Camp Counselor Trolls: 5 AM

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OMFGLOLROTFLWTF : what time of camp is this... there are dudes who look 10 and a guy with a full grown beard.

GeekFurious : Best way to find out who your fighters are, at camp, is to wake them up by scaring them... some fight you, instinctively. They are the ones who will stand and fight the monster when it comes to eat everyone.

Jake G : 1:48 Obviously Pod needed some time away from Brienne.

Andres Torres : oh god i laughed so so hard, these men are sick fosho

Nic Chauvin : From the looks of things, this was some sort of refugee camp.

Tegan Lov : ...and this is why camps need more regulations and monitoring.  Plenty of times, people own camps for the sake of abusing the rights of others.

Alexa Krznaric : Someone tried to wake me up at camp with a stuffed talking snowman and I punched it and broke it. I'm laughing so hard at this.

Mr. Indubitably : Hey guys! I want to thank you for really making this video EXPLODE in views. What really gets me is how much you guys enjoyed this video! I will keep my eyes open for more of these videos, however most of them belong to Humelake.

Ian Roberts : Worse camp staff ever. Those will be the guys who end up as cashiers at walmart.

In10s : Stifler.....

The Guy : That's a good way to get knocked out.

Abraham Nixon : *Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty!* Ciao.

Deathbringerrr : Shock mansion posted your video on the daily video spot

Niklas Johansson : I have not laughed this much in a long time! I'd love to send my future kids to this camp!

RDJim : Goes to show you the power of jebus. Not one curse word spoken.

Shinnyshinshin : So wrong to laugh but it feels so right. Lol

rockster10101 : And in America, parents pay for their children to have to put up with this shit.

THEADMINwashere : Camp Councilors where their hats back to front and call kids "dude" high 5 dude! yeahh

footytang : sits on dude's morning wood

The Fresh Tsar : This is the last year Im attending a christian camp (im 18), i wish we had cool councilors.  Instead we have a lady who cries a lot running our camp.

sdeluen : That kid at end muhaha

Brent : This "camp" looks more like a scummy halfway house. Please tell me people don't pay to go here.

m I o . o I m : This must be be Kamp Krusty!

Skyfox94 : Oh wow... we had nicer beds in the military.

Custer : Best camp ever

lazysundais : Armin Bunkner wants her nostril flare back

Gabriela Velazquez : omg I lauthed so hard

Matt Ward : Camp counsellor really wanted to see those guys morning wood!

Simon De Asian : Dude I absolutely lost it when he read the book to the guy sleeping

Robin Hood : that poor kid at the end lmao

The Marc and Lowell Show : Brings back a lot of memories!! LOL

Mr. Indubitably : I have a few more videos, some funnier than others, bud debating whether to upload them or not.

spider rock 215 : i wont to go to this camp :)

Argroh : I never liked summer camp....

Moody Burgerson : pretty sure that's abuse :D

Mustachio : This so reminds me of Ranger camp. we had one counsler Malcom that would wake us up by calling us sweetie and playing with our hair. Other times he just walked in in obscenely bad cut off jeans showing brain. Funny guy. No homo!

musicfreak115 : I went to that camp for 7 years, thank GOD i never had to go through the 5 am pranks haha

JohnSheppard339 : And this is why I never slept with the sleeping bag zipped up

WhoTrulyCares? : Renaming this video to something along the lines of "Camp counselor trolls" would definitely get you a lot more hits.

WhoTrulyCares? : This is awesome. Made me laugh more than expected.

Dramatically Always : This so funny

bundle of sticks : Lol wtf?!

Tiana Hershberger : Really great I give it one thumb up!!! UP UP UP  ♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦ Relax Now:

Irralfar : Stifler is this you?

Ian Lybio : LOL ..... this should have more views - epic lol

kcmatower : Kid at 1:15 is flipping terrified of clowns. hahaha fighting for his life.

PyroPandaLive : My problem is I would prob be naked....

Kevin Bowie : Hahahaha!!!! Please tell me you guys have more of this?!? This is internet gold right here.

zpzpzp : based god

sp oon : ...our counselors did this to us at 2AM...lets just say those are very real reactions