Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Give 1-Armed Hooper Who Broke Internet a Surprise of a Lifetime (B/Real)

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Julio Carreras : "You're a lot smaller on 2k" LMAO

100% Dork : Melo even gets benched for this video smh

Quicktwosteps : It only took two days and Chris Paul started swinging those punches.

da noony : Chris Paul didn’t even know what state he was in lmao

George Grant : Rondo probly the one behind all those dislikes 😂

farakhhanif : CP3: "Let me see this dunk everyone is talking about" Trashaun dunks the ball Trashaun: "Have you ever dunked it?" CP3: "Relax" HAHAHAHA

Cc Cc : Chris Paul cool asf I love seeing these types of videos

Frank Gregus : Being able to dunk in middle school is amazing. Being able to dunk in middle school with one arm... impossible

Alan C : Did I miss the part where Carmelo meets the guy

CIKEDEES : Should've signed this 1 arm kid instead of bum ass melo

John Stephenson : I love the way CP3 at no point acts like he feels sorry for the kid. They really respect each other a lot hence they not awkward with the trash talk etc

J R : His jumper is probably wet because he has no off hand interference

WeezyOD : Most staged intro I’ve ever seen.

V : Melo the type of guy to be hype to go somewhere "yo man lets go do this" then never show up

wsk 24 : Dang I was waiting for Melo to show up and brick every single shot in horse.

Delilah Puddingstash : Melo couldn't show up, he is too busy pulling splinters out his ass!

Delilah Puddingstash : The student section went crazy!!! All 12 of them

Black Skip Bayless : Whose here after CP3 fought rondo

Don : I was heading to Canada and I asked my pilot to take me to Texas instead he said “Hell nah” so Chris got it made 😂

Jdor D : Everyone has a purpose, both small and large. Handicaps sometimes can be blessings in disguise..."Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way"

William Walters : And then he pokes Rondo in the eye😂😂

Nation Wide : Glad I saw this after the fight.

alilfast : What's the excuse for the rest of the kids on the team getting carried by this guy.

Blayze Burns : I love how when he was talking about his shot he didn’t say his arm was disabled he just called it his little arm, but for him to have a handicap and him do the things he does, like shoot a basketball, dunk a basketball. It is an inspiration for all the kids that are told “ you can’t do it “ that they can. This young man is an inspiration and for all children. He has a bright future ahead of him.

John Waldron : He’s so rich he just says let’s stop in iowa

Kenny Roc : hopefully he'll get a bionic arm and start smashing on dudes on the court he deserve it.

robertatx22 : Such positive energy from this kid! I wish him the best!

Felicia Moniq : Smallest student section. Greatness is cultivated in quiet places

Mtlord littybitch : Wait how does he play 2k ?

Dru Dawsyn : well at least CP3 aint gotta worry about catching a left guardin him.

Red Tango : Man,This is an inspiring young man.He's also got such charisma ,God bless you Trashaun!!!

Austen Henry : Cp3 the type of guy to use his left hand to win horse

jayden salvador : how he gonna nut with his right hand??? dafuq

Chicken Wing : Still a better shot than Lonzo

F.A.F : Meanwhile I’m struggling to shoot 3 pointers with two hands

Steven Gutzeit : Only time it's a surprise when a 6'4 black guy dunks apparently lol

im bobby : Shout out to the stepdad streight up dude is amezing

Steeze : He ain’t got no left tho...

J dubbs sports : Hold on if you can't force him to go left your trash at defense. But shout-out to him making the best of his situation

Justin Martinez : Post fight anyone?

koolfella 0431 : Soooo, once again melo' just didn't show up,,, anyone else not surprised??🤔🤔🤔

Ryan Martinez : James harden isn’t in the video cause he getting fouled right now

Super : Trashaun playin more minutes than Melo 😂😂😂😂😂 and can dunk more than CP3

Cameron Petersen : Yeah but he can only go with his right hand...he ain’t going left

Vihaan Murali : melo didnt even show up

-Sir WESLEE- : *So Im guessing that talking on the phone while flying is some bullshit huh?* 😒

Christopher Santiago : Nice. Theres also a one armed pro fighter who is dominant. Check him out.

Neo Cruz : I thought this video was for Chris Paul practicing boxing for rajon rondo

Tyran Olotu : That’s is Amazing what he is capable of doing with one hand, ☝️god bless you Cp3

Andor Dénes : Imagine CP3 shows up in your backyard.