Tyler Cassidy-Chris Watts Song (Compilation Music Video )

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Tyler Cassidy made the song watch his first! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZijVdAp3PVA&t=17s I just put together clips from online. Great song Tyler!

Comments from Youtube

Chloe Pearl - : So glad someone made this

michele vitarelli : Well done!

Paige Nicole : This is so great. I hope he rots in hell.😭

kilji gutierrez : Brought me to tears, well done πŸ’”. Super sad.

Megan Bown : "Don't take her away" 😭

Hitman Storys : Lmao I saw the reply on the song

Steven Saunders : Damn thats heavy

THEBackpack 10 : Damn seeing the kids makes this song even more emotional

tutsy bassista : DON'T GET YOUR PANTIES ALL IN A KNOT, but, this is undoubtedly the worst murder case I have ever seen, the coverage by the media was intense, and we probably won't see a case like this ever again! We also will NEVER understand....At least, justice prevailed, everyone is where they're supposed to be and yes, only YOU can decide how others will remember you for. This video is actually as good as talking to a counselor. The song should win a Grammy sometime. Remember, laughter is the BEST medicine-now everyone can go back to their lives. I honestly haven't laughed like this in a long time! I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for creating this "Outlet." I'm sure there's always another person who doesn't think this is funny at all. However, everyone needed this. GREAT JOB! πŸ˜„

katka : Heart wrenching! Such a travesty!

Rolly Joger : This made me laugh at first and then cry

Jonathan White : Man swesome job damn good work

Michelle Brodeur : I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Tbis is Gold! I'm sharing!!

sperantaexista1 : RIP Shanann, Celeste, Bella & Niko!

miraclehearts2 : When Bella says "don't take her away......." 😭😭😭πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Joshua Krawczyk : All the feels

sand storm : Oh my god!

meme olicious : Yo chill just stay with the boyfriend song

3310 : Great job xdd

missmonasuzette : Awesome job. I only wish that Chris could see and hear this.

Samantha Rodriguez : This made me cry. Good job

Solar γ‚Έγƒ₯γƒͺをン : It could of been better but hey who im i to judge you made this in one day. Good job man. The ending was pretty emotional

Blood Orange Sun : Could've used footage from the wife's livestreams, but props anyways

ChinnyChinChin : Isn’t it crazy how just like they that people can be gone from this earth...

Carleze Adley : Can we get Tyler to SEE THIS!!! :D Great job bro <3

Jasonwins : Thank you!!!!! Good job.

Signs Of : Heartbreakingly beautiful

utseay : Solid collab you and Mr. Kreme put together here.

Doom Sayer : Haha! I'm dead!!πŸ’€

Aaliyah Douglass : Beautiful

thajackyl : Found you on the original video.

Ceemeezy 33 : Nailed it!

Sweaty Muscles : Hahaha this is perfect

G Wallace : ....jesus christ.

thot pocket : I love you for this πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ’―

Will Andrews : The wonder of YouTube man gives us great stuff like this we wouldn't see anywhere else. Well done creator

Danny Nova : I thought this was just another silly song until I understood it's context and adding the video footage it's fucking terribly beautiful.

roy yalty : Nailed this

20 cent : Brilliant

Marco van Zyl : Buthole is king.

Skylohs : Mad Lad

Carmine Fazzi : πŸ˜”

iwic77 : So sad. Thanks

Spencer : Do you mind if I share this on Reddit? I think people would love it

C Note : Great job bud!!!!

Candle M. : 😭😭😭

javah : Chris watts rot in hell.

kjdp : 9gag brought me here.

michele vitarelli : You should picture in picture froggy fresh video in one of the corners. Well done.