The Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series Was a $300,000 Monster

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GO READ MY COLUMN! The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series was the ultimate Mercedes SL. Today, I’m reviewing an SL65 Black Series to show you why the Mercedes SL65 Black Series was so cool. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - DOUGSCORE CHART:


homing pigeon races : Doug the type of guy lock himself in the trunk to make sure the emergency trunk release works

Campbell : 20:40 - 20:52 when she’s give you the good head

1001speedster : Doug is the type of guy to ACTUALLY READ the TERMS AND CONDITIONS PAGE line by line before clicking the "I have read" box.

homing pigeon races : Doug the type of guy hop in a Uber and give the driver a Doug score when he hops out

Mohdilohka : Doug the type of guy to wave at you with both hands

Lebogang Campbell : "The SL isn't the most beautiful car" Gives it 8/10 for styling. "The Continental GT is absolutely gorgeous" Gives it 7/10 for styling. This guy is confused.

darkholyPL : Doug the type of guy who complains that things are off when you turn them off.

Arham M. Khan : Man... I miss those days when Mercedes used to make ridiculously powerful AMG Black series. These felt like they've been directly imported from Need for Speed.

Khalid Aziz : Actually German police will check for expired first aid kit and warning triangle

zinnia : my right ear is lonely

Swedish Marcus Viking : Doug is the type of guy who sneaks out and makes a short video of his dinnerguests cars

Munendoro : Doug is the type of guy to review a car badge.

hh65flyer : The QR code is for rescue personnel/first responders so we know where hazardous things are like batteries, airbags, fuel, etc. in the event of a crash.

Mat Anthony : Can you imagine getting stuffed in the trunk of this car? You’d probably die from the g forces and the spoiler housing jabbing your lungs lol

Munozl360 : Review a horse carriage.

Alien Duck : "Hey babe, I'm going to take you to a fancy restaurant for dinner, then to my apartment, I'll give you a night of pleasure... and then I'm going to give you a Doug score"

ExDayz : Doug is the type of guy, who covers his own ear while pooping

Horizon : This in my opinion was the best looking Benz ever made

David R. : I think that Doug gets off on the sound of V-12s . I bet you he was wearing a condom while shooting this video. 20:42 - 20:51. 9 seconds and he was done.

Ayman Lockhart : Doug is type of guy to read car manual to his kids before bed time!

CanucksFanBoi : Doug's the type of guy to ask what kind of cheese you'd like on your grilled cheese

Gig76 : Anybody noticed how gorgeous is the back wing raising at 20:10 ? And then again at 20:47

Toxicmatrix : "It is just freaking MASSIVE! It is ABSOLUTELY HUGE! And BULGING! And just RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC!" - Doug DeMuro 2018

The_EnforceR : These owners are such great dudes. "I have old tyres, a guy i dont know wants to use my 300k car for a video. Sure why not, be sure to push the car so you roast the tyres mate". Good god i love those guys. Because of my uncle's work i got to meet a lot of people with lots of money, and most of them were so damn boring! One had a 722 SLR and he said he hasnt even driven it because he doesnt like driving... Why the hell did you buy it then!? I can think of better investments... Shout out to all of you owners! Thanks for the content!

ZachTaylor : Doug the type of guy to give himself a Doug score after making a basic spaghetti dinner.

Chrispy Lyfe : This is how a proper wide body kid should look like. The "liberty walk" wide body craze is completely garbage and tasteless.

Voyger ` : This car is a one of a kind

HerAutoPerspective : Wow Mercedes I’m super impressed! It’s beautiful and crazy fast 😍

Vegas Mitchell : Always wondered if this Model was a Convertible. Since its Not "i'm not gonna buy it"!! 🤪

Luke O'Connor : I really appreciate the fact that Doug doesn’t click bait, unlike lots of other car channels

Damir Pavlic : If you get put in that trunk the wing will crush you and you will not get the chance to push the button!

Noah C Cornelius : Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, anyone?

Luis Weber : You Said only germans will create a button like that... well I am german! No jk I actually had to laugh so hardly 😂😂

DancinDane : Lovely machine. Hate it when you don’t show the front of the car/film it head on, though :(

Thomas Hovind : Doug, the QR code in the trunk of MB's isn't for owners, it's for the fire department if you have an accident. It alerts them to the important information about where critical systems are located. It can make it easier for them to help the occupants.

Legolas : back when Mercedes made crazy cars

Mark Golden : Two cars: go by Doug: “there’s nobody around!”

Handsome Jack : "if you were a chihuahua... you could use those as stairs" LMAO

Jeff Boski : Doug the type of guy to have a mission impossible ringtone

snmthecloser : The rectangles stitched into the seats are the locations of the massaging spots

SMSAT100 : Doug needs to meet and talk to James May. I think that'll be interesting to see!

Blond : Kidnapped by The Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series

Lawrence Fearon : 60 to 120 is where SL65's absolutely dominate. Like afterburner absolutely dominate. 🚀

B S : So nobody is worried about the left speaker balance?

Badr Radi : WAS? 2k19

blakuntang : Bro, you’re very funny. 😂

Mario Vojnic Hajduk : Few things.. European cars do not need to put any sign to let you know that your headlights are on... In most cars like my Golf 5,headlights are always on.. That position on switch with 2 lihts is for position lihts.

malrofo : Cant contain their giant, black series engine 2:44

tommy d u b b s : Doug.. review a yellow school bus