playing SOAD Chop Suey on Baroque Grand by Bösendorfer

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Brad Stortch : I can watch her all day. She is talented. She is beautiful. She is beautifully talented.

callous305 : *sips tea ahh you know what...this tea reminds me of a song. *plays chop suey godlike mode*

Tim McDowell : I would have never thought this song could be a piano piece. But hearing this arrangement it sounds like a modern classical composition.

kaleidoscopio5 : I love how she drinks the coffee like a lady and then smashes the piano like a rock star tornado.... :-)

El Gato : Chopin Suey

Bant : no piano keys were harmed during this video

Naibaho Brothers : The best pianist that i ever see my friend. Here i come to support your channel. Greetings from California.

KUY DEAN . : _She killed it softly_

Deah Shah : Awesome 🤘 Love the sound of metal on a classic piano so much.

Kasztan : I'm one huge goosebump right now.

SparkyMcBiff : I cringe whenever I see anybody put a drink on a grand piano.

Haidyn W : What Level 20 Bards actually look like

Isaac Romero : It's amazing how whatever it is humans find themselves doing for extended periods of time, they tend to build in cup holders.

Beepy : Beautiful arrangement

jaaming Ajam : that coffee must be on fire now !

yOyo Music : Just realized that the composition of this song it self is beyond epic.. my gosh. I mean, the emotive dinamics in the melodies and chords everywhere from the intro to the end. It's funny how one instrument very well played open your mind constantly about the essence of the song. Just wow. Respect.

Jacob Crowell : I love the way she lets the tempo flow throughout the song

Ashley Douglas : Her playing just brings so much more out of the song. I never would have realised how amazing and beautiful this song was until it was played like this by her...what a amazing talent.thank you so much.

brys555 : I wonder what Chopin would think about this song.

Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano : Vika! So wonderful to watch you jam on your "dream piano" and hope you get it someday!! What a special treat to watch your prowess on this amazing instrument....definitely in the right hands! BRAVO!!! ~Jackie

John Ellison : Okay. Before I even listen to this piece I need to say how beautiful that piano is. Now I'm going to listen to the piece.

Neon Peon : Marry me.

Serj Tankian : My favorite pianist

Arnava Yeshaswi : hearing this on my birthday is making me cry of happiness

Alexis Kyle : vkgoeswild You're PHENOMENAL! Wow... I can only dream about being as talented as you! I play violin, but when I found out I was sick with stage 4 cancer I picked up the harp to challenge myself! My brain isn't how it used to be from all the chemotherapy. Sadly, what little talent I did have is slowly slipping away. You're incredible, you gave me goosebumps! So excited to watch everything else on your channel. More than happy to have come across your lovely channel! Much love♡♡♡.

ShadowWhelp : She is great, but that piano is so beautiful.

gumdrops ;; : we stan a tea kween 😩😩👏💝💕💗💘💓💖

XanaX : Not quite my tempo

Chema Cordoba Aguilera : OMFG !! im fall in love with your hands!!!

тыква. : мне сейчас 15 и я помню как я смотрела тебя лет в 10 или меньше и я очень рада что я опять нашла тебя ты очень вдохновила меня!

Gean D : There's something in this coffee! Hahaha 💙💙 I can watch you every single day

Steve Sterner : The bass strings on that Bosy have probably never seen that kind of workout.

Fag God : Vika you are undoubtedly 1 of the best piano players on youtube I can tell that you feel every piece of music you perform To me you are a very big inspiration And you've helped me with my own music progress as well I wish you all the best Long lasting health & happiness Peace !

Anastasia Archer : Gosh you play so beautifully. I hope some day I can be almost as good as you. Truly THE piano queen.

Mauro Henrq : Me playing starcraft 2

Ricky McClain : Shes playing it to fast

Sharp Eyes : Gee liked and subbed wow your amazing! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Emmanuel Puente Felix : Awesome!!!!!!!!! From México .

Tejas Lawate : Too fast, unnecessary

Danger Heart : Dang you are mad talented I'm kind of jealous

Syahrizal Alda : I saw vkgoeswild play my favourite song, i watch, i humm, i am happy, and i press like.

imasplayground - Piano Channel : I have to say this. I am ultra talented on piano (all videos here are old or of my first arrangements). As much as I can play Night of Nights perfectly and arrange in 5 minutes. I still don't have an ounce of technique Vika has. I look forward to train and study to become like you!

Riccardo Monego : Played on the piano sounds like Liszt

regina thompson : That was freakin amazing!! Huge system fan...such talent...

WandomWill : This piano deserves “Mutter” by “Rammstein”

Кот : Великолепно!!!

Сергей Джекман : Greatfulling ! :-3

Koroshin Jendoku : Great , just the audio recorder is kinda bad and the sound not pure xP

lawlieta - : I'm completely in love with you and your talent. Hugs from Italy :')

julian hernandez : Beautifully played, the sound you played made me tear.