Nicole Kidman Is Blown Away By Stephen Fry’s Intelligence | The Graham Norton Show

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redjakOfficial : She should lay off the botox, her face looks like it's paralysed.

InfiniteDarkMass : Greek stories sounded good until he mentioned mundane language being used for them. Sounds like they were ruined to me.

Merlin l'Enchanteur : Its just for nicole kidman that im here

PlumDutchess : I don't think anyone has been able to speak for that long on The Graham Norton Show without being interrupted. Everyone was just fascinated!

Thomas Grabowski : Stephen Fry might be onto something!!

J San : I have a theory that jesus was a scientist and doctor. His claim that he was the son of god, was him ridiculing religious figures that claimed they were closer to God than the poor, who they were fleecing. Water into wine was brownian motion, dried grapes crushed into a powder, stuck to the bottom of the vessel, heat from the sun increased the speed in which the mixture stirs itself by using atoms and gravitation or lack of, within an aqueous solution. The parting of the red Sea was just timing of the tides in that particular location. The bible is a beautiful tapestry of scientific achievements. Then they just stuck the old Greek myths in changing names. Or maybe intelligent and imaginative people are just making everything up as they go along. I imagine people like Stephen can create incredible situations using intelligence we could only dream of.

666sigma : Well, she lived with Tom Cruise all the years. What did you expect?

unique TM : I love Steven fry

GDB ! : Is it weird that most people are amaze by this?

Akash Gupta : He should be on the £50 note.

Joe Smoke : Stephen once said that the highest form of intelligence is wisdom, thereby playing his own intelligence down

Gaston Mannlicher : Electric universe.

Chadrach William : Wow Nichole Kidman is still as beautiful as she ever was. Whatever she is doing, all women need to know that secret.

TO NO : Not even eloquent compared to Christopher Hitchens.

Juan de Salgado : Well, it's not that true that gathering around the hearth is lost these days. Today's hearth is the internet... we just hang out with others than our biological relatives.

Joe Greenhart : 1:57 kidman be like : omg i have no clue wtf is he talkin about but that accent...he must be super intelligent... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Gamer's Choice HARDCORE : Fun fact, Atlantis is real, It's the eye of the SaharaRichat Structure , it has been proven with the exact description from Solon and Plato, concentric circles, 3 circles of water and 2 land circles, size 23.5 km across, opening to the south connected with the sea, mountains to the North with lots of rivers.

Majed Al-ossaimi : You better close that mouth Nicole lol

muhammad amin sarabi : Wow..nicole finally hit the wall!

Nathan Hultstrom : Growing up in a relatively rural town, one of our favorite things was to build a fire in someone's backyard, and just sit around it talking and telling stories. The hearth is a truly beautiful thing

chris mill : Smart or intelligent is not a matter of collected knowledge, but of your ability to apply it or think your way through new problems. He knows stuff, and thinks of how it applies to modern situations; this second bit is where his intelligence lies.

Jason Lescorbeau : Wow Im like everyone in the room!!! Stephen Fry is a keepsake for sure. Thanks Graham Norton for allowing his unique style of talk show to showcase great sparks of geniusness!!!!!

Zeitgeist : That has absolutely nothing to do with beeing smart. Knowledge is just what it is. Knowledge! And absolutely everyone can achieve that, even someone stupid. For God's sake. It's a actors thing I think...haven't that much time visiting a school. But don't get me wrong, it's no offence!

mbear1 : Nicole looks GREAT. Wow. Nice that her surgery (or whatever) from around the time of Stoker has calmed down.

Elijah Goloub : Fun fact, Atlas isn't condemned to hold the earth, he is condemned to hold up the heavens or sky depending on the translation.

Ingmar Heinrich : Fun fact: Knowing a lot of things doesn't mean you're above average intelligent.

David Williams : Nicole Kidman is an idiot. She's probably blown away by cartoons.

SUperD 007 : Nicole is still HOT. Botoxed to the maxx, but still

Sean Domhnall O Sullivan : One word for Stephen and what he brings the world : joy.

Richard Marchant : Nicole what have you done to your face love!!!

Monoperty : People gather round and share stories every day to MORE people than ever before Stephen. They do it on a social media platform called YouTube! Oh, and Facebook, Instagram etc etc .....

William Crothers : Could Stephen be more useless (?) #Nope A strong roll of Charmin Toilet tissue rates more highly than Steven’s Greek folklore 😈 pages #UselessInfo’ #OhPleaaeDoTellMoMythology

Nova Chamber : hes not dat genius he just played enough god of war to gain the knowledge :P

GOODFELLA : Boring...nothing new! Every human whos not totally brainless can come to this conclusions for himself! Just read books and stop believing in leaders!

Stefania : I went to a classical lyceum and studied ancient Greek, Greek mythology and tragedies in depth so was familiar with most of this. I'm surprised that to most this is intelligence. It's mere studying. But he definitely did something beautiful when he chose to tell these stories again with a simple jargon and by making them more approachable to those who haven't studied them :)

stevebenbob : If Kidman is blown away by Stephen Fry's intelligence she would have self combusted at the late,great Christopher Hitchens intelligence.

MFA-WARA : Didn't he play Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes Movie? (With Robert Downey Jr.)

Prem Srawan : 2:52, it felt like Stephen was about to poke Nicole Kidman's boob if she doesn't remember her movie.

Kai : I'd love to have him in my family ❤

robert walton : After Tom Cruise, everyone must seem like a genius. She's no dimwit even for an American.

Opaque Motives : I'm not saying Mr, Fry isn't intelligent, but I see nothing here that isn't common knowledge.

Lilac Tal : Nicole Kidman is all of us...

Patrick A. Crawley : Not's Knowledge.

Martin Howser : If fry wasn’t gay, I’m pretty sure by way she’s looking at him, he could’ve gotten some action

vm brister : Love Stephen Fry! And Nicole Kidman still looks Amazing! Jesus Marimba!

MRah : Nicole now wishes Stephen was straight so she could marry him. But seriously, you can't hate Stephen. There's something about the way he tells stories and shares knowledge so amazingly.

Shanks : Where can I get the first book ?

WouterZtube : Love that man

Marwig20 : There is a tv series in Norway where they try to connect anyone to a celebrity with six or fewer connections (that they have talked and that both remember each other). In one of the episodes the presenters where five steps inn but nowhere near the celebrity (Stephan Fry), so they tried their best shot, a guy Stephan had met ten years ago once. Amazingly Stephan remembered! Truly extraordinary.

John Smith : That toad has no intelligence, acting/speaking smart and being one are opposite things.