Nicole Kidman Is Blown Away By Stephen Fry’s Intelligence | The Graham Norton Show
Nicole Kidman Is Blown Away By Stephen Frys Intelligence The Graham Norton Show

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K : Nicole looks like a kid listening stories of her granmda curiously

Allie Jolly : Stephen Fry could read the Wickes catalogue for 8 hours straight and I’d listen to it.

CrushingRock : Is not just how smart he is. But he is a very good storyteller. Like sir David Attenborough

Ger : Stephen Fry: "everything you can't understand and control, you give a name... a god." What a simple and completely perfect explanation, that persists into current day.

Thepunishers1235 : ‘Stephen, what is your IQ?’ ‘Yes’

Richard Houlton : Stephen Fry is a “global” treasure.

Joe Smoke : Stephen once said that the highest form of intelligence is wisdom, thereby playing his own intelligence down

BeastWhisperer : British accent makes him sound even smarter.

RedFoot : Nicole is so cute with her child like wonder in her eyes when she listens to Stephen ^^

Tyler! : I love Stephen fry. When he talks, people listen.

Cj Cavell : I could listen to Stephen fry all day. Such an interesting man.

Ben : 'Hestia is bestia' - Stephen Fry

KingGhidorah5464 : I could listen to Stephen Fry speak for hours.

A1 B2 : If ever the alien overlords finally reach earth and I'm asked to convince them as of why they shouldn't obliterate our species, I will make them sit down and have a chat with the magnificent Stephen Fry.

French Fry : How high is your IQ? 20cm.

Jurjen : "Bulging like a Bulgarian weightlifter" is beautiful imagery.

Ruthvik : Stephen Fry is very knowledgeable and witty. He should do a show where he discusses such quite interesting things with a panel of comedians.

Juan Diaz : This is not intelligence. It's wisdom for God 's sake! You should play D&D at least once in a lifetime.

Waterbaby : Always loved Stephen Fry. Great actor, great guy.

Huss : He just has this calmness. Sound of rain, sound of the ocean, Stephen fry’s voice. Zzzzzzzzz

jhon hall : Stephen Fry is undoubtedly a Renaissance man.

Trish : "They're streaming things in another room" Yea... me watching this very video😂😂

citizenspace71 : The last living man who actually reads with clear intent.

maybeonemore : These Graham Norton shows are lovely..the new hearth we gather around to hear wonderful stories. What a good show.

Meminshab : Man, I love this guy... Just the fact that he compared Atlas's continuous effort to hold up the sky to the image of a bulgarian weightlifter at 3:24 made my night... I rarely see anybody on the Internet or anywhere else reference my homeland Bulgaria. This man is indeed very intelligent, people should only learn from him.

Flannery Monaghan-Morrs : Notice how dead silent everyone is when Fry speaks.....they’re captivated.

chris mill : Smart or intelligent is not a matter of collected knowledge, but of your ability to apply it or think your way through new problems. He knows stuff, and thinks of how it applies to modern situations; this second bit is where his intelligence lies.

Barry Swords : I've listened to Stephen Fry read several Audiobooks, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Sherlock Holmes Collection and the Harry Potter series. He is a natural storyteller and an incredible voice actor.

Jade Welch : I love Stephen Fry. Not just intelligent, but funny and extremely witty too.

C T : Stephen Fry is one of the most entrancing speakers I feel I've ever seen. An absolutely beautiful story teller and champion of compassion, understanding and learning.

el Malo : I could listen to this man telling stories for hours

Jack Valentine : When Fry talks everyone just shuts up and listens. What a true legend.

Zee Jay : Intelligence without Wisdom, is like a bird without wings.

Doar Zsaq : “Bulgarian weight lifter” Fry knows Rusev

Bekah : Nicole's father Dr Kidman is a respected academic and psychologist she is used to intelligent men she was raised by one.

Lifestyle and Experiences by Dr. Manu : From the height of anxiety, from the depths of depression, there hath no better cure to all of life's problems, like the soothing, intriguing and loving voice of the God that is Stephen Fry...

NERVAgent : Stephen Fry confirmed! . . . . Hestia is bestia

Virginia Andre : If Stephen Fry would invite people to sit around a hearth and listen to him tell stories , I'd be all for that , could listen to him talk for hours, such a wonderful , interesting man.

WalterLiddy : Fry is quite intelligent, but really it's his eloquence that is remarkable. He has a way of expressing ideas very simply and compellingly. That 'conversational' tone is what lets him make dry topics very accessible.

MrAussieJules : A feminine woman on TV ?? who is not a conceited liar like Brie larson "I do all my own stunts" goodness gracious.

dēaþ : Fry has that Anglo-Saxon intellect.

Rohit Ghale : I just felt like listing to him more and more he is so good..

hex warp : Hearth; a port manteau of heart and earth.

JoeVR : Stephen Fry just went to school.

MARK SOUTHALL : He’s just a very intelligent nice guy I was lucky to meet him many years ago and he was sweet and kind. He deserves every plaudit.

Yiel Jang : 1:58 is the goddess listening to story of her families...

PlainJane : I love Fry, always have. He is brilliant and so talented.

Alexander Walker : Stephen fry must be protected at all costs.

Maximilian Grassl : Stephen Fry should just run the world.