Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Give 1-Armed Hooper Who Broke Internet a Surprise of a Lifetime (B/Real)

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100% Dork : Melo even gets benched for this video smh

farakhhanif : CP3: "Let me see this dunk everyone is talking about" Trashaun dunks the ball Trashaun: "Have you ever dunked it?" CP3: "Relax" HAHAHAHA

wsk 24 : Dang I was waiting for Melo to show up and brick every single shot in horse.

Quicktwosteps : It only took two days and Chris Paul started swinging those punches.

Julio Carreras : "You're a lot smaller on 2k" LMAO

Austen Henry : Cp3 the type of guy to use his left hand to win horse

da noony : Chris Paul didn’t even know what state he was in lmao

George Grant : Rondo probly the one behind all those dislikes 😂

Cc Cc : Chris Paul cool asf I love seeing these types of videos

Alan Chen : Did I miss the part where Carmelo meets the guy

Frank Gregus : Being able to dunk in middle school is amazing. Being able to dunk in middle school with one arm... impossible

CIKEDEES : Should've signed this 1 arm kid instead of bum ass melo

Seb Joseph : picking up a phone call while in the sky, and then telling the plane to make a pitstop like your in a taxi.. yea, normal everyday reality

John Stephenson : I love the way CP3 at no point acts like he feels sorry for the kid. They really respect each other a lot hence they not awkward with the trash talk etc

Retro Robbie : CP3 just an all around great human being.

V : Melo the type of guy to be hype to go somewhere "yo man lets go do this" then never show up

十Lil’ Chubbs : Give this man a robotic arm

J R : His jumper is probably wet because he has no off hand interference

WeezyOD : Most staged intro I’ve ever seen.

Brent Guice : melo thinking man this kid got 1 arm and can defend and shoot better than me

Delilah Puddingstash : Melo couldn't show up, he is too busy pulling splinters out his ass!

Delpriest Stokes : I hope he meets shaqueem griffin

Brock Purdy : Dude got a better shot than Fultz

KinG__ Mark : Wish you nothing but the best Treshaun good luck on your journey man

AestheticsisLife : He singlehandley took down that gym

Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door ! : CP3 with that porn acting

MegaDboy7 : Anyone else notice the dad had one massive arm?

Delilah Puddingstash : The student section went crazy!!! All 12 of them

Jdor D : Everyone has a purpose, both small and large. Handicaps sometimes can be blessings in disguise..."Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way"

Black Skip Bayless : Whose here after CP3 fought rondo

Don : I was heading to Canada and I asked my pilot to take me to Texas instead he said “Hell nah” so Chris got it made 😂

Jeffrey Abbey : Good shit Trashaun Show these young bloods to stop being weak complainers and soft No excuses. Do your best! In anything you do! Thanks for this video.

King Marcus : Who ever disliked this video are major haters

Andor Dénes : Imagine CP3 shows up in your backyard.

Turtle And Dad : People always looking at others people’s lives, thinking about what they don’t have or what material things they want, and if you do that all day you don’t stop and think about all the things to be grateful for. Being healthy, having food and clean water, that’s stuff that billions of people struggle with everyday and often they are more positive and compassionate than those who have it all. This kid is an inspiration

DivineKaze : How does he play 2k with 1 arm lol

Nation Wide : Glad I saw this after the fight.

William Walters : And then he pokes Rondo in the eye😂😂

Top10In TheWorld : The trash talk was nice lol....

alilfast : What's the excuse for the rest of the kids on the team getting carried by this guy.

robertatx22 : Such positive energy from this kid! I wish him the best!

Andrew : He had to be good with a name like trashaun.

Vihaan Murali : melo didnt even show up

Depressed Cow : Give yourself a round of applause, man. That's inspiring!

jayden salvador : how he gonna nut with his right hand??? dafuq

Mtlord littybitch : Wait how does he play 2k ?

athanasia columbus : Wow...CP3 you are simply an awesome guy...Know he was so happy to see you

Justin Martinez : Post fight anyone?

Steeze : He ain’t got no left tho...

Dru Dawsyn : well at least CP3 aint gotta worry about catching a left guardin him.