatory viewing by middle and high school students!

Eine kleine Nachtmusik : OMG even my wife is now in love with you. SMART WOMEN ROCK!

The Triumph of the Thrill : (lol) Still hot! I find how despite being full of herself she isn't annoying but amusing and quite endearing at the same time. Glad she did well and moved on.

samuel huckaby : I've read the paper that she co-authored, the chayes-mckellar-winn theorem, it's brilliant.

Dirtydirtyfag : Amazing. I hope she is really happy and proud of herself, few people accomplish any of the things she has.

Nick Gagnon : She is so beatitful.

Freikugel : So glad she found her true calling after The Wonder Years.

syvhne : shes a good story teller

Alpesh Patel : Her face looks like someone kicked it in 🤮 I would still bang it though

Derrick Williamson : Dam that was 2016 and she is even more beutiful

Yh Ong : Hot, smart, and talented. Now that's a triple threat

Hacking tutorials : She is such a nice person and smart❤️

Nerdd011 : James Murray’s Alternate Wife

sharon conyers : She was a pretty little girl

Operator8009 : Winnie is hot!!!

karinablacktie : I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this.

Jay Bird : She is very fit

collian : She would play an awesome Marvel or DC Mathematician/Scientist Character...if she wanted too. "She'd probably script the dialogue too"

Ricky Ross : ur very smart ? u was smart on the show 2

OhGeeGanksta : Beautiful and smart. :)

Neilfrozn : This is fabulous. I was never a huge fan of The Wonder Years. But, I was familiar with it. To see her move on from that to become a mathematical genius is great.

cereal4u : Damn I remember I had the hotts for Winnie Cooper!

Courtney Harmon : Good for her! I'm glad she could be known for something other than her character in the Wonder Years, that is a blessing! :)

Darren Corrigan : This made me smile. I know it's not much but there it is. It's nice to know someone I cared about,(however tangentially), found something that made them happy.

CLoRoX bLeAcH Parker : This girl is literally my aunt 💖😁

Legendary Vocalists : Her voice is beautiful

Brian Johnson : you're the girl from my dream

MrKing8050 : hot and smart, she never changed

littleblondemop : Book smart and beautiful. There are all kinds of smarts--creative smart, book smarts, people smarts, Danica definitely has the math book brilliance.


Villa Florez : Joli et Smart, Je T'aime!

Thomas Berends : Damnit Trudy. What about the pineapple?

Noah Fike : she can fail me anytime she wants

Scott Stamm : Well, I feel like a useless tool bag now.

mrbitbot : omg girls can be smart?!? oh wait only in fiction

Josh Gellis : *_I love PBS._* *_I love Winnie._* *_I love you, Dannica._* *_Go have kids- you deserve some heavy orgasms. XD_*

arthur_ko77 : Stardom blocks your personal development; it kills life ! You are better now than when you were a bigger celebrity. You are an inspiration!

Jason Smith : shes horter witch is what she makes me every time I see her

Dr Fco 94403 : I love her....she is smart and pretty.....

Jonathan Jensen : I remember Winnie campaigning for a Prigressuve candidate in Wonder Years. Danica in my opinion does not seem Progressive in politics aa an adult in my opinion.

Musical Ether : Looking good for a 41 YO. *Asks you for your number and/or home address (and/or invitation to get freaky).

hyphen point : Awesome combination of features.

Aquilla Lee : Nice

Atif Akhtar : your lovely x

Radziej1410 : totally.........................

Kristianne Bautista : Woooow!!!

powerpc127 : Aren't you the horse from Horsin' Around?