playing SOAD Chop Suey on Baroque Grand by Bösendorfer

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Brad Stortch : I can watch her all day. She is talented. She is beautiful. She is beautifully talented.

callous305 : *sips tea ahh you know what...this tea reminds me of a song. *plays chop suey godlike mode*

Tim McDowell : I would have never thought this song could be a piano piece. But hearing this arrangement it sounds like a modern classical composition.

kaleidoscopio5 : I love how she drinks the coffee like a lady and then smashes the piano like a rock star tornado.... :-)

brys555 : I wonder what Chopin would think about this song.

Bant : no piano keys were harmed during this video

WandomWill : This piano deserves “Mutter” by “Rammstein”

Crankeh : The bass strings on that Bosy have probably never seen that kind of workout.

KUY DEAN . : _She killed it softly_

Harlond N : The best pianist that i ever see my friend. Here i come to support your channel. Greetings from California.

Beepy : Beautiful arrangement

Fangirl :D : Oh my God... The camera can't even react to her so quick movement of her hands 😂😍😍😍

Deah Shah : Awesome 🤘 Love the sound of metal on a classic piano so much.

Kasztan : I'm one huge goosebump right now.

SparkyMcBiff : I cringe whenever I see anybody put a drink on a grand piano.

WuTang Gyarados : WAKE UP

Marco el sharaawy : call the exorcist

Jacob Crowell : I love the way she lets the tempo flow throughout the song

Akinchan D Roger : U should drink redbull instead of tea before playing chop Suey 😂😂..huge fan of Ur work ..keep it up u so much😘😘

jaaming Ajam : that coffee must be on fire now !

Koroshin Jendoku : Great , just the audio recorder is kinda bad and the sound not pure xP

Mechamaniak : I was sure, that this cup will fall inside this piano :) Is that piano had to have maintenance after your arrange?? :D

Jackie Perks - Classical Jams : Vika! So wonderful to watch you jam on your "dream piano" and hope you get it someday!! What a special treat to watch your prowess on this amazing instrument....definitely in the right hands! BRAVO!!! ~Jackie

Typhoonigator : Bad ass! What were you drinking?

Ryan Harris : Beautiful! I love the low end clarity and resonance of the Bösendorfer. I would LOVE to hear you play their 290 Imperial concert grand!

John Smith : Have you ever played moonlight sonata the third movement? I'd love to see that! Great work again, sounded great.

XanaX : Not quite my tempo

Neon Peon : Marry me.

Dmitry Belkin : Great! Вы наш незаменимый президент!

Daniel The Nerd : The fact that she was barely sitting on the stool distracted me from the meat of the video

Tejas Lawate : Too fast, unnecessary

Arnava Yeshaswi : hearing this on my birthday is making me cry of happiness

Anabel Leto : geniaaaaaaaa!!!!sos una diosa interpretando en pianoooo

imasplayground - Piano Channel : I have to say this. I am ultra talented on piano (all videos here are old or of my first arrangements). As much as I can play Night of Nights perfectly and arrange in 5 minutes. I still don't have an ounce of technique Vika has. I look forward to train and study to become like you!

Serj Tankian : My favorite pianist

Isaac Romero : It's amazing how whatever it is humans find themselves doing for extended periods of time, they tend to build in cup holders.


Anastasia Archer : Gosh you play so beautifully. I hope some day I can be almost as good as you. Truly THE piano queen.

G Duke : There's something in this coffee! Hahaha 💙💙 I can watch you every single day

gumdrops ;; : we stan a tea kween 😩😩👏💝💕💗💘💓💖

John Ellison : Okay. Before I even listen to this piece I need to say how beautiful that piano is. Now I'm going to listen to the piece.

Ricky McClain : Shes playing it to fast

Ashley Douglas : Her playing just brings so much more out of the song. I never would have realised how amazing and beautiful this song was until it was played like this by her...what a amazing talent.thank you so much.

Emmanuel Puente Felix : Awesome!!!!!!!!! From México .

Animesever biri : She is amazing

тыква. : мне сейчас 15 и я помню как я смотрела тебя лет в 10 или меньше и я очень рада что я опять нашла тебя ты очень вдохновила меня!

Chema Cordoba Aguilera : OMFG !! im fall in love with your hands!!!

Сергей Джекман : Greatfulling ! :-3

John Ellison : That was beautiful. And the coffees still hot. Sweet. Thanks for posting this VK.

Danger Heart : Dang you are mad talented I'm kind of jealous