Blues Brothers Diner Scene

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JimmyConway60 : I love when Aretha says "the Blues Brothers?" "Shit" classic!!

guar dian : What a gorgeous love letter to Chicago this movie is.

ROVER25X : Is this an extended version?

Medmann48 : 4 whole fried chickens?

Vladpryde : "Well go on, dammit!"

ShadowWhelp : This movie is a masterpiece

mark fonti : You ain't going slidin'around with your white hoodlum friends 😂

LastCommodore : This is a very different neighborhood now, part of the University of Illinois Chicago campus.

Andrew T : " D O G E " 0:03

ShadowWhelp : Don't you blaspheme in here! DON'T YOU BLASPHEME IN HERE!

Mike Wigal : Fool! They still owe you money!

Taurus Freeman : John Lee Hooker!!!


David Mandziuk : Just noticed the cheat you fair sign. Stopped counting how many times I watched this. Sheeeet

Ken Coleman : Aretha wouldn't be able to say those slurs in a 2018 movie. ... Well, she wouldn't be able to say one of those slurs.

yukimaruzam : At 2:11 they blend in like butter on bread.

Gola245 : RIP Guitar Murphy :(

SallySallySallySally : wow. Check 731 W Maxwell St in Chicago on Google street view. Nothing is the same -- completely demolished and gentrified.

Sean Walters : "This is a whole lot bigger than any domestic problems you might be having" LOL

Boat Axe : 0:31 the Cheat You Fair store! Man do I miss the real Maxwell st market, what they have today is a joke!

rheaume rube : What a good memory this movie BRINGS I THOUGHT all of them were such amazing artists and still like to watch it again !

Callum Joyce : There will never be another film this cool

Rendersen22 : Since Matt knows about Jake and Elwood's strange food orders, I wonder if Jake and Elwood ever got their dry white toast and four whole fried chickens when the band was still together.

Lauren Hill : This video really shouldn't be called "Diner Scene" when they don't enter the diner until more than halfway through.

Shane Hall : it's one hundred and six miles to Chicago we've got a full tank of gas a half a pack of cigarettes it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

Aaron : This is a great depiction of what America really is, a whole bunch of different ethnicities thrown together

BBT609 : Max...RIP my man

Jack Foulkes : If everybody surprised at seeing Pee Wee, you might want to know Joe Walsh is first prisoner to jump on table at the end

BLACK HOLE : 2:31 is a great photo shot. I just printed it out.

TheFrankster : RIP Matt Guitar Murphy

Jeffrey Schoonfield : Rest in Peace Matt Guitar Murphy at the age of 88 - 6/16/2018!!

Sam Sturtridge : R.I.P. Matt "Guitar" Murphy. Such a gifted guitarist and Blues Brother.

gillyzxcvbnm : Young Robert Mugabe on the bass guitar

Brock Landers : Back when black folks and white folks could get together and par-tay! Actually, they still do - just don't tell BLM and those antifa idiots.

Shane Hall : we're on a mission from god.

Neil Yaremchuk : Nothing beats a Leon's Maxwell Street Polish Sausage.

austin teutsch : Rest in peace Matt "Guitar" Murphy who died today at age 88. 6-16-2018 Rock and roll will never die but it's always been a little bit sick!

Jayme Mangano : Dry White toast

MacArthur Clutch : Aretha was fine back in the day.

Serge Handfeld : We’re on a mission from

Jack Cade : Rip Matt "guitar Murphy"

Mr. Vinegaroon : "Polish" sausage from Vienna? The humor goes on...

Tony Nowikowski : R.I.P. Matt "Guitar" Murphy.

Rocky Design : RIP Matt "Guitar" Murphy. I love this scene, thanks for entertaining us with your talent.

DubstepMilkMan : 0:35 I see chance had humble beginnings

James Witt : Love it, great movie......RIP

rafał karbowski : BLUES BROTHERS FOREVER !!!

roy skuderin : There was a place on Sunrise Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida called The Musicians Exchange that had a recording studio on the ground floor and a lounge upstairs where a lot of classic blues artist would perform. I saw on different occasions Johnny Lee Hooker and Matt "Guitar" Murphy play there, with most of the Blues Brothers band members with him, including Donald Dunn, Blue Lou and Steve Cropper. Sadly, it's been an empty lot for a couple decades now, but what a blues bar!

Mike Latta : We're on a mission from God.

Gal Dagon : Every second of this film is magic.