Magically Giving Groceries To College Students
Brought a Smile to my Face Magically Giving Groceries To College Students

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Giving out groceries in a positive prank sort of way! For this video we went to a college apartment in Provo, UT during move-in week. I know from personal experience the struggle it can be to not have enough money for groceries being a new student. So I decided to pay it forward by giving groceries to college students, but in a magical way. My Story: Upon moving in to my first apartment, I had $300 to my name, but was told at check-in that before moving in I had to pay a $300 deposit. I was left with nothing. Thankfully, in my check-in packet I found a voucher from a local grocery store for free milk, bread & Little Debbie cakes. That's what I lived off of for two weeks. I was so touched by that miracle in my life I wanted to make sure to pay it forward to other students if I ever had the chance. I invite you to get our there and do something kind for someone. Thanks for watching! Live life on the edge, we'll see you next week! Music Credit: Download from iTunes! - Follow CSWS for more music and updates: Talent: Brad Whitbeck @bwit11 Rylee Whitbeck @rylee.haviland Producer: Emily McLean @mcleanentertain Email:


HipΓ³lito Rivera : This is definitely the way prank should be done!

BrendenElwoodFilms : "I'm george" hahaha

Janto : Guys the real magic is how this guy changed his name from ethan to george!!!

Carolynn Spencer : Stuart, this was great! I'm Tristan's mom and when he called me to tell me this had happened, I immediately knew it had to be you. He had seen some of your videos a couple years ago, but I think this was just so unexpected that you caught him off guard. You made his day with all those groceries, and mine too. What a nice way to pay it forward and such a fun, positive prank! Thank you!

AHarice : Still the most positive pranksters out there.

Kevin C : That Aubrey girl is so hot.

Subaru : What's your name? I'm.. george :')

Tristan Spohn : I'm a simple straight man. I couldn't wait for that shirtless guy to come back down so I could see him from the front again.

lancerevo7 : "What's your name?" "Chris. What's yours?" "Stuart." "Oh, no way." I don't see how that's so hard to believe.

Sir Bader : 3:52 Wow what a twist... Wasn't expecting that tbh! Amazing!!

dhananjay shrivastava : that's beautiful indeed.

Joseph Ed : I love how Stuart's most videos about giving away or helping people has a real life story or experience of his behind it. Stuart teaches me to be grateful for whatever I have in my life and be compassionate to those who are less fortunate than me.

Peter Griffin : Do something like this but with homeless people

silences : Aubrey is cute af


Usui Takumi : I appreciate all the effort you put into to bringing smiles to strangers and ourselves here on YouTube. I can't even begin to tell you how satisfied I feel when I watch your videos . Keep doing you !!!

yohan markose : Have an exam tomorrow and watching this was the perfect way to lighten the mood . Thank u

Raymond's Vlogs : Funny how people are confused!

AetheusZX : Glad to see you back! looking forward to more content, keep it up, you're the best comedian / magician / good samaritan

im Shax : Aubre seemed like such a bae!

Anold Cristhopher : ethan / george so hot we need your instragrams

Fred Crimson : I really like this kind of video. Thank you Stuart for always spreading good vibes πŸ‘

κΉ€μŠΉν™˜ : Such a harmless and generous way of pranking people. We need more of this

Scott W : I love these videos! So positive and makes you smile!

Andres Keller : What a difference this world would be if everyone give a helping hand to the people that are in need

Setu Aiono : Hey Stuart, you're amazing man. Love these kind of pranks!

evooms : Audrey is so cuteee

Kae : Tristan omg, he was so sweet and attractive af 😍 Guys like that 😍

Tatz Adiktuz : β€œI was playing basketball and i went for a dunk” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Joel : you should change your clothes man! great job

Manish Saini : Love And Respect from India . U r such A NYC Guy. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Deedom : When you say this are yours 7:42 I decided to sub your channel

CritiquesMaster : 0:31 "Do you need some help?" "Sure" "We'd love to help you!" That human reaction depicting The American Nation, like all Europeans dreams it to be.

Philip : Stuart Edge is the only guy who rewards the victims he prank

M arichris : It's almost end of 2018. Thank you so much for your videos and help, Stuart Edge.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’š

Jay Fredo : How people in Provo, of all places, NOT know who Stuart Edge is is beyond me. If I were in this vid and Stuart Edge approaches me, my instinct would be to find a hidden cam lol

Mats : Awesome video Stuart!!! That was such a clever prank!!

Bennie Leip : Aaaah so cute that girlπŸ˜‡

Kelly Wilkins : I had a great time watching these people scratch their heads! Kinda felt bad turning them away at the apartment lol

Abhijot Solanki : This is what you call an actual prank.

bepowerification : not so fun fact: that's the way ted bundy used to lure his victims..

Raymond's Vlogs : That's a good deed!

Ace C : That was a really nice thing to do.

marcus8player : You're so nice to people, made my cry a little ;D

Fabian Hedin : 00:10 Nice parking

vetjoh : Sick social skills Hey I'm aubury *nice* πŸ˜‚

Chromic Chris : Did you ask him why he lied about his name? πŸ˜‚

Fake Hater : wow stuart you never disappoint us πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jesse : 8:13 You could tell they both wanted to hug but no one was saying anything and they wouldn't of if no one went for it, so I'm glad someone did lololol.