Camp Counselor Trolls: 5 AM

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This video was from an old humelake experience.

Comments from Youtube

GeekFurious : Best way to find out who your fighters are, at camp, is to wake them up by scaring them... some fight you, instinctively. They are the ones who will stand and fight the monster when it comes to eat everyone.

Andres Torres : oh god i laughed so so hard, these men are sick fosho

Nic Chauvin : From the looks of things, this was some sort of refugee camp.

Alexa Krznaric : Someone tried to wake me up at camp with a stuffed talking snowman and I punched it and broke it. I'm laughing so hard at this.

Jake G : 1:48 Obviously Pod needed some time away from Brienne.

In10s : Stifler.....

Niklas Johansson : I have not laughed this much in a long time! I'd love to send my future kids to this camp!

Deathbringerrr : Shock mansion posted your video on the daily video spot

RDJim : Goes to show you the power of jebus. Not one curse word spoken.

Hoof Arted : So wrong to laugh but it feels so right. Lol

Veggieburger : Am I seeing an ad for Camp Maryville? - Affordable, fun and educational?

Susanna House : ...our counselors did this to us at 2AM...lets just say those are very real reactions

WhoTrulyCares? : Renaming this video to something along the lines of "Camp counselor trolls" would definitely get you a lot more hits.

Mr. Indubitably : I have a few more videos, some funnier than others, bud debating whether to upload them or not.

WhoTrulyCares? : This is awesome. Made me laugh more than expected.

evonic : 2:56 guy with afro is the funniest part hands down LOL!!!

DenCoak : Excellent. This made me cry from laughing.

Ian Lybio : LOL ..... this should have more views - epic lol

Boondock : Something creepy about kids older than 14 going to camp.

JohnSheppard339 : And this is why I never slept with the sleeping bag zipped up

Prat : Is that Rob Liefield?!

John Stamos : double standards

Irralfar : Stifler is this you?

rg0057 : If these recruits did not stage a successful revolt, taking over the camp, you have utterly failed them.

Miscer : And that was the last time they attended camp.

sdeluen : That kid at end muhaha

Moody Burgerson : pretty sure that's abuse :D

spider rock 215 : i wont to go to this camp :)

Peanut Turner : The Father Abraham bit.... LOL

zpzpzp : based god

Sekrit : a camp full of boys.. gee i wonder what you guys are practicing

Abraham Nixon : *Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty!* Ciao.

nicholas Brown : Soooooooo Funny

Jared Ambrose : Jesus camp.

goget'em188 : can I come on camp I miss camp r u shore that's not STIFFLA

goofysjes1 : Thats one boring camp..

Tegan Lov : ...and this is why camps need more regulations and monitoring.  Plenty of times, people own camps for the sake of abusing the rights of others.

Straya92 : haha that was some funny shit!

musicfreak115 : I went to that camp for 7 years, thank GOD i never had to go through the 5 am pranks haha

bundle of sticks : Lol wtf?!

Darren Asaro : 1:39

Brent : This "camp" looks more like a scummy halfway house. Please tell me people don't pay to go here.

LeahLuv : Lmao at my summer camp the last day the counsellors would put frogs in there campers beds xD it didn't happen to my cabin but you could just here the kids scream all night😂

PyroPandaLive : My problem is I would prob be naked....

kcmatower : Kid at 1:15 is flipping terrified of clowns. hahaha fighting for his life.

Dramatically Always : This so funny

The Fresh Tsar : This is the last year Im attending a christian camp (im 18), i wish we had cool councilors.  Instead we have a lady who cries a lot running our camp.

Kiersten : If I get assigned to the older girls this summer, I am so doing something like this. Lmao

xJustRightx : This place looks like a dump.