Earth Wind and Fire 1973

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GorZart : In 1973 I went to see Uriah Heep and the show was opened by the unknown Earth Wind & Fire. They were awesome and blew us white kid rock fans away. The next day I bought my first E,W & F album. I've remained a fan all my life. Long live the spirit of Maurice White.

doodleedledoo : This is one of the most amazing versions of Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight.

Perry Bromwell : This should be a standard Music, Education, History requirement for all, especially Afr-Am, Latin youth in the arts!

Supreme Ali : this what we listened to in the 70s. REAL music by REAL Brothas. Nothin' artificial about it.

MILES ONEAL : This barely begins to capture their energy in 73! I saw them in 73 at Ga Tech, sandwiched between Tucky Buzzard (I mainly recall their name), and Uriah Heep. EWF blew the roof off the coliseum. At one point Verdine jumped down into the crowd and danced his way through it as he played. He eventually ended up dancing with a woman in the audience and (IIRC) even giving her a looooong kiss- all without missing a beat. And this was well before wireless rigs; he had a 100 foot cord, at least. Amazing. They were as much fun to watch as they were to listen to.

Butch E : BTW, Verdine White was taught to play the upright bass before joining his brother Maurice White who was the drummer for the "Ramsey Lewis Trio" ("The In Crowd) fame back in the late 60's.

mano a mano : Everybody lean, limber and beautiful. Times have changed.

ed ubinas : Verdine White probably one of the baddest if not the baddest bassist in the history of pop music

Hatshepsut Kemet : I was born in 74 the first music I ever heard and remember was EWF. My dad had every album and I knew every song as a young child lol

joker87wild : now thats black

John Crenshaw Jr. : First album of EWF I ever heard all the way through was 'Head To The Sky'......absolute masterpiece. The songs 'Evil',' Masquerade' and 'Clover' just blew me away. Thank you Elements for creating this artistic gem in my lifetime.

17a7 Soulfully Groovy : Love the Kalimba...

Butch E : Opening song is "Africano". They open with that in the Richmond, VA Coliseum (1973). Richard Pryor was the MC. "Rare Earth" came on and then EWF jammed til they turn the electric off at 12:30am (city order's) booooo, lol. But EWF jammed for 2 plus hours non-stop. I remember Verdine White came from the ceiling playing the Bass, landed on the stage and of course it went up in flames, then it was on and poppin. Best damn concert I have ever been to. Multi cultured, everybody was there that night.

The Real Alice Snow : This is how we are supposed to relate in music and naturalness of our true selves instead of the fakery in the 21st century...

FWCC1 : This is what you call A REAL BAND

Ricky Spicer : Maurice White, Master mind visionary much love to him! R.I.P brother.

James Willie : The baddest band on the planet....enuff said

DringBR : I did not get into EWF until around 1975 when they had forged more of their own distinctive sound. This earlier version with the female vocalist reminds me a little of early Santana and also the group Mandrill, both of whom explored the Afro-Latin thing, although Mandrill never enjoyed the success of EWF. Don't forget about Osibisa whose members were from both African and Caribbean. Believe it or not, even early Kool and the Gang (before their '80s radio hits) were very influenced by Mongo Santamaria. All these groups shared similarities in the early '70s.

Prometheus C All : The GreateST BAnd EVer. . .

Jeff C : Tears to this white boy's eyes... Just incredible. True musicians.

mrstep2me : Stiffest crowd ever. They should have been on their feet when Verdine was going off!

Raw LawGirl : ancestors are speaking through them. EWF, the best musicians EVER.

remiem6070 : This post is priceless! Thank you!

RAMBR0 : Don't know where you got this Gregory, but thanks for sharing it. Now if something could only be done about the audio/video sync ;-)

sam powell : Great to see this early incarnation of EWF thanks for posting. They certainly evolved from here sonically but the soul and spirit are evident.

ewaf88 : Two years later with the release of 'That's the Way of the World' they took off to the stratosphere.


1BrotherMack : EWF.......The definition of a real band that played real music !

Guillaume Bougard : the greatest group ever

Jerry Lehti : this is the last music i heard before bed .....grooovvyyy time

AndyB : Watching this made me cry. Where ever did you get this????? Somebody please tell me. I'd like to find a copy where the sound is synced better. Jessica!!!! Keep your head to the sky! R.I.P.

Esther.M. G : Thank you! Shared on G+ in "Remembering **Maurice White** December 19, 1941-February 4, 2016.

MsIvory Seattle : THIS WAS THE SOUND OF 73... CONGA'S...

Charles Drake : My first live concert experience. It was 1976 and my 10 year old mind was blown away!

Talkin Bout Nawlins : There was nobody like Maurice White.Bad Mfer!

Mimi Ross : the no one band in the world! so classic!

Wadjet : *Happy belated 67th birthday Philip Bailey! May 8th 1951* 😙🖤😚

Carlos Bright : Wow, I graduated from high school in 1973. When I first heard Earth, Wind, & Fire, I fell in love with their music.

Rob Reyes Cosme : The greatest band ever...

Tristyn Miller : 19:38 Mom

Susan Perkins : Such talent. Thank you for posting this <3

jameskerry41 : destined

Allied Federal Electric Corp : This is from the time when EWF was truly a jam band...Head To The Sky imo was their best .

Dom Xem : Before they were great they were fantastic

Summer Breeze : The Greatest Group EVER!!! The sound of the elements....

bandmanager007 : What a gem to find this morning!  This band was and still is the best band the world has ever known. They captured the essence of that time in history, as well as bringing such love and incredible music.  So glad I got to grow up at this time and to have found them. They shaped my growing up. Thanks!!

DTWrites1 : One of the greatest groups ever! EWF still sounds great during their live performances. Will always remember when I caught them live in Hawaii years ago. What a concert!

Lisa Murphy : I Feel Supreme And Free When I Listen Too This Supreme Band!

Cathy Macias : I saw Earth, Wind& 🔥 in 1976, OMG Denise Williams opened up the show,Then Maurice sand "Would you Mind" to Her, then Domes from the Air came down from the air each of them inside Domes,it was so exciting, Best Concert in My Life.💃💖🎶

Fassett Tom : Maurice White was a genius. Philip Bailey must of been a teenager.