Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Give 1-Armed Hooper Who Broke Internet a Surprise of a Lifetime (B/Real)

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We linked Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony with Trashaun Willis, the one-armed phenom who broke the internet with one dunk, for the surprise of a lifetime. Watch how Trashaun became a force on the court while backing up at QB for the varsity team 🔥. Find out what happens in life after going viral, in B/Real Part 1: Court of Dreams: Find more exclusive sports coverage: Subscribe: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:


V : Melo the type of guy to be hype to go somewhere "yo man lets go do this" then never show up

RMSsharp 724 : Of course Nipsey Hussle's song had to be in it. RIP NIP

Brandon Robinson : Nipsey on the intro. RIP 💙

Drew got jokes : Props to Chris Paul for making that kids day Props to Melo for watching from home

farakhhanif : CP3: "Let me see this dunk everyone is talking about" Trashaun dunks the ball Trashaun: "Have you ever dunked it?" CP3: "Relax" HAHAHAHA

Ryan Schram : So i gotta be honest and reveal that Carmelo Anthony was also the camera guy.

Delilah Puddingstash : The student section went crazy!!! All 12 of them

Royal Rumble : Chris Paul for you to travel that far just to brighten up someone's day, wow big up to you sir!!! Your actions on that day, this kid will never forget. Big up Chris, job well done!!

Lil Car Crash : “Have you ever dunked it?” “RELAX”

Julio Carreras : "You're a lot smaller on 2k" LMAO

G0ld TTV BTW Fortnite : I wanna see this guy get drafted to the SeaHawks

Blayze Burns : I love how when he was talking about his shot he didn’t say his arm was disabled he just called it his little arm, but for him to have a handicap and him do the things he does, like shoot a basketball, dunk a basketball. It is an inspiration for all the kids that are told “ you can’t do it “ that they can. This young man is an inspiration and for all children. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Junito Punto Comm : Props to his Stepdad Too !!

Jdor D : Everyone has a purpose, both small and large. Handicaps sometimes can be blessings in disguise..."Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way"

robertatx22 : Such positive energy from this kid! I wish him the best!

Baron Olsen-Brown : r.i.p nipsey hussle i heard his song in the beginning intro

Anthony Battaglia : Wow Chris Paul beat a kid with one arm great job

ThizZle ‘ : Trashaun: I wasn’t able to tie my shoes until second grade Me: I wasn’t able to until third grade 😢😥

wsk 24 : Dang I was waiting for Melo to show up and brick every single shot in horse.

Gavin Mitchell : Basketball's answer to Shaquem Griffin.

Rayspooner : Inspiring! Dude should play baseball too!!! Look at Jim Abbot.

bestofnyc : Nice Docs, Melo doing some good work here. CP3 was gr8 also. Knicks Tape🗣

Timothy Norton : “Ur a lot smaller on 2k,”. “What u mean by that.” Lol 😂

George Grant : Rondo probly the one behind all those dislikes 😂

isaiah2810 : Rofl how do you mix up Iowa and Washington? I can understand Iowa and Wisconsin but Washington and Iowa?! 🤣

alilfast : What's the excuse for the rest of the kids on the team getting carried by this guy.

Red Tango : Man,This is an inspiring young man.He's also got such charisma ,God bless you Trashaun!!!

J dubbs sports : Hold on if you can't force him to go left your trash at defense. But shout-out to him making the best of his situation

Jayson Tumulak : This guy is better than me. Huge respect from Philippines ❤

Sta High : This is amazing.. I love that he let nothing hold him back from pursuing his dreams. I am always saying I can’t, but this young man has motivated me to at least try

lyhthegreat : man give this guy another arm his gonna be a crazy player

Pengi Penguin : Did anyone else here that noise in the background (4:01)

Quicktwosteps : It only took two days and Chris Paul started swinging those punches.

WolfKingCapo : Melo&CP3 My niggaz 4L. That was awesome fellaz. 👍⬆😎

carlos piquet : nba players have really big hearts

Frank White : 7:45 Chris Paul looks like a midget on the court but he's taller than the average human being

Marz Trini : This is a blessing. God bless all of them. Inspired 🙌🏼

Austen Henry : Cp3 the type of guy to use his left hand to win horse

FREAKENATOR : *BRO. He is literally playing with one arm BEHIND HIS BACK LMAO* : This guy should honestly make it in the nba i bet he would break records!

Pat Bhukkanasut : Awesome story an inspiring example for others. Bless you.

Supacannon 7 : R.I.P nipsy hustle. Trashaun keep up the hard work

da noony : Chris Paul didn’t even know what state he was in lmao

DIRT McGIRT : "You literally have one arm" ummm facts! 🤷‍♂️

Jay R : It didn’t surprise his mom that he could dunk with one arm. I can’t dunk and I got two arm with no hops 🤷🏾‍♂️

Chicken Wing : Still a better shot than Lonzo

Sebastian Garcia : "That set me off" "I went off on him" Wtf did u do knock him out with ur nub.

Alan C : Did I miss the part where Carmelo meets the guy

Big Sparkxy : Here before 1 mil