Tyler Cassidy-Chris Watts Song (Compilation Music Video )

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Chloe Pearl - : So glad someone made this

michele vitarelli : Well done!

Solar ジュリアン : It could of been better but hey who im i to judge you made this in one day. Good job man. The ending was pretty emotional

Paige Nicole : This is so great. I hope he rots in hell.😭

kilji gutierrez : Brought me to tears, well done 💔. Super sad.

katka : Heart wrenching! Such a travesty!

Steven Saunders : Damn thats heavy

Hitman Storys : Lmao I saw the reply on the song

Rolly Joger : This made me laugh at first and then cry

Samantha Rodriguez : This made me cry. Good job

flamedancer44 : "Daddy let me breath..." Ouch, my heart aches for those babies!

missmonasuzette : Awesome job. I only wish that Chris could see and hear this.

C Note : Great job bud!!!!

20 cent : Brilliant

3310 : Great job xdd

sperantaexista1 : RIP Shanann, Celeste, Bella & Niko!

kjdp : 9gag brought me here.

thot pocket : I love you for this 😂🙏💯

michele vitarelli : You should picture in picture froggy fresh video in one of the corners. Well done.

Spencer : Do you mind if I share this on Reddit? I think people would love it

Tucker DeBord : Thank you for doing this

Megan Bown : "Don't take her away" 😭

utseay : Solid collab you and Mr. Kreme put together here.

Skylohs : Mad Lad

Awakened Saxon : Could've used footage from the wife's livestreams, but props anyways

Marco Van Zyl : Buthole is king.

Sweaty Muscles : Hahaha this is perfect

roy yalty : Nailed this

Irvano Meister : This... this is so sad... *trying to hold my laugh back*

ArmyAwake44 : LMFAO....this song is so true...he murdered his family to be with that skank whore... rip shannan, bella, cece😢

Rolly Joger : “But I’m acting clueless and I’m playing it cool. But I look like an asshole and feel like a fool.” Truest lyric ever.