Nicole Kidman Is Blown Away By Stephen Fry’s Intelligence | The Graham Norton Show

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Marc Wittkowski : Fun fact: the uppermost vertebra is called Atlas as well, supporting our heads like the Titan does with the skies.

Wooden Ratio : Here in Greece, we still create myths. One of my favorite, is called "Economic recovery"

PlumDutchess : I don't think anyone has been able to speak for that long on The Graham Norton Show without being interrupted. Everyone was just fascinated!

Allie Jolly : Stephen Fry could read the Wickes catalogue for 8 hours straight and I’d listen to it.

K : Nicole looks like a kid listening stories of her granmda curiously

Marcelo Gadelha : Even though I knew these stories already, there's something about the way that Stephen tell us things that I can't find boring whatever he's talking about

John Gee : Find yourself someone who looks at you like Nicole Kidman looks at Stephen Fry

BeastWhisperer : British accent makes him sound even smarter.

Ingmar Heinrich : Fun fact: Knowing a lot of things doesn't mean you're above average intelligent.

Mohamoud Mohamoud : In my culture we still have that sitting around fire and share stories #Africa

Luke Faulkner : It's impossible not to imagine his voice when reading his books.

Joe Smoke : Stephen once said that the highest form of intelligence is wisdom, thereby playing his own intelligence down

redjakOfficial : She should lay off the botox, her face looks like it's paralysed.

French Fry : How high is your IQ? 20cm.

Mackenzie Reeves : Stephen Fry is so eloquent. It’s this matter of fact approach without any condescension that’s so captivating. It’s not just his intelligence, it’s how he’s able to apply something he knows as a higher concept and then present it simply. That’s true wisdom.

michael Longford : Of course Nicole is blown away by Stephens intelligence, who isn't?! The man's a genius.

Ginger Ninja : Stephen is a stupendous polymath and his intellect humbles me. If I can become half the man he is, I’ll have achieved twice as much as I believe myself to be capable of.

Akash Gupta : He should be on the £50 note.

Cj Cavell : I could listen to Stephen fry all day. Such an interesting man.

chris mill : Smart or intelligent is not a matter of collected knowledge, but of your ability to apply it or think your way through new problems. He knows stuff, and thinks of how it applies to modern situations; this second bit is where his intelligence lies.

Scott Geoffrey : I have a short attention span sadly, but he is one of few people I could happily listen to all day. He would of made a great teacher.

Meminshab : Man, I love this guy... Just the fact that he compared Atlas's continuous effort to hold up the sky to the image of a bulgarian weightlifter at 3:24 made my night... I rarely see anybody on the Internet or anywhere else reference my homeland Bulgaria. This man is indeed very intelligent, people should only learn from him.

TechSys Engineer : Steven Fry - I hope he continues to speak, and debate... picking up the mantle from his friend, the late Great Christopher Hitchens.

Marwig20 : There is a tv series in Norway where they try to connect anyone to a celebrity with six or fewer connections (that they have talked and that both remember each other). In one of the episodes the presenters where five steps inn but nowhere near the celebrity (Stephan Fry), so they tried their best shot, a guy Stephan had met ten years ago once. Amazingly Stephan remembered! Truly extraordinary.

memoryhero : Nicole Kidman's face is starting to embody Bill Burr's line on facelifts: _"What would you rather be: 52 and look 52, or 52 and look like a 28 year-old lizard?"_

stevebenbob : If Kidman is blown away by Stephen Fry's intelligence she would have self combusted at the late,great Christopher Hitchens intelligence.

Joe Greenhart : 1:57 kidman be like : omg i have no clue wtf is he talkin about but that accent...he must be super intelligent... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

hassan Waleed : Kidman looking like an artificial mannequin

Doar Zsaq : “Bulgarian weight lifter” Fry knows Rusev

Juan de Salgado : Well, it's not that true that gathering around the hearth is lost these days. Today's hearth is the internet... we just hang out with others than our biological relatives.

Peter Edeson : Looks like I'll be purchasing a book or 2!

Shaken Unstirred : Pigeon face

John Crowley : "It's reasonalbe"

Frogster : That's the longest anyone ever talked uninterrupted on this show :D

Stefan Stefaniak : difference between making a living out of being good looking and actually working your way through with your mind once you age, only one of them stays the same

Majed Al-ossaimi : You better close that mouth Nicole lol

Opaque Motives : I'm not saying Mr, Fry isn't intelligent, but I see nothing here that isn't common knowledge.

ChR!5t0fUr : Sherlock Holmes' *brother*

Hugh Tube : It's not just that Stephen Fry is smart it's that he's so generous and eloquent when sharing his intellect. Compare him to Richard Whiteley (the late host of Countdown), a man just as smart but who had the very British quality of hiding his light under a bushel.

Joe Thomas : Nicole looks like shes looked into a bee hive and been stung 400,000 times .

Thoreau : What the hell happened to Nicole's face?!

Homeless Gavin McInnes : Absolutely love Steven Fry

Mees vd : Stephen Fry is the most delightful heartwarming person i’ve ever seen.

Ruthvik : Stephen Fry is very knowledgeable and witty. He should do a show where he discusses such quite interesting things with a panel of comedians.

PHILIP STEWART : Stephen Fry is one of the great raconteurs, right up there with Peter Ustinov.

Ants Ward : Kidman looks Hot!! Even better looking now she's older lol

Warrior Son : I estimate Stephen's IQ at about 140...which is highly gifted but not a genius.

Yola Montalvan : She looked bored listening an intelectual conversation.

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a great day! :)

Liberto da Religião : What happened to Nicole's face?