Magically Giving Groceries To College Students Prank

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Stuart Edge : Yes. I am still making videos. Had to take some time to recollect myself and get my creative juices flowing. You could say this video is the first episode in a new season of content starting now. You guys are in for a treat.

Hipólito Rivera : This is definitely the way prank should be done!

Carolynn Spencer : Stuart, this was great! I'm Tristan's mom and when he called me to tell me this had happened, I immediately knew it had to be you. He had seen some of your videos a couple years ago, but I think this was just so unexpected that you caught him off guard. You made his day with all those groceries, and mine too. What a nice way to pay it forward and such a fun, positive prank! Thank you!

Brenden : "I'm george" hahaha

Janto : Guys the real magic is how this guy changed his name from ethan to george!!!

dhananjay shrivastava : that's beautiful indeed.

AJ Harice : Still the most positive pranksters out there.

Kevin C : That Aubrey girl is so hot.


Peter Griffin : Do something like this but with homeless people

AetheusZX : Glad to see you back! looking forward to more content, keep it up, you're the best comedian / magician / good samaritan

Raymond's Vlogs : Funny how people are confused!

Joseph Benjamin : I love how Stuart's most videos about giving away or helping people has a real life story or experience of his behind it. Stuart teaches me to be grateful for whatever I have in my life and be compassionate to those who are less fortunate than me.

yohan markose : Have an exam tomorrow and watching this was the perfect way to lighten the mood . Thank u

Subaru : What's your name? I'm.. george :')

lancerevo7 : "What's your name?" "Chris. What's yours?" "Stuart." "Oh, no way." I don't see how that's so hard to believe.

Usui Takumi : I appreciate all the effort you put into to bringing smiles to strangers and ourselves here on YouTube. I can't even begin to tell you how satisfied I feel when I watch your videos . Keep doing you !!!

Tristan Spohn : I'm a simple straight man. I couldn't wait for that shirtless guy to come back down so I could see him from the front again.

Sir Bader : 3:52 Wow what a twist... Wasn't expecting that tbh! Amazing!!

Fred Crimson : I really like this kind of video. Thank you Stuart for always spreading good vibes 👍

im Shax : Aubre seemed like such a bae!

silences : Aubrey is cute af

Scott W : I love these videos! So positive and makes you smile!

Lyrical Hitz : Will i get 2 likes???

Setu Aiono : Hey Stuart, you're amazing man. Love these kind of pranks!

evooms : Audrey is so cuteee

Ram Kim : Such a harmless and generous way of pranking people. We need more of this

Fabian Hedin : 00:10 Nice parking

Bennie Leip : Aaaah so cute that girl😇

Vini Kerketta : i was smiling through out the video.

Mats Mudrow : Awesome video Stuart!!! That was such a clever prank!!

It’s Abigail : Now THIS is a prank

Bishal Choudhury : best as always🤘

Chromic Chris : Did you ask him why he lied about his name? 😂

Tatz Adiktuz : “I was playing basketball and i went for a dunk” 😂😂😂

Kelly Wilkins : I had a great time watching these people scratch their heads! Kinda felt bad turning them away at the apartment lol

KIM : Tristan omg, he was so sweet and attractive af 😍 Guys like that 😍

SupuhSel : That was awesome! ❤️

Anold Cristhopher : ethan / george so hot we need your instragrams

Jesse : 8:13 You could tell they both wanted to hug but no one was saying anything and they wouldn't of if no one went for it, so I'm glad someone did lololol.

Fouu Productions : Legends say if you early you get pinned!

Raymond's Vlogs : That's a good deed!

Manish Saini : Love And Respect from India . U r such A NYC Guy. 👍👍👍👍

Bill000 Jack : ETHAN........GEORGE...........IS IT GONNA BE MARK........BILL....... TYLER NEXT 😂😂😂

marcus8player : You're so nice to people, made my cry a little ;D

Phat Huynh : Never tell your real name so the deathnote can't kill you!!

Fake Hater : wow stuart you never disappoint us 👏👏

TheDiegoMovies : You should make pranks at Montreal:D

Ace C : That was a really nice thing to do.

o k i : it's so funny when people get confuse and they think crazy