Boddington Hill fort walk

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Berz : this is a good idea, i like it

rolloutthebarrel : get a vr camera headset, take it to the next level!

Walter Valdez : What about some sword and shield for the next walk?

Jordan Feingold-Link : Its always a little bit exciting when I find a youtube channel that is really young but that I'm sure is going somewhere. Really nice stuff. Hopefully there will be some fun ideas in the comments for ways to improve your content over time as your channel grows. All the best!

Hannes : Play at 2x for some additional tension

Yevgen Kuzmenko : Would be great if you had microphone for outdoor

Klade : aaaa it so beatiful =) i like it

vertun2002 : Great idea, but need less "wind" noise - maybe a better mike? Either way - i'm subscribing - looking forward to seeing more, with better sound. The woods are beautiful.

Ditto : video in 4k isnt helping when everything gets blurred

Chicks Build It : pretty

Ickerus13 : I wish we had cute groves. All we have is sagebrush. And it smells bad sometimes.

Hellfire Legacy : google trail view!

:D : Amazing, subscribed. The greenery is so calming and like a meditation. Looking forward for more videos and regular uploads. Cheers!!!

StreamBritish : great idea, i love this

Lamonaise : This is why i don't go outside, I've got videos to watch like this

failtowatch : I would follow you straight into the depths of hell, Matty... but a walk in a park is also nice, i guess.

_afk93owC : But, but... I've gotten used to watching stabilized videowalks captured at 4K 60fps with a proper stereo microphone and a wind muffler :/

avak : What setup did you use to record this footage?

Bitcoin Yoda : One more reason to not move my fat ass anymore, thanks! VR would be cool.